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When they promised me something or gave me their word I always took
them at it. The boys got up and went inside to shower and I turned
the bed down and prepared for John and Billy to make love.

I heard some things being said inside the bathroom then all of a
sudden I saw the bathroom door open and Billy came out still
dressed. I looked at him and said, "What's going on?"

He looked at me and said, "I don't know. All Shane and Robert said
was I had to stay dressed until they called for me."

I was totally confused as to what they had on their minds so I just
went back out into the living room because I knew I would find out
soon enough.

Inside the bathroom Shane and Robert were getting John showered and
washed. They were cleaning him from head to toe and every place in
between. John was enjoying the shower except when it came time for
his crotch. They handed him the soap and told him he had to do that
himself. Shane said, "You have to be clean and we aren't supposed to
do anything sexy with you so wash yourself."

John did as he was told then was taken out and dried. A towel was
wrapped around his waist then led back into the bedroom. Billy came
outside and sat with me to watch television until John was finished
then Robert walked out and led him back to the bathroom. I got up
and followed the two boys and saw John sitting on the bed with a
towel wrapped around his waist.

Billy and Robert were met by Shane then the three of them went back
into the bathroom and closed the door. Inside, Billy was undressed
then led into the shower. My two started giving Billy a good
cleaning. Robert started washing Billy's blonde hair while Shane was
working on his arms, chest and back. Once his upper half was clean,
they started working on his lower body. Like John, Billy was handed
the soap when Robert said, "Clean everything including your hole
both inside and out Billy. If you're afraid to go inside I will. I
have very small fingers but you need to be clean in there. We have
something to get the soap out and it won't hurt."

Billy did as he was instructed then Shane used a bulb syringe with a
small nozzle on it and inserted into Billy's ass. He flushed Billy
good then led him to the toilet. Billy expelled the water and the
boys checked to make sure he was totally clean back there. Once they
were satisfied that he was, they dried him and Robert put a dab of
cologne on him. Robert had taken his white bathrobe inside and hid
it then he had Billy put it on and the belt was secured around his

I was watching television with John when Shane said, "Daddy will you
and John come back here?"

I got up and John took my hand as we walked towards the bedroom.
When we got there we saw Billy standing there in a white bathrobe.
Since Billy is a true virgin the boys thought it fitting to bring
him to John wearing white. Shane and Robert each kissed the other
boys then left closing the door.

John walked over to his boyfriend and gently stroked his cheek and
then kissed him ever so softly on the lips. I could see John's towel
and Billy's robe tenting as their kisses started to grow in
intensity. They were now embracing each other and I could see that
they were searching each other's mouths looking for a special

After a few minutes, John led Billy over to the bed. He removed his
towel then undid the belt holding Billy's robe closed. As the belt
fell loose it opened just enough so John could see he lover's chest.
He slid his hands inside and caressed his baby soft skin. Billy
looked up at his boyfriend and John kissed him gently then slid the
robe off him.

They embraced and their hard tools touched causing them both to
shudder at the feeling. They held each other then John leaned down
and picked Billy up like a baby and carried him over to the bed.
John placed him on the bed and started kissing Billy as his hands
started to roam over his chest causing Billy to moan softly.

Billy scooted over then John joined him lying beside his lover.
After several minutes John moved over top of Billy then started
exploring him with his mouth. He nibbled and licked his ears and
neck causing Billy to giggle softly then he began to move further
southward. John then licked and teased Billy's little boy breasts
and soon each were hard and standing erect.

Billy was having a hard time trying to touch John but all he could
do was manage to caress his legs. As John continued moving towards
his ultimate goal he turned himself around so his head was facing
Billy's feet. This gave Billy the opportunity to caress his lover
now. Billy started caressing John's thighs and butt and he was able
to lick his lower stomach and pubes. Every time Billy would start to
lick John's dick, he would roll away and say, "Please love don't,
just be patient."

I think John had a mental picture of everything he wanted to do to
his lover so he could send him on a trip he would never forget. John
had yet to touch Billy's dick but I could see a large drop of precum
on the tip. Billy's breathing was getting a little heavier and John
was noticing this also.

