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Naya Anubhav (Desi)

This took place when i was in 11th standard. I had pretty good knowledge of sex by that age. For my 12th i had enrolled in a class. In my class there was a batch of 15 students of these, there were 2 girls who caught my attention, namely priyanka and siddhi. Siddhi was my classmate since std 5th.she had great boobs.big, round and sexy. We all boys use to devour the sight of her boobs and she was also aware that we stared at her boobs. Her another friend priyanka also had big juicy boobs but her ass got all the attention.

Once i overheard priyanka telling siddhi that she had a crush on me. I really didn’t want to date her but if i get to sleep with her,i won't miss a chance for sure. But i didn’t know that i would get to taste both of them. One day i asked her if she really liked me.she replied in affirmative.she then asked me "what do you like in me?" i gathered guts and said"your tits and your ass."ithought she would be mad at me but instead she gave back a seductive smile which made me hardon.i asked her "when will you allow me to taste ur boobs?" she kept quite for some time and then said whenever you like. But there was one difficulty. There was no place to have sex since i lived in mumbai and she stayed in vashi. Also her mother would always remain at home.

She asked siddhi who also lived in mumbai if we could spend some time at her place.siddhi's mom and dad both were working and she being the only child her house use to be always empty. So it was decided.i bought a condom from my friends shop and went to siddhi's house which was about 10 mins from my house. Priyanka was already there.she had worn a long skirt which showed the perfect shape of her ass and a black full sleeve shirt. I had worn a shirt and jeans. Siddhi had worn a pink shirt and tight jeans. She was not aware of our intentions.

So i and priyanka went into the master bedroom and told siddhi to give us some privacy.i had no intentions of fucking siddhi. The door was not locked so that siddhi doesn't suspect us. Initially i and priyanka were just talking about general things when she saw me staring at her boobs.all of a sudden she kissed me. I was already in the mood and caught her hard and started smooching her all over her face. I was biting her lower lips. Those pink lips were so sweet and juicy. She was also kissing me all over my face and neck. She was biting me. She was getting aroused. I pushed her on the bed and fell over her. We were totally in the mood.

She was mouning'huh...huh...fuck me.’ i was still kissing her and i started unbuttoning her shirt. I got my shirt out and my pant lowered. Was only in my underwear and she was fondling with my thighs and i was really hard. She was also felling this. She started touching my penis and the touch was irresistible. I quickly unbuttoned her. She was wearing a bra. Her tight nipples were bulging out of the bra. I had never seen such a view. I started pressing her boobs really hard. I slipped my hand under skirt and started caressing her ass and pressing it. I was very near her ass-hole.

I was pressing her boobs really hard with one hand and her ass with another and constantly kissing her. She was also kissing my naked body and pressing hard dick as well. It was irresistible. I was slowly lowering her panty. She also had her hands inside my underwear and playing with my ass. I could feel her fingers near my asshole.i then started kissing her beautiful hips. I was kissing near her navel and she breathing heavily. I kept on kissing her hips and pressing her boobs. Then i removed the hook of her bra and started sucking her boobs ferociously. She loved it. I was pressing the hard nipples of one boobs and sucking and licking her other.

The boobs very soft and big as well. We were so engrossed in each other that we did not know what happenning around us . Then the unexpected happened......... Siddhi entered the room. She was shocked to see me in my underwear and priyanka with her shirt open and wearing no bra. It didn’t take time for her to understand what was happening. I got scared. But she was giving this seductive sexy smile and constantly staring at my penis which was trying to come out.i asked “what are you staring at?”. She said” why are you keeping it in that jail,free it”i was stunned and so was priyanka.but i didn’t want to miss the chance. I said” why don’t you free it.”

And she moved towards me in a very sexy manner and touched my underwear. We kissed each other for a long time.priyanka was watching all this. Siddhi pulled my underwear down and came out my 20cm long and really thick penis. It was fully erect thanks to priyanka. Siddhi’s hot hand started stroking it.priyanka also joined in the act. She was again over my entire naked body. I was the only naked person there. I had started feeling something hot near my penis.siddhi was licking it and was taking it in her mouth. I was lying down on the bed with siddhi sucking my cock and i sucking priyanka’s boobs. I stopped siddhi and quickly removed her t-shirt and her bra. Her boobs were giant. The nipples were erect and hard. I constantly sucked her boobs and was biting her nipples. She was moaning in pain and was pulling my hair really hard. Meanwhile priyanka was playing with my cock.

Now i couldn’t resist. I pulled priyanka’s skirt down and also her panty. I started licking her already wet pussy.i was going deep into her pussy while siddhi was above me playing with my balls. I also caught siddhi and removed her tight jeans and her panty as well. I licked her pussy as well. Her pussy smelled great. I removed my condom and the girls put that on my penis. I first inserted my huge penis in priyanka’s pussy. I started inserting it really hard and she was feeling the pain. After a few shots she came and all the fluid made my cock wet. Now it was siddhi turn. I inserted my penis with full force into her. She shouted in pain. Soon she started moving her body in rhythm with me. The feeling was great. Soon she also cummed.

The bed was totally wet with her fluids. But i still was not satisfied. They then performed oral sex with me. I licked there pussy and there ass as well. Siddhi also licked my ass and put her finger in my ass. I helped the girls cum one more time but this time in another position. I picked priyanka up by my body and gave her a few shots while she was in air. And siddhi made me sleep on the bed and she was pumping on me. I was bit painful. Finally i came to the most beautiful part of priyanka’s body- her ass. I made her sit in the doggy style and with little bit efforts i inserted my penis in her ass.

She was shouting in pain and pleasure. I came in her ass. I did the same with siddhi. All of us were very tired. We went to take a shower. The girls kissed all over my body once again and sucked my cock and made me cum the third time. We did such type of sessions a few more times and each time better than the previous one. We once also got a photo-shoot done.

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