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CH. 22

The Changed Life by Gerry Taylor

Chapter 22 – Preparation time

It was perhaps in those early September days that I really became aware that my life had taken a different route in the previous five months from that of being a boring, if solid and successful English merchant banker, to being an owner of sixteen slaves and with the reputation of being their trainer.

I had found that, in my case at least, the mastery of slaves, an art in itself, was certainly in the physical power exercised by the Master, infrequently through pain, but far more frequently and ordinarily through a blend of clear thought and psychology, and in the provision for care and security.

I observe in life that most people will follow a plan, as long as they know that there is a plan and that they are an important part of it. Make them irrelevant or marginal and they lose interest in you and in it.

For me, my slaves were not just a question of ownership. There was an element of being their authority and of requiring their submission to my wishes, not my every wish as some might want to think or suggest, but wishes within reason. There is no point in wishing to have all slaves run a four minute mile. Too many of them will not have the ability, and from a sow’s ear you cannot make a silk purse