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Funny Q Answers

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Q: What did the Dumb Blonde do when she went to a film that had an NC-17 (no under 17's) rating? A: Went home and got 16 friends.

Q: How do you make a blonde's eyes twinkle? A : Shine a flashlight in their ear.

Q : Why did the blonde have tire tread marks on her back? A : From crawling across the street when the sign said "DON'T WALK"

Q: What is the best secretary in the world to have? A: The one that never misses a period.

Q: Why is a blonde like a door knob? A: Cuz everyone gets a turn.

Q: Why don't blondes in San Francisco wear short black mini skirts? A: Because their balls would show.

Q: Why couldn't the blonde manage to make Ice-Cubes? A: She couldn't find the recipe.

Q: What does Star Trek's Dr Bones McCoy say before he performs brain surgery on a blonde? A: Space. The final frontier..........

Q : What do you call four Blondes in a Volkswagon? A : Far-from-thinking

Q : Why can't blondes put in light bulbs? A : They keep breaking them with the hammers.

Q : What happened to the blonde tap dancer? A : She slipped off and fell down the drain

Q: How does a blond prepare for safe sex? A: She puts on rubber based lipstick.98. Q: What does XXX stand for? A: Blondes co-signing a note.

She thinks Eartha Kitt is a set of gardening tools.

Q: Did you hear the one about the blonde lesbian? A: Well, she kept having affairs with men.

Q: What is the difference between a blonde and most men? A: The blonde has the higher sperm count.

Q: Why can't blondes put in light bulbs? A: Keep breakin em' with hammers.

What goes VROOM, SCREECH,VROOM, SCREECH,VROOM, SCREECH? A blonde going through a flashing red light.

Q: What's the difference between a blonde and The Titanic? A: They know how many men went down on The Titanic.

Q: What's the difference between a Mosquito and a blonde? A: On slapping a Mosquito, it will stop sucking.

Q: Did you hear about the dumb blonde couple that were found frozen to death in their car at a drive-in movie theater? A: They went to see "Closed for the Winter".

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