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The Trial

Jay, Pop and I left at seven-thirty for the courthouse so we could find a
place to park and to get a seat in the courtroom. At nine, Judge Gordon
entered the courtroom and the bailiff called it to order and brought the
jury in. Judge Gordon said, "This is the case of The State of Texas versus
Palmer Williams. The charges are one count of capital forcible kidnapping of
a minor under the age of fourteen, one count of capital forcible rape or a
minor under the age of fourteen and one count of capital forcible sodomy
under the age of fourteen, twenty counts of forcible rape and twenty counts
of forcible sodomy. Mr. Prosecutor you may now make your opening statement."

The DA stood and said, "Thank you Your Honor. Ladies and Gentlemen of the
jury. This is a case where a man went about quenching his perverse lust for
sex by raping and sodomizing young boys while under the effects of rohypnol.
If that name sounds familiar, it is. It's known as the date rape drug. This
man, with the help of others, got boys to use as his private sex toys. We
will present evidence that proves beyond all doubt that this man did this
deed not once, but many, many times. You will see video of what he did to
many boys with the last one needing emergency surgery to repair the injuries
caused by him. After you have heard the evidence you will come to only one
conclusion, guilty on all counts. Thank you."

"Mr. Jones," Judge Gordon says, "Do you wish to make your opening

"Yes Your Honor, thank you," He says standing. "Ladies and Gentleman, the
police and the district attorney's office have gone to great lengths to
smear my client's good name. We will prove that all the evidence has been
fabricated and when you see it you will have no choice but to find my client
not guilty."

The DA called the undercover state trooper that was able to bribe his way
into the house. He told the jury how as soon as he entered he saw a naked
boy being sodomized by a naked adult. He blocked the door so it wouldn't
lock behind him and radioed for the other officers. He then went back inside
and identified himself as a state trooper and took the child away from the
man and laid him on the couch. The man was cuffed and placed into an open
room. When everyone was inside, they did a search of the entire house and he
had to pull the defendant off a boy he was in the process of sodomizing. As
he was cuffing the defendant, a doctor came in and began treating the child
for his injuries. he removed him from the room and placed him with the

The DA said, "Thank you trooper. Your witness"

Mr. Jones asked, "Trooper, did you see the start of the events?"

The Trooper said, "No sir"

"How do you know this wasn't consensual?"

The trooper replies, "Sex with a minor under fourteen isn't consensual."

"Was the child able to tell you his age?"

The trooper replies, "No sir. He had been given some kind of drug."

"How do you know this?"

The trooper replied, "He was unconscious. Ones consensual sex partner isn't
normally unconscious unless given something."

Mr. Jones says, "I object Your Honor, speculation."

The DA stands and says, "Your Honor, this is an experienced under cover
narcotics officer. He can tell when a person is on drugs."

"Objection over ruled," Judge Gordon, says.

Mr. Jones says, "No further questions."

The DA calls Sam Thomas as his next witness. The DA asked him to describe
what he saw as he searched the house. He said he searched each room and
found a total of six boys unconscious and under the influence of an unknown
substance as they all were unconscious. Each of the boys had been sodomized.
One boy had been injured so badly he called a physician who lived about a
half mile away to try to help the injured boy. He treated him and turned him
over to the paramedics for transport to the hospital. After the boys were
checked over then removed, the suspects were all removed. They conducted a
better search of the house. They found numerous videotapes showing the
defendant and others engaged in sex acts including sodomy. All total there
was a total of one hundred and twenty tapes. They also discovered a large
amount of cash there totaling one hundred and five thousand dollars. It took
over one month too determine how many different times the defendant had
relations with different boys and they stopped counting at seventy-five.

"Thank you Detective," The DA said. "No further questions."

"Mr. Jones, your witness," The judge said.

"Thank you Your Honor," Mr. Jones said. "You say you found how many boys in
the house?"

Sam replied, "Six"

"Who was this alleged doctor you had to treat the child my client is
allegedly to have sodomized?"

Sam replied, "Dr. Marco Cortez."

"Is this doctor licensed in Texas?"