Watching this little love performance was making me more than a
little hot also but this was their night. I stepped into the walk in
closet and stripped putting my bathrobe on. I looked at John and he
was licking the inside of Billy's thighs and then went and suckled
on his balls.

Billy's eyes were closed and his mouth open as he enjoyed the
feelings his lover was giving him. John then straddled Billy's chest
and reached his arms around his legs so he could find his most
secret of places. When John saw Billy's pink virgin hole he gently
brought his tongue to it and grazed it ever so softly. Billy sucked
air and said, "Oh yessssss."

When John heard this he started licking his pucker like he was
trying to clean the bottom of a bowl that once held ice cream. John
then rolled his tongue into a little spear and begins to poke it at
the little hole. Billy instinctively bore down allowing John easier
access inside the hidden treasure.

I could see John was getting Billy loose so I walked over to the
nightstand and took out the lube. John had pulled his tongue out and
was about to do an oral assault on Billy's leaking joystick. He
licked the precum off the tip then went down engulfing it in one
move. He saw me with the lube so he put out his hand and I put some
on his fingers. He rubbed it around Billy's hole then gently slit
his middle finger into virgin territory. Billy moaned as John's
finger entered him but it wasn't a moan of pain. Billy was totally
enjoying the pleasures John was giving his still inexperienced body.

John slid his finger in deeper and started sucking on Billy's dick
when he said, "UNGH John, gonna shoot my sperms love. Can't hold it,
ungh. NOW!"

Billy's body convulsed as he shot his juice into John's mouth. His
lover consumed every drop of his nectar then kissed his mate on the
lips. John smiled at him and said, "Did you like that?"

Billy smiled and said, "I loved it baby now please make love to me."

John still had his finger in Billy's hole so he started working it
in and out stretching the anal ring. When he was loose, John
inserted a second and Billy grunted as it went in. John gave his
lover time to get used to the stretching then started going in and

I looked at Billy's tool and he was once again hard from John's
ministrations. He looked up at me and I thought Billy was
sufficiently stretched for John's dick. John moved behind his love
and I put lube onto his dick and made it ready. John removed his
fingers and started to move towards the target. Billy lifted his
legs and put them on John's shoulders. I aimed his dick towards the
target then said, "When you feel him touch you, bear down like you
have to that a crap."

John moved forward and touched Billy's love chute and then slid in
when Billy pushed out. The head slipped in and John waited for Billy
to get used to it. Billy opened his eyes and smiled then John knew
it was all right for him to go further in.

John's dick was almost five inches in length but he was on the thin
side. He knew Billy shouldn't have a problem accepting it so he took
his time until Billy gave his approval. When he was completely
buried in his chute he started a slow rocking movement like Shane
had done to him. I leaned over and kissed both boys then left them
in private for this their special moment.

I went and found the boys in what was to be Shane's room and they
were in a 69. I went to close the door then Shane said, "Make love
to us both Daddy?"

This was going to be interesting to say the least. I looked at them
and said, "Boy's there is no way I can do that and cum in you both
in one evening."

They separated and patted the bed for me to sit down. They each took
a leg then Robert said, "That's alright Daddy. It doesn't matter who
gets it just as long as you are in us together."

I didn't know if I was going to be up for this marathon round of sex
but the idea was sexy to say the least. I felt the belt of my robe
being loosened then a warm mouth on my soft dick. I looked down and
Robert was down there bringing it to life. I felt a breeze then
another mouth cover my dick, as Shane wanted his turn.

As soon as I was fully hard, Shane took some lube and started
jacking me covering it completely. Robert was on the edge of the bed
with his butt up in the air so I knew which hole I would be filling
first. I lined up at his chute and touched is back enterance. He
bore down and I slid in about two inches. I stopped and waited then
he said, "It's OK Dad, I can take you now. Go ahead and start."

I started moving in and out in short strokes giving him more time to
get adjusted when he slammed back into me. I'd learned that his was
his way of telling me to use all that I had. I started long stroking
him hitting his prostate on every stroke. I was in him for several
minutes when I saw Shane kneeling beside him.

I pulled out of Robert then went over to Shane. I touched his hole
then slid in as he opened for me. I could go in abut half way and
start my movements as Shane was used to my dick. I was up to about
three fourths in when he slammed back onto me like his brother had.
He grunted as I ...

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