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My Uncle

I am Proma from Bangladesh. Having read countless stories of ISS readers’ sex confessions many of which I suppose are fact mixed with fiction I feel inspired to share my own first sex adventure. It was an incident that led me to know the ultimate pleasure of sex which I did not know before. It happened all on sudden with an uncle of mine with whom I never thought that any sexual experience could happen however.....

He is not that handsome. But he has something quite attractive about him. Especially his loud laughter that I used to hear in course of his discussion with my mom and papa. His relationship with my mom was quite intriguing. Having seen his friendship with my parents I could not figure out actually what kind of relationship he had with my mom who looks very sexy even at the age of about forty. As for my mom she looks as she walks along with me as my elder sister rather than my mom. I am very envious of the beauty and figure that my mom has. However, the man I am talking about seems very decent and I had an uncanny feeling that he went all the way down with my mom. He equally looks much younger than his age. The most important of his demeanor is his sex appeal. But never did he try to impress me though I am grown up and have all the assets that can allure any man. I rather felt annoyed having seen his indifference towards me.Many a time he just touched my hair carefully avoiding any touch that can be other wise explained.

Ja hok, that day he came to our apt to meet my parents according to a prior appointment. Unfortunately ( or fortunately) they were late and I was the one in the apartment. Mom asked me over mobile phone to ask the uncle to wait for them. He accordingly sat in the drawing room and started leafing through the pages of magazine. I was wearing a skirt that I usually wear at home. I was hesitating whether this dress would be appropriate meeting with an outsider. Because, some of my friends used to say that I look gorgeously hot in that dress.

Anyway, I approached him.We exchanged very formal pleasantries.. like how my studies going on etc... without being more curious about anything personal. After about 30 mins or so still he was engrossed in books or in TV. I felt that it would be courteous to give him company for some time. I sat on sofa opposite to him. He raised his eyes and told me, " hey, Proma.. you are going to be a grown up girl now..What a nice cute and smart girl you have become!Girls grow up so fast, tai na? "

What could I say. I kept smiling. Then I made a mistake. I told all on a sudden I don’t why .. Uncle, you look so young .

: but your mom perhaps look even younger . Though we are same age, nah?:

:My mom and you are good friends, tai na?...

I was about to ask him if he has any special feeling for my mom.. just out of curiosity. But I restrained. May be it would not be proper.

I however asked him, now tell me what is the secret of your remaining so young?

He burst into laughter and said... thanks for the compliments. Had somebody else like a friend asked it I would have a naughty answer.. But I wont tell you that. He stopped which was triggering my curiosity. From overheard conversation of my parents I heard that that uncle was a ready wit and mischievously played with words as he pulled others' legs.

I implored, Pl tell.. even if it is naughty. I won’t mind.

Again he laughed in a mysterious way. He said.. no .. perhaps u won’t understand the pun.

I got irritated. I said.. Look uncle.. I am not that small that I won’t understand what you have to say.. this is unfair..

Having seen me feignedly being mad at him he said laughingly .. ok... the secret of my youth is secretion, hahahahah.

I blushed as I immediately understood what he meant. He told, I told you that it is not for you but as you pressed I said. so you should not take offense, ok? But one thing is quite right, Proma.. this according to Readers Digest.. those who are engaged in active sex more frequently look younger than other that don't.. hahahah

I could not speak for some time. And he added.. do you know,, you are on the verge of adulthood.. you should be knowing .. ar ;; today’s girls and boys smarter that older ones, tai na.. that regular sexual activity keeps men and women fit.. hhahhaaaa? He was going to elaborate but I sort of interrupted.

I said.. uncle you are very smart and ... I was about to say sth but I stopped mid way.


:What? he asked curiously.

:No.. no ,, I am not gonna tell you.

:You will have to tell as I told what I felt about sth that I did not want to share with you..

:Okay... you wont mind. . tell me first.

:I wont. Rest assured. He told.

:You look very sexy.. I told and all the shyness just captivated me and I hid my face inside my palms.

:Wooooww.. that’s another big compliment for me from a sexy chick like you.

He added.. by the way .. your friends might have told you that you look gorgeously sexy. don’t they?

:I blushed having heard what some of my friends tell me quite frequently. I could not understand then where the topic of discussion was advancing to.

