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Gangbang in Bus

I am Rubina. I am a 18-year-old girl from Delhi. I am doing BCA course at Chandigarh. I like amritsar because it is a very good city. People are warm hearted and very loving.

I had my friend Neha who had her parents from village. Once I had to go to her village to attend her sister’s marriage. I had to go to her village, which was far from Amritsar. I had to start for her village in the morning but due to some circumstances I could start in the afternoon. I had to change three buses to reach her village. When I reached at the final bus stop, I took the bus, which could take me to her village. It was getting dark and I could not make any contact with Neha about my arrival. It was seven o’ clock and sun was already set and stars were visible. The bus started and there were a few passengers. I was tired of this long journey and I was felling dizzyness.

After some time the bus was stopped and I looked around to see the village of Neha. But it was a lonely farm house. I looked inside the bus. There were no passangers in the bus. I asked the conductor where he had taken me. He laughed and said the bus will leave in the morning now. We will have fun with you. I was terrified at this answer and I looked around for help. But it was a deserted farm house and only driver, conductor and cleaner of the bus were there. They asked me to come with them. I resisted and the cleaner slapped me. It was really a hard slap and I could see stars dancing around me. He caught me of my hair and pulled me to the door. I hit upon a plan. I have learnt judo and I was a very good judo player. So I come quietly out of the bus and hit the cleaner with a painful punch. On seeing this, driver and conductor came to rescue him. I made very hard smashes on driver and conductor. But suddenly cleaner caught my foot and I fell down. It was a very good chance for driver and cleaner. They all caught me from upward and I was now helpless.

Driver and cleaner both grabbed me from my hands and conductor brought a rope and tied my hands. They took me to a room and opened my hands. Again it was a chance for me to escape but they were three monsters with large muscles. I again tried to beat them but now they all took control over me and driver caught me from behind. They ripped opened my shirt from front. I was crying pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeee. Don’t do with to meeeeeeeeeeeeee. I will dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee. But the were not listening my cries. Then the cleaner pulled my bra down and said. Kanjariye, tere mamme bare mast ne. main taa paagal ho gaya haan.

Now conductor took off my pants and I was totally naked in front of three unknown men.

Driver took my face aside and start licking my lips and then tongue. Cleaner was pressing and squeezing my boobs. I was crying aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaainnn mar jaungiiiiiiiiii. Noooooooooooooooooo.

Conductor was fingering my pussy gently and now I was feeling good in my pussy region. Conductor asked all of them to get aside and they all get a side. He laid me on the bed and start licking my lips then boobs and I was laying helpless in front of him. Then he pulled down his pant and by god it was a monster cock of huge dimensions. He caught me from my hair and asked me to suck it. I had to do it to prevent further beating. It was smelling like a stale piss. I feel like vomitting but I could not because there was a monster in my mouth. He then pulled his dick out of my mouth and start rubbing on my boobs. The orgasm started building inside me. He now placed his cock near my pussy and made a harder push. Cries broke out of my mouth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Haiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr gaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee




But he did not. It was a painful for me and he was moving his cock very hardly. It seemed that my pussy was cut down by an knife. The blood was dipping from it. It was very hard and painful for me. But after some time I got releaf from the pain and I was also enjoing this rape. After some time he leave me but I was not satisfied. Then it was the turn of driver and he pushed his cock in my pussy and I was enjoying very much. Listening to my pleasant moans driver made several harder strokes and I was over. Then after some time he was also over. Then came the cleaner. He also ravished my body as he like. After some time he was also over. Then they sat aside for some time and started drinking and I was naked lied on the bed.

After their drink was over they again started kissing my body. Now this time they all wanted to fuck me first. Then driver said some thing in their ears and cleaner came near me. I was terrified and asked what are you going to do with me this time. He said simple fucking. He laid on the bed and made me to sit on his cock. I did it and he made me lay on his body then cleaner came and shove his cock in my mouth and then driver came and he pushed his cock in my ass. I was now totally helpless and could not cry. The three monsters pumped me for about half an hour. After that they all were cummed in my mouth.

The ravished my body in all the positions as they like. I was totally at the mercy of these three monsters. They fucked me whole night. In the morning they dropped me to the village and asked we have never a such beautiful night in their whole life. I too enjoyed all this. Every woman should enjoy atleast once a time A GANG BANG.

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