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My Sister in Law

My SIL is a very hot lady and always has sex on top in her mind ... At times I got bored about so much of sex ... But even then she wouldn't leave me ... It is sex, sex, and sex for her all the time ... As you people can understand she soon got bored with just me alone... She wanted to try something new. By nature she is a very dominating personality and my brother has to give way to her wishes. She always kept him at the receiving end. One day she cooly broke the ice and revealed to my brother (her husband) that she is having an affair with me. Initially my brother went mad but never had the guts to counter me. I am tall and well built guy. However, he soon came out of it and accepted the fact that he has to share her with me. All the time, my SIL was cool. She knew, he would come down to her terms. When he accepted me, she started making her moves very boldly. One night (I used to sleep in the verendah of their house just adjascent to their bedroom), my brother came out and told me SIL is calling, she wants to talk. I was surprised at this development. I just nodded and went into their bedroom, where she is smilingly waiting for me. I smiled at her and she invited me with stretched arms. My brother closed the bedroom door behind me and was standing outside, while i was kissing her passionately and fondling her boobs. She was already hot. She removed her blouse and pulled up her saree and petticoat revealing me her pink pussy. I started rubbing the clit and finger fucking her. She was moaning with pleasure and started squeezing my cock. She was going mad. While playing with my cock, she wispered in my ear, is your brother listening to our love making and laughed loudly. I just nodded and continued my sexual assault on her. She likes to be assaulted very much. Again she whispered, I want him to listen to our moans and the sounds that come out of my pussy when you fuck me.
The very thought that her husband is listening to her moans while she is getting fucked by me thrilled her so much that she was bouncing with pleasure. "It is enough. Come put your cock inside and fuck me hard. I want it. Give it to me man." With this I went into the missionary style which she enjoys very much unlike others who prefer the doggy style, and directed my 6 1/2 inch cock into her pussy, which is already oozing with her juices. In just one push her pussy swalloed my entire cock. She started moaning while I started fucking her furiously. The thought that my brother is standing outside, listening to her wife moaning with pleasure while I am fucking turned me on so much that I started fucking her like a beast. The fucking was very furious and lasted for about 20 minutes. She came very heavily, We were sweating like pigs, when the fucking session was over. I relaxed on top of her. She kissed me and said "thanks for the marvellous fuck. I will be needing one more in the early hours. Be ready with your cock". I asked her "What about brother?". She smiled and said "Never mind. I will arrange". I just came out of the room, while my brother smilingly walked into their room with an erect cock. I could imagine what it would be for him to stay like that. After getting into the room, he closed the door. I laid down on my cot. I could listen to them talking. My brother was telling her ... "My God ... You are moaning like a mad lady. I never heard you moaning like that before. How was it?"SIL replied .. "It was really marvelous. I just could not stop myself. He is so good. I still feel his cock inside me. It was real pleasure". Then my brother asked her to allow him to fuck her. But she refused and asked him to wait till the early hours. I felt very sorry for him at that time. Later I dozed off only to be awakened by my brother at about 4'Oclock in the morning. He asked me to come inside. When I went inside, he also came inside and quitely closed the door behind him. I can clearly see his erect cock inside his lungi. I was surprised at this and before I could Come out of the surprise SIL signalled me to come and lie down on her side. Then my brother came and occupied the other side of her and smiled at me. Now I understood that SIL wanted to play with both of us at the same time. My brother removed the pallu of SIL's saree and started playing with her boobs while I was watching. SIL caught hold of my hand and pulled it on to her boobs. I also started massaging her boobs along with my brother. She is getting turned on and is very much excited. Silently she slipped one hand in between my thighs and took hold of my cock and with the other hand she was playing with brothers cock. I saw it and we both smiled at each other. Brother opened her blouse and out came her breasts, round and firm, nipples standing up. She started moaning while my brother took one of the nipple into his mouth and started sucking. He saw me from the corner of his eyes and signalled me to take the other boob. I took the nipple into my mouth and started nibbling at it and sucking the whole boob. I was going mad with all this action. SIL is getting uncontrollable. She took both our hands and placed them on her pussy. Both of us started finger fucking her. She was excited and wanted to have a cock inside her pussy desperately. She was looking at both of us. I thought it would only be justifiable, if I allow brother to fuck her first. So I told brother "Anna, she is hot now. Fuck her hard." He didn't wait for a second. He came on top of her and put his cock inside her pussy and started fucking her madly. SIL continued to hold my cock tightly, while he kept fucking her.
She was moaning loud with pleasure and gripping my cock tightly. For about 10 minutes, he fucked her and came inside her. She then asked him to move and wanted me to mount her and fuck her. By this time she came twice already and still wanted to have more. I mounted her immediately. Her pussy is all clumsy with both their juices flooding. I didn't mind all that. With one push I entered her pussy. Now she started talking to my brother with clenched teeth. She gripped his dangling cock, which emptied all the juices inside her just a while ago and told him "Look at his cock. See how it is fucking my pussy. Oh God ... Fuck hard boy ... Come on faster .. Make me cum two more times atleast. I came twice when your brother is fucking me ... Boy this isssoo..... Come on fuck me boy .... Make me cum ... Like this it went for another 10 minutes and she was cumming like a waterfall.. I emptied all my cum into her pussy and collapsed on top of her. She was satisfied for that time ... But I know it wont be long for her before she wants another fuck.We brothers fucked her like crazy men for several years.Remember this is not a story ... But a real incident.. May be I couldn't explain in a better manner. But it is all true. SIL taught me lot of lessons on how to satisfy a woman sexually. I now know so many ways of satisfying a lady. If I find the response good I will post another incident where my SIL got her unmarried sister fucked by me. She was there beside her when I popped her cherry and she herself guided my cock into her virgin pussy. But this would be another narration.

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