In fact this is very true. Though my complexion is not that bright, but I hv a good physique with most attractive vital stat. Some of friends, especially female ones told me that had they been boys they would just crash on me.

He changed his sit and sat by me. He put his fingers on my hair and said.. the silky hair that you have is most attractive along with your assets. I first thought of recoiling but I don’t know I was rather enjoying his words n gestures. He was slowly smooching my head n shoulders.

This is for the first time that I have been so close with a man other than my father. But his presence had sth that I could not resist..I was feeling of being attracted to him.. thr was sth mesmerising about him..

He was not feeling easy, I could understand from his gestures. May be he was confused about what to do.I felt his palm on my shoulders, still in a very gentle fatherly manner. But I was feeling nice, a feeling that I did not feel before.He muttered sth .

:Proma, will you mind if I ask you a question?

:No.. please proceed.

:Have you ever been kissed by anybody?

I blushed again. I kept quiet. I didn't tell him that once a school friend of mine tried to kiss me but I didn't encourage him to do that.

My silence seemed to upset him. He said, Sorry, I perhaps poached on the boundary of your privacy.

No.. its okay. I said timidly.

At that time my mobile phone rang and it was mom. She told that they got stuck up in jam and it may take another hour or so for them to reach home.She asked me to ask the uncle that if he was not in hurry, he may wait for them. I told the uncle accordingly and he said, “ I could not understand what I should do.What do you think, should I leave?”

: You can, if you feel bored with my presence. I said to him.

: ohhhh, Proma. You are naughtier than I thought you are. Your presence is a great treat for me here, hahahaahah.

I felt elated knowing that he liked my company so much…

By the way, he said, you didn’t answer my question, Proma, he said.

I felt slight pressure of his fingers on my shoulders.

Your skin are as smooth as butter. Do you know there is poem by Buddhadev Basu.. notun nonir moto tobo tanu khani, sporshite ogath shadh, shahosh na pai ( your face looks like fresh butter, I wish I could touch them but I lack in the courage).. Again he burst into his charateristic laughter. The image of his touching me in a sensual way triggered some erotic sensation in me. He started reciting a poem by Marvell which was in fact a piece to seduce a young girl who was reluctant in yielding to her lover's desire.The whole image ran through my veins and I was feeling so horny and wished he continued with his advances for indefinite time.

His touch was sending me to something of elctric signal to my body, it was taking me to an world of unexplored pleasure . I felt his hot breath as he kept rubbing my shoulders.

He said, your silky hair emanates most sexy fragrance.

I could sense that he was advancing and getting bold. I by no means could recoil as I was like it to happen the way it was happening.

He was getting bold each moment with my encouraging gestures.

After some time, he asked, Proma, can I touch your cheeks?

I said, I do not know. I had a weird feeling.

I felt his hot palm roaming over my cheeks as I noticed an unmistakable bulge in his crotch.

He started softly rubbing my cheeks with is palm.sometimes he was rubbing my shoulders. At times he looked worried. i did not know what he was thinking.

Uncle,, sometimes,, I think u become preoccupied with sth else.. whats the matter.. I asked him.

Proma, what should i tell u? you are such a nice hot n sexy girl..Could u figure out what change u hv already brought to me?

I did. but i remained silent.I looked at his crotch and could see that the bulge was unmistakable. I didn't know that man reacts this way though I watched some soft porno's with my female friends . I saw man/s erect penis on internet also. But they they respond to what situation was not very clear to me.I had some weird sensation beneath my panty too.

Oooohhhhh.. Proma dear.. you are so so hot,,,,I feel like like......

Like what...? I interrupted as he stopped short of finishing.

No.. I should not tell you my feeling.. You will mind. He said as he gave an awkward smile.

But I insisted that his telling me what he was feeling like.

He brought his face close to ear and said in a very whispering voice, Proma.. you are irresistibly attractive... I feel like... like kissing you,,ohhhh.. tell me you wont feel bad afterwards?

He was still softly pressing my cheeks and shoulders to which I could not make any resistance, I did not know why.

I still kept silent. But he could understand my gestures and also that my silence was an indication of my consent.

He stood up in front of me and asked me to stand up also.

Let me see how tall u have become.

He stood behind me. I could feel his erection against my dvelpoed buttocks.

He lowerred his face n planted a kiss on my cheek. ohhh it was such a wonderful feeling. i moaned a little.May be I said no.. ...

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