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I looked at him and said, "Yes son you do. Billy needs his rest and
they all need time alone to get to know each other. You can see him
later in the week."

I ruffled his hair the found Ace and headed back to the pad. I went
over to the Phillips and checked on Billy and John insisted he share
his room with him. He had a queen-size bed and Billy said, "This is
so great Buck and I've always wanted a brother too. John and Pat
said we could even sleep together. I think that's nice cause I know
I'm going to cry soon. I really love it here and all but I'm
starting to miss my Mom and Dad."

"I leaned down and kissed the top of his head and said, "I know you
will son and they know it. We will all be here for you especially
you new Mom and Dad. If you want to talk with me for any reason,
they have my number and I'll come over anytime."

I got my boys and got shooed them home over much complaining then
went there myself. I grabbed a beer and sat in the love seat and
relaxed before heading off to bed.

Over at the Phillips house John was helping Billy get settled onto
the sofa when John said, "Can we get Billy down to my room? We can
get him comfortable on the bed and we can watch television in there."

John helped Billy down the hall and sat him down on the bed. He
looked at his foster son and said, "How's that son?"

"That's fine sir," Billy said softly. "Do you think my parents would
mind if I called you Mom and Dad? I really loved them and I sure
don't want them mad at me when they are in heaven now."

Billy was starting to lose it a little so John put his arm around
the young boy and said, "No son, I don't think they will. Buck's son
Shane lost his parents and grandmother in a fire and he calls Buck

Billy looked up and said, "I think I'd like that sir ah I mean Dad.
Is that all right with you John?"

"Yeah," John said coming over to his brother. "You're my brother now
so it's cool with me."

John gave Billy a hug then left the two boys alone. Little John went
and turned the bed down so Billy could get comfortable. Billy pushed
himself back onto the bed and tried to get into a position where he
was comfortable. After wiggling for several he said, "John, could
help me here? I need to get these jeans off but I can't do it
because of the cast."

John came around and watched as Billy undid the button and zipper.
John grabbed the top of the jeans and pulled them down. In doing so,
Billy's underpants came down with them and John said, "Oh God Billy,
I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to strip you or look at your dick. Please
Billy, I'm sorry."

Billy wasn't really embarrassed so he reached out and pulled John
down so he was sitting beside him. He looked at John and said, "It's
OK John. This pair is really loose on me and they do that all the
time. Besides, I've seen boys naked before and they've seen me so
it's no big deal. We're brothers so it's not like we need to hide
from each other. If you don't have a problem with it, I sleep nude
at home anyway."

John looked at Billy and said, "That's cool bro I sleep nude too.
Mom and Dad know I do and it's not a problem to them. Sometimes I've
wiggled so much that the covers have been kicked off when I was
asleep and they see me when they come in to wake me. If you don't
mind me saying, I think you have some nice equipment."

Billy smiled at John and said, "Thanks."

John finished getting Billy undressed when Pat walked in. She saw
Billy naked and said, "Oh, I'm sorry boys."

They both giggled and Billy said, "It's OK Mom, you can come in."

Pat came back in as John was pulling the covers over Billy. She
walked around to him and kissed him on the cheek. She stroked his
face and said, "I'm honored that you called me that. I just came in
to see if your leg was hurting of if you needed anything."

"I'm fine right now," Billy said. "If I need something I'll have
John get you."

She stood up and said, "That's fine. John, I'll fix your dinner and
you can eat in here with Billy. I have a bed tray he can use. I'll
need your help in about half an hour."

John answered his Mom then slid into bed beside his brother. After
the boys ate Billy said, "John, I have to pee. Can you ask your Dad
to help me to the toilet?"

John went to his Dad and told him what Billy said. He handed his son
the plastic jug then said, "He has to use this until the doctor say
he can stand on his own. If he needs to poop, then come and get me."

John went back to his room and handed Billy the little plastic
toilet. Billy giggled the shoved the covers down to pee. John was
watching and he felt his dick start to stir in his pants. He walked
over to Billy and took the jug into his bathroom and emptied it.
When he got back in bed he was still squirming when Billy
asked, "What's wrong John?"

"Oh nothing," John said fibbing a little. "I just have an itch on my

Billy looked at him and said, "It's OK John. I knew you were
watching me pee and you have a boner. Why don't you get comfortable
and maybe it will go down."