Sam answers, "Yes"

"What is his specialty," Jones asks.

Sam answers, "He's a pediatric neurosurgeon."

"Were you in there when he was treating the child?"

Sam said, "No sir."

"So you don't know what he did to this child?"

Sam looks at him and says, "I don't understand what you mean."

"Oh come on detective," Jones said. "You had the doctor do..."

"Objection," The DA shouted. "Dr. Cortez isn't on trial. His question is
irrelevant and inflammatory."

"Sustained," The judge said. "Watch yourself counselor."

"Yes Your Honor," Jones said. "No further questions"

The DA stood and said, "Your Honor, we request a five minute recess."

"Very well," The judge said. "Court will be in recess for five minutes."

The DA came over and said, "Marco, I have no choice to put you on the stand.
I forgot you were there and treated that boy."

I looked at him and said, "I didn't do all that much. I put two lines in him
for fluid replenishment and packed his rectum some to control the bleeding."

"Well," The DA said, "Just tell everything you did until the ambulance

I wasn't prepared for this. I looked at him and said, "Alright, I don't have
much choice."

After court was called back into session, The DA called me to the stand. Mr.
Jones objected saying I wasn't on the witness list but the DA countered
saying that it was he who made the big deal about me treating the boy when
he cross examined Detective Thomas. The judge thought about it for a moment
then said, "You're overruled. You did open the door about Dr. Cortez. If you
had any misgivings or you wanted to call him as your witness, all you had to
do was say you are planning to call him. Call Dr. Cortez to the stand."

"Dr. Cortez," The DA started. "Tell the court in your own words everything
you did to treat the boy before and up to the time you turned him over to
the paramedics for transport to the hospital."

I closed my eyes for a moment to recall everything I did do. I sat there for
what seemed an eternity until the judge asked, "Are you alright doctor? What
is wrong?"

I looked at him and said, "I don't have my notes so I'm trying to remember
exactly everything I did. I have it in my mind now Your Honor."

He said, "Very well. Proceed."

I took a deep breath and said, "When I arrived, Detective Thomas called my
attention to a child he found bleeding profusely from his rectum. I went in
and quickly assessed him. I opened my trauma kit and started two large bore
intravenous lines with normal saline. I put one in each arm. The volume was
pretty low because I was having a difficult time finding a vein that I could
use. I finally got them started. When I started the second, I collected
blood samples for testing and to type and cross match in case he needed
blood. I quickly checked his blood pressure and it was low but wasn't
dropping. I then turned up the fluid rate so I could raise his pressure. The
next thing I did was look at his rectum to see the bleeding for myself. I
took some surgical sponges and packed his rectum to try to control the
bleeding the best I could. While I was doing this, I heard the siren of the
ambulance. A couple of minutes later the paramedics came in with a
stretcher. I identified myself as a doctor then transferred him over to
their care."

The DA looked at me then asked, "Are you licensed here in Texas and what is
your specialty field?"

I looked at the judge and said, "Yes I am licensed to practice here in Texas
and I'm a pediatrician, pediatric general surgeon, pediatric neurosurgeon
and a pediatric micro neurosurgeon. I'm a member of the American Medical
Association, a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a Fellow of
the American College of Surgeons."

The DA said, "Thank you Doctor Cortez. No further questions. Your witness

Mr. Jones asked, "How did you know what was going on at that house?"

I said, "Detective Thomas called and asked myself, my brother and father to
come over, that there were people that might be injured. I told him if there
were not to move anyone."

Mr. Jones asked, "Did you know what was going on prior to him calling you?"

"No sir," I answered.

"How did the detective know the child was bleeding from his rectum?"

I looked at him and said, "He was on his stomach with his legs spread and
blood rolling down between his legs. I saw that as soon as I waked into the

"Why didn't you try to stop the bleeding first?"

I said, "I felt fluid replacement was the most critical. When I established
this first line, I'd noticed his blood loss was now minimal. In other words,
it was slowing down."

Jones asked sarcastically, "Tell us Dr. Cortez, how did you pack his rectum
with gauze? Did you use some instrument to shove it up him?"


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