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Couple in train

I am 23 years fair, good looking single ,well placed in a R&D Centre Bangalore and the incident ,in which I lost my virginity, I narrate here is my own experience & not a fiction. As I am staying away from parents I frequently visits my native place mostly once in a month. I used to travel by train. This incident happened six months back when I am coming back from native.
I have reserved a lower berth for my journey & I met a malayalee couple who didn’t get a berth to sleep and was adjusting with the RAC seat what they got.. When i sat in my seat they smiled at me & soon we started chatting with each other. The hubby’s name was Rajeev smart & good looking aged about 36 who works here as a Senior Software Engineer & the Wife, Asha 32, fair & bit plumy with a very attractive body who works as a lecturer.
We had a good talk and they were impressed with my job & said I am very lucky to get this job in this young age. The time was around 9:30 & Asha feel very sleepy & I offered my berth to her. But the couple refused first &b later they agreed & she started sleeping in my berth. i told them that I had a nice afternoon sleep & I am not feeling sleepy & sat at the edge of my seat & Rajeev also started to sleep in their seat. I looked at the sleeping beauty & I got immediate erection. Nothing happened that night & morning they talked me & requested my number. I gave my number and told them that they are nice people I cannot forget. They were very happy to hear those words.
They used to call me & send sms to my number & I too used to call them at night. They treated me as their family member & I used to go to their flat at weekends. One Saturday night I had dinner in their flat & I was about to leave to my room, but they insisted me to stay with them that night. Rajeev offered me drinks & I said I haven’t tasted yet. They didn’t believe it first & then they said they are very happy to have me as their friend. They casually asked m about girl friend & all. I said I don’t have any girl friend now as I was cheated by a girl when I was I college & not interested to have anyone… they were very keen to know about the relationship & I said all that story to them.
Soon they started to comment on the sex life in the Bangalore & all of a sudden Rajeev asked me “can u join with us for a threesome?” I got shock of my life & looked straight into Asha’s eyes and I saw a wired smile in her face. I said I treated them as my elder bro & sis. But they virtually begged to me to do it as they were bored of their routine sex life & wanna spice up a bit with me… then I said its ur call & I like to do anything to make their life happy as I love them very much. They were very happy to hear this & said they thought of this when they saw me in the train itself.
They told me to wait for sometime & went into their bed room. They came out after sometime Rajeev in shorts & t-shirt & Asha in see through black nightie without wearing anything inside. They offered me a T-shirt & one trouser & I too changed my dress.
Rajeev started playing a threesome porno movie & we all sat in the sofa with asha in the middle. Rajeev told me that don’t be shy & try to be wild as possible as we know each other well & they treat it in the good sense. He then said lets starts the game & open the sib of her nightie & told her to sand infront facing us. Her cheeks become red but she kept a wired smile all the time which made me hotter. She slowly removed her nightie & displayed her biggest assets, milky white boobs, small belly ring, well curved & big ass & very sexy & shapy legs. She had nicely tried red pussy which was a treat to watch. Rajeev started at her boobs & I sat down in the floor & bent down, started licking her toe. She was started morning when was very erotic to hear.
I slowly progressed inch by inch and made love marks on her milky white lge all the way. She started rubbing my hair & I licked around her pussy lips purposefully avoiding the pussy. She then pleaded me to lick her pussy & I started licking & rubbing her small red colored cunt. I licked for 10 minutes & her body started to shake lirk anything & I came to know she was Cumming. It was a powerful orgasm & I tried to drink as much as possible.
We stopped then for a while & she stripped of our trousers & mine stood out like a long tick road. Seeing this Rajeev shouted that “Ohh God he is big” & started laughing Asha then started give us a blow job. She was sucking the cocks like a well trained slut & I came after 10 minutes & Rajeev also came at the same time & she didn’t waste a single drop of it. We all then went to bathroom to clean ourselves & proceeded to the bed room & sat on the bed. Rajeev was very happy & said it was in their wild dreams for long time & tanked me for the help. Asha also started open up & she said she also dreamed about having threesome after watching some porn movies.
Then Rajeev asked Asha to bring some cool drinks & she went to the kitchen showing her naked big round ass. I got the erection & Rajeev noticed it told me to wait for sometime for the real action. We had the drinks & Rajeev applied some honey in the ass hole & started to lick like a hungry dog. She bent down & started giving me the second blow job of that night & after 5 minutes I told Rajeev to start the game. I took her & made to sit in the stool facing me. I started kissing & played with her tong & started to suck her milky boobs & crushing the other with my right had. Her areola stood erect as hard as rock. Her milky white boobs then turned red color. Rajeev was fingering her ass hole from behind for the final game.
I then mounted her from the front & started fucking her by giving deep pushes & Rajeev mounted her from the behind. Asha started moaning louder & started biting my nipples which cased bit pain but I didn’t mind. We fucked for 15 minutes & Rajeev come first in her ass hole & she had many orgasm by that time & I loaded by cum inside her pussy which was my first fuck………
It was a new experience for all of us & I promised them that I will be for their service at anytime. Once I was too wild and asked Asha to piss right in my mouth. It was a very erotic session which I sometimes tell later. We had fun like this for two more month & Rajeev got out station project in US for five years & they left Bangalore three months back. They still keep in touch with me through e-mail &n phone calls.

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