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Vrginity lost to my Father in Law

My name is Kamal and I’m 24 years old , I am from a small town in Bihar where age old customs prevail and nobody questions. I will narrate to you my own experiences of the custom of bahu baidaan that happened to me when I got married at the age of 19. In bihar in some interior parts a clan of blacksmiths used to practice bahu baidaan since the last 500 years and is continued to this day in our family. On the wedding night the brides virginity is taken by an experienced member of her husbands household usually the father-in law, after which the other experienced male members of the family initiate intercourse with her the last to enjoy her is the groom. The rationale being that brides were married young and the grooms who were also young could not penetrate the bride and so used to hurt themselves.once the family members have sex with the bride she gets lubricated and with her cunt soaking wet with all the juices it will easily welcome the husband. When i turned 18 my parents decided to marry me off, being brought up in a very conservative family i had very little knowledge about sex and had never been touched by a man. But i know that i had a great body which was mature for my age. I had big firm breasts , a thin waist and round buttocks, usually i would wear a long skirt , a short choli and a dupatta. When a rishta came for me my parents were very excited as it was from the panchayat head from the next village.the panchayat pradhan anand mojasia was 58 years old and he has two elder brothers and three sons i was marrying the eldest son. The elder brothers of the pradhan had got their sons married and each of the brothers had performed baidaan with the respective bahus.the bahu of the eldest brother was said to be really beautiful and sexy, she was so sexy that even after baidaan her father-in – law continued to fuck her. It is said that after she delivered her first child the father – in – law who could not bear the months of separation fucked her within two weeks. It is said that he enjoyed draining her breasts of milk and loved the taste of it.he used to boast about this regularly to his brothers. When panchayat pradhan came with his brothers to see me my mother made me wear a choli with a low blouse that made my breast stick out and a gold waist band. After they saw me the pradhan gave the shagun and said to my parents “ phal todne ke liye tayyar hai, ek dam pak gayi hai” teen mahine mein shaadi pakki karaenge . My mother was then sent a list of things to be done to prepare me for the wedding.

• bathe me with haldi chandan to get my skin to glow and become very soft to the touch
• feed me badam, til gud to increase my breast size
• pierce my nose and belly button
• apply complete mehendi to my hands and legs upto my knees

While these requests were routine, there was one that puzzled my mother and me, every night i was to be given a powdered mixture with milk and honey, this powder was given to pregnant mothers to increase milk supply in the breasts. My mother dutifully performed these functions and as the wedding date neared my colour became a golden milky colour , my skin would melt at the touch my breast had swollen to twice their size and had become achingly painful and full of milk. I was dressed in a yellow sleeveless choli which became tight for me and so i could not wear a bra, silk panties and lehenega followed with a big ghoonghat with mirrowork. After the ceremony i was taken in a dholi to my new house where i was placed in the bed and my mother in law arranged my ghoonghat , strewed floweres over me and gave me the glass of dhoodh beside which was placed a jug of dhoodh for the two brothers of my father in mother in law explained baidaan to me and told me that i should surrender to the wishes of her husband and brothers in law as well my husband she explained the sequence in which the male members would follow to my bed. She said tht her husband was very excited to fuck me and take my virginity and every since the shagun ceremony has been fucking her and screaming my name. She told me it would be enjoyable and that after fucking each man i should leave their cum in my vagina for the next one and not wash till my husband fucked me, i agreed to everything like a dutiful bahu, after that she left me and dimmed the lights. Sarpanch pradhan came into the room he was a very big man and as old as my father, i got up and touched his feet and then sat in the bed with the ghoonghat over my head, pradhan then praised my beauty and said tat as long as i was a good bahu and fulfilled his wished he would ensure that i had nthg to worry about . He said “ tere nange badan ko dekhne ke liye mein bahut tarsa hun, tune mujhe bahut pyasa kiya hi re , aaj tumhari kauli chooth se mein apni pyas bhujaunga , tere badan ka ras aaj mujhe pila de. Saying this he pulled off my ghunghat , i was so scared and nervous , he drank the milk , but only afew sips he then said tere badan se jo garam doodh nikhalunga usi se apni pyas bhujaunga .

