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My Neighbour

A slight drizzle started when I came Out of the hotel. A light wave of coldness hit my Face. Instinctively i reached for a cigarette and lit It with a lighter. Smoke filled my lungs and i felt Comfortable warmness inside me. I started walking towards My room. My room is on the first floor and as I was Ascending the steps, i heard jalaja call out my name. I Turned my head and found jalaja standing in the Verandah of their groundfloor house in a white saree. She is one of the tenants of our housing complex and the Wife of nair who runs a hotel in our little town in Andhra. She seemed excited. I asked her what was the Matter. "my husband is away on a tour. Archana went to Her friends house and has not returned till now. I am Worried,could you please go and bring her?" she Pleaded. "but in this storm..."i fumbled for words. "Take my husbands scooter..please".i couldnt say no. I took the address and started the took me Fifteen minutes to reach the address and i was Completely drenched. Thankfully the rain stopped by the Time i got there. Archana came running to me as soon as She saw me. I must tell you about archana. She is Seventeen yrs old and just completed her tenth Class. She looks exactly like her mother with her Glowing complexion,tall body and a sexy look. I am Particularly fond of her nice round ass and heavy Thighs whose outlines i watch discreetly. Soon as we crossed The street,the rain started heavily. Within Seconds,both of us were drenched completely. Hastily i Stopped the scooter at a tiled house with a Verandah. We ran into the verandah.the house was Locked. Rain continued heavily and visibility was very Poor. " see how you got me all wet"i scolded her Mockingly, eyeing her wetness and enjoying the Spectacle. She was wearing a pavada and long blouse of Light material. As she was fully wet, i could see her Heavy boobs and estimate original size of her round &long legs. The cloth clung to the place where her Thighs joined. I could easily guess the size of her Pussy and its dimensions. It was in the size of my palm May be with long pink lips full of juice. God.. That Thought made my cock stir to its full lenghth, hot and Stiff. "arent you happy ,kumar ? You got this Opportunity of getting wet with me" she said Mischieviously."yeah pleasant for you but i am dying With this cold "i said shivering. Suddenly she came Closer. "sorry kumar. You got wet for me. Now i will give You warmness"saying this she crossed her arms around Me and hugged me tightly.i was stunned by her boldness But my hand instinctively reached her waist. The Smoothness of herlovely waist made my cock knock hard On my zipper. She came even closer and her tits pressed Hard against my chest. She reached up and took my lips Into her mouth.i couldnt stand it any longer and Pushed her into a dark corner. Nobody to look at us in That dark place made me bolder. I kneeled before her And raised her pavada to her waist. Her fabulous thighs Came into full view. I pressed my face between her Thighs.the sweet smell of her cunt engulfed me. It was The youngest pussy i had ever seen. Nicely trimmed hair Contrasted the golden colour of her skin. Her cunt Lips were wet and slightly parted. First i smelled The sweet aroma by keeping my nose between the honey Lips. Then my tongue travelled up and down between them Making a small partition. She shivered with lust. Her Cunt already started oozing the honey and the musky Perfume of her hot cunt filled my lungs. My tongue felt The cunt to be slippery soft. She moaned when my tongue Came into contact with her swollen clit. my Pooru..pleaaaase...lick my honey lips..yes that ..there..there..saying this she Started pressing my face into her pussy with both Hands. She parted her thighs wide and arched her Back. For balance i took hold of her ample ass cheeks. My Tongue was creating havoc in her pussy. It was sliding Deep inside and circling the hole and licking the soft Interior all at once. With my hands i parted her ass Cheeks and slipped a finger into her asshole. Archie Was going mad. She couldnt stand my manipulations. She Started mumbling incoherently and entire body started Trembling. Suddenly the pussyquake hit her all the Muscles in her body tightened. Her cunt lips pressed my Tongue and she came violently. She hardly managed To suppress a small cry when she slumped to the floor Making a thumping sound. Now she was face to face with Me as I was in kneeling position. Her eyes were closed And she was in a trance. I envied this young thing for The pleasure she was deriving from her first orgasm. My Face was wet with her pussymilk. The taste of her sweet Cunt was still on my tongue. I kissed her lips and said "archie i love you baby"."i didnt know your tongue Could give me so much pleasure..kumar..let me repay You.."saying this ,her hand gripped my hard cock. Its Hardness may have jolted her for she suddenly opened Her eyes. But the fate had other plans for me.we Suddenly heard peoples voices and both of us stood up Hastily. We realised that the rain stopped.i realised That staying longer may attract attention and decided To postpone our escapade. Though she was reluctant,i Convinced her that we can have the real thing very Soon. I started the scooter .at that time i hardly Expected that the night was not over for cock and it Was going to sink deep into a sexy cunt.

Meanwhile We(me & archie)reached home completely dripping. Her Mother was waiting for us outside the house. She Thanked me for the trouble. I parked the scooter and Handed the keys and went to my room. My prick was still Very hard and tingling with the thoughts of fucking That hot young pussy of archie. Her golden thighs and Her pink pussy lips were still still hanging afreash In my memory. Nonchalantly,i removed my shirt and then My pant and i was about to unfold my lungi when the Door flew open. There stood jalaja with a cup of milk. I Was fully naked with my cock standing rock hard and Pointing straight ahead like an arrow. She stood Motionless,unable to take her eyes off my cock. I was Stunned but recovered quickly, wrapped the lungi Around. But ifailed to cover the tent that my pole Created in my lungi.she also came to her senses and Mumbled something and said sorry. She walked inside to Keep the cup on the table. I tried to take the cup from Her hands ,but in confusion,we collided. To make things Worse,the hot milk landed on my cock, while the cup Fell down. I screamed with pain and clutched at my cock As the hot milk burned my skin. Jalaja,horrified,ran Out of the room saying sorry,sorry,sorry. All this Happened within a few seconds that i still couldnt Recollect how exactly it happened. My cock came back to Its limp state but the burning sensation was still There. I went into the bathroom cursing myself. Poured Some cold water on my cock and thighs. I took another Lungi and wrapped it around my waist. I came back to The hall and sat in the chair trying to cool off my Cock. As my cock was cooling off, my thoughts returned To archie and her hot cunt. My slowly started Hardening. I gripped it with my fingers and a sweet Sensation passed through mmy body. Suddenly in walked Jalaja with two cups in both hands. She brought coconut Oil and ice to releave my pain."i am sorry kumar, show Me where the pain is i will rub these and relieve Your pain "she said."its allright, iwill do it my Self""i saidwith embarassment.but even before i Finished my words, she sat beside me on the floor and Her hand slipped into my lungi.i got the shock of my Life.she pulled my lungi and my semi erect cock jumped Up surprise. "hello junior, i am sorry i hurt You "saying this she opened her mouth and took my cock Into her mouth. By the time i realised what was Happening, she was driving me crazy with her tongue. She Was slowly circling my rod with her tongue. She was Sucking on my cock with slurping sounds. My lungi fell Down and i was stark naked. Her soft lips were pressing Lightly on my shaft,while her her fingers were playing With my balls. I realised soon that i was going burst In her mouth. "jalaja,lets fuck " i said hoarsely .

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