John looked at Billy and said, "I don't think it will go down bro.
See, there is something you should know and if you hate me, I'll
sleep in the other bedroom and just leave you alone. What I have to
say my parents don't even know about so I beg you not to tell them."

Billy saw him start to tear and he reached his arm out and held him
close. He kissed the side of John's head and said, "Buddy, I'm
almost fourteen. I don't think you can say anything that I don't
know about or at least heard about. I just lost my parents so I
don't want to lose you too all in the same day. Whatever it is you
tell me will stay here with us. I think that is something brothers
should share. If I tell you something then it is between just us. If
I think you're in trouble or you could get hurt, then I will tell
Mom and Dad but that's because I don't want you hurt. Now what is it

Through teary eyes John looked at Billy and said, "I'm gay Billy. I
don't like girls, I like boys and when I saw you peeing and holding
your dick, it turned me on. That's why I said you have nice

Billy smiled and said, "I kinda thought so. I saw you really check
my dick out and it took all I could do not to get hard on the spot.
Would it make you feel better if I told you that I am too?"

John looked at him and said, "Really?"

Billy nodded his head and said, "Yeah bro, really. I've never done
anything with a boy but I know I'm gay. I look at a boy and I feel
my dick start to get hard. When I have gym class it's really hard
not getting stiff in the shower. When I get home from school I go
right to my room and jack off."

John turned around and said, "Would you mind if I got naked and came
under the covers with you?"

Billy smiled then said, "I thought you'd never do that. I was
beginning to think I was going to have take them off myself."

John stood up giggling and took his tee shirt off then his jeans and
briefs in one stroke. Billy pulled down the covers and John saw his
dick hard for the first time. John smiled and said, "Billy it's
beautiful. I think that is a perfect dick."

Billy looked at John and said, "I think yours is perfect too. I love
the blonde hair around it too. Come on and lay here with me."

John got into bed with Billy and looked at each other. Billy looked
at John's tool and said, "Can I touch it John?"

John looked at him and said, "Oh yes Billy you can."

Billy slowly moved his hand over and touched John's stomach. He
inched his hand further south then ran his fingers through John's
red pubes and they felt soft to his touch. He lifted a finger and
ran it over John's shaft and he sucked wind. He stroked the
underside the touched the sensitive head. He wrapped his fingers
around it and started moving it up and down. John moaned and
said, "God Billy your hand is so soft. It feels so good. If you
don't stop I'm going to cum."

Billy was enjoying everything he was doing to John. He said, "Your
dick is so soft and hard at the same time. Can I bring you off?"

John's eyes were closed enjoying everything Billy was doing for him.
He hissed, "Oh yessssss Billy, make me cum. Please don't stop."

Billy's two-finger grip was working wonders on John. He was a little
uncomfortable because he could only lie on his back because of the
cast. John moved and it took the pressure of his wrist then
straddled his good leg. As soon as he did this John
said, "Sssssssssssss Billy, I'm gonna shoot on you buddy. I can't
hold it. Ungh, feels so good ungh Billy gonna cum bro ungh NOW!"

John fired four loads onto Billy's naked chest and his hand. He
rolled onto his back and tried to collect his thoughts as he came
down from his ride to space mountain. Billy looked at his right hand
and smelled John's load. He stuck his tongue out and tasted a little
then said, "Your spunk doesn't taste bad John, it's kinda sweet."

John rolled over and said, "Thanks Billy. That was the best hand job
I ever had. Do you want me to do you too?"

Billy's leg was hurting but he wasn't about to stop giving his first
hand job. Billy kissed his brother then said, "If you look John, my
dick isn't hard and my leg is really hurting now. I loved what I did
for you and there will be other times you can do me but right now
could you ask your Mom for a pain pill?"

John scooted out of the bed and said, "Sure thing Billy."

John was in such a hurry he forgot he was nude until his Mom
said, "Here is Billy's pill but next time put your robe on."

John came walking back into the room several shades of red. He went
into the bathroom and brought him a glass of water when Billy
said, "Ah John, did you forget something?"

This brought both boys into a fit of full-blown laughter. This went
on for so long that their Dad came in and said, "What's going on in


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