He then pulled my hair open and all the jasmine scattered over the bed , with his teeth he removed my earrings , my chain , he removed my bangles , my hands were quivering and my skin became very hot at his touch, he kissed my ears and ear lobes and put his tongue inside my ears and probed it and gently bit it… owwww sasurji i cried ………. He just smiled and said itne mein ro rahi ho dulhan jab 4 aadmi chodhenge tujhe aaj raat ko to phir kya breasts were aching and full of milk , after he removed my payal with his his teeth he kissed my toes and sucked my ankles , i started getting incredibly aroused , he slowly opned my choli and my breast tumbled out, full of milk they ached for relief, sarpanch ji then touched them with hand and squeezed them milk started to trickle out, this got him incredibly excited and he started tl milk me first with his hands and then his mouth he bit me hard gain and again and he squeezed them repeatedly milking them hard , without caring for my screams.
The warm milk was flowing into his mouth, my swollen big fat brown nipples now became erect as he licked and sucked them. He ground my nipples with his teeth. He then touched my feet and with his mouth removed my toe rings and licked my toes, my ankles , knees, and put his hands inside my lehenga and started to caress my thighs. My face started to heat up and an unbearable ache started in my chooth….. He suddenly removed his hand from the lehenga and pinched my boobs and milked them , biting on them and saying ,,,, aaj mujhe khush kar de bahu……tera ras pila, i was exhausted with him pinching and biting my boobs….. The milk never ran dry no matter how much he drank. He then pulled the nada of my skirt and pulled it down….. I was lying in my silk panties. Then my sasur stood up removed his kurta , dhoti and loin cloth and stood before me naked with a massive erection, which must have been 10 inches long and very broad as well. I was scared as to how this will enter my small virgin chooth…. Seeing my expression my sasur said…. Dhar mat , thodi der mein yeh lund tujhe itna suk dega ki roz raat tu khud mere bistar mein ayegi apni chooth chudwane ke liye……… i said nahin sasurji mujhe sharam aa rahi hai, bathi bhuja dijiye…… he said baidaan to laaj utarne ke liye hai bahu…….. Aaj mein , mere bhai aur mera beta tere nange badan se suk payenge. Saying this he slept on top of me, my cunt was smooth, hairless and soft with herbal oil applied to soften it , my cunt was very puffy and i had plump pussy lips which were tightly closed with a big clit poking out of it.and my sasur lay o n me i could feel his cock on my chooth thru my panties which started to get moist. My sasur did not move but started to lick my ears, my eyelids and kissed me on my soft big red lips, he parted my mouth and put his tongue in……… i started to respond without even realizing it… he licked my neck and again started milking my boobs…….. He moved lower…….. Licking my stomach and probing my belly button, with his teeth he removed my panties and he smelled them , i had never been naked in front of anyone and now this old man was seeing me fully naked and would soon fuck me…he spread my legs and looked at my pussy which was now pink and moisture starting to seep out……….. My sasur looked very pleased …….. He said meri rani………. Teri chooth mein jannat hai…….. Aaj to mein tera poora ras piyunga …….. Saying this he put his finger on my cunt and spread the lips, sharp bursts of current passed thru my body where my sasurs old and fat fingers spread and touched them, he then put his mouth on my cunt while rubbing my clit with one finger , he licked me till i was soaking wet and my cunt juices were flowing down my thighs…………..i was crying with shame and pleasure both…….. My old sasurs tongue was probing my tiny chooth………. I was shaking while he slowly slid his finger inside my chooth, it hurt me i said sasurjiiiiiiii nahinnnnnn dard ……. He said bahu sab thik ho jayega pehle thoda dard sehna hoga , after probing liking it for nearly half and hour after it was soaking wet he said mere lund ko choos phir tujhe dard kum hoga, saying this he stuffed his fat lund in my mouth and said choos…… lollipop ki tarah choos……. I was not doing it right when i got a stinging slap from my sasur, he said saali choos isse theek sai nahin to ek hi jhatke mein teri chooth phadunga this change in his attitude scared me and i sucked him but coul take only 1/4th in my mouth.……. After this he pulled out of me and made me lie down straight after another round of licking my back, biting my buttocks, fingering my asshole ,,,,,,,,, he turned me around told me saali tere per fela…….. Aaj tu aurat banegi ……. Saying this he bit my lips and placing his cock on th mouth of my pussy he shoved it in……… i screamed sasurjiiiiiiiiii…….. Sarpachjiiiiiiiiiii……….. Nahin raham karoooooo nahinnnnn…. He immediately kissed my mouth and continued to chew on lips …… slowly easing himself fully into my small hole which started to slowly expand he then started to rock back and forth,,,,,, gaining speeed…….. The heat in my body was unbearable and i exploded with an orgasm and he continuously fucked me with high speed…… he said meri dulhan…….raseeeli………. Tu meri randi bangayi hai………. Saying this and fucking me really hard he exloded my chooth with his cum. I was shaking with tears , he rolled me back and started kissing my bum, i said bas sasurji aur nahin hoga pleaseee bas karo ……
He told me aaj raat teri suhag raat hai aur tu suhag raat mein aise tewar dikha rahi hai ……… teri chooth fela mere tujhe ek baar ohir se chodunga ……… i reluctantly spread my legs he pounced on me ...

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