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My Servant Sanju

My wedding to Ashok was arranged shortly after I turned 26 years. I had just completed my MBBS degree from a well known college in Kerala. Ashok is an IT professional in the United States and he had to return to US a few weeks after he wedding. It would take several months before I would be able to join him in the USA. I had been a virgin before my wedding. Many a time I had been attracted to a class mate or a friend. On one or two occasions I had have even let strangers I found attractive on the bus or train to furtively grope me. Despite all that I was saving myself like all good Indian girls for my wedding night. After my wedding however, something changed in me and I felt myself craving sex, I missed Ashok but really had no intent to stray. I concentrated on studying hard, I had to pass tough exams on arriving in the USA in order to be able to get a physicians license there. Let me describe myself, I am from an old Christian family, very slim, fair with a beautiful face, I think. I am a little embarrassed by my breasts they are barely a handful but they are very perky and do not sag even a little and my nipples are very long, almost 2 cams long, Ashok told me he could use them to hang his shirt on. In the short time with Ashok he did tire of fondling them and sucking on them. Did I tell you how sensitive they are and how erotic I feel when they are stimulated? Often, they become so erect they poke straight through my blouse and I have difficulty concealing their outline. I like wearing low cut blouses. I once a classmate who was inf actuated with me, occasionally I would tease him leaning forward so that he could see down my cleavage, once I went too far and to my embarrassment one on me nipples popped right out of my bra. The poor boy couldn't stand straight for a good half hour afterwards. To make up to him, I allowed him to sit next to me on the college bus on an excursion we had from college. When darkness fell and most everyone was asleep I allowed him to fondle me, he spent hours it seemed on me nipples, making me come multiple times, I even allowed him to work his finger between my legs and feel me up. I even let him put his finger inside me. It went easily because I was so wet. I refused however to let him sleep with him. I was saving myself. One day my parents received a phone call, they would have to go out of town several days. They were reluctant to leave me alone but I said I would be fine. We had our servant Sanjay who had been with our family for many years from when he was a small boy. His family worked on our lands in our ancestral village and as a little boy he had come to work for my parents soon after I was born. He is a several years older than me and our family trusted him completely. It was Sanjay's routine to draw water from our well in he compound and then heat it for our evening baths. That evening I was sitting on our veranda watching him draw water from the well. Sanjay was only wearing a lungi and I think for the first time in my life I noticed how finely muscled he was. Involuntarily I became aroused. Sanjay is very dark skinned, almost black and much shorter than me. I shuddered as I imagined his black skin next to my very fair skin. I don't know why I did what I did next. I knew that shortly he would come and let me know that my bath was ready. I was wearing a Saree and blouse. I went into my room and I took off my blouse and bra so that I was topless, covered only by the pallavu of my Saree. My nipples were like pegs, painfully erect. Soon enough Sanjay came to the open door of my room. I stood up and almost immediately I saw that Sanjay's eyed were drawn to my breasts. I walked by him towards the bathroom, I knew that I had stimulated him, poor Sanjay. Never in his life could he dream of having a girl as beautiful and tall and fair as me, a doctor to boot. Once inside I closed the door but did not lock it. I took off my Saree and stood there completely nude. I looked at the door which I knew had a little gap. I heard a barely perceptible rustle, I knew that Sanjay was watching me and it turned me on immensely. I took my time, I decided to start my shaving my legs and then my groin,I like to keep myself clean shaven. Once I was done I felt the water, it was warm enough but I called loudly " Sanjay". A short time late I heard his voice at the door, "Yes madam?". "The water has grown cold" I said, "Could you get me some more." I wrapped a large towel around me, covering myself from the top of my breasts to the my knees. I watches as Sanjay came into the room carrying a large bucket of steaming water. His muscles bulged as he lifted the heavy bucket to pour the water in. We were alone in that bathroom, Sanjay and I, and I was almost completely nude. "Thank-you, Sanjay", I said. He turned to look at me. "Is there anything more you need?" he asked, his eyes piercing straight through mine. He was standing close to me. " No thanks", I said thinking enough is enough, this has gone too far. I placed my hand on his shoulder to gently turn him towards the door. The towel I had wrapped around me fell to the floor and suddenly I was standing there stark naked. Sanjay froze, I couldn't move. Sanjay looked me up and down, slowly he reached out and touched my breast. I did not move, the touch of his calloused palm made me shudder, that was enough for Sanjay, his hands were all over my body fondling and caressing and rubbing. I let him have his way, he pulled me to my bedroom to my bed. I allowed him free reign over my body, my breasts, my stomach my pussy. Sanjay appeared like a man possessed he couldn't get enough of me. There was no part of my body that he neglected, even before he released his huge black lingam from under his lungi, I had come multiple times. I held his penis in my soft while hands marvelling at how hard and big and black it was. I lay back and allowed him to insert it between my sweet lips, revelling in its heat and feeling every pulsation as he he guided it deep within me. I came yet again when I felt the rush of his warm sperm flood my inside. That night he took me three times, and for the next 3 days till my parents returned he mounted me several times in many different positions. I even allowed him to put his penis in my mouth and when he came I swallowed his warm, sticky, salty cum. Since then I have moved to the States to be with my husband. Many a time having sex with him I imagine Sanjay's big black penis inserted deep within my vagina and his strong hard muscles. I completed my medical training and am a pediatrician in the US. Every year I return to see my parents and every year when I do I allow Sanjay to slip into my room in the middle of the night. For that night I allow him his every wish with my body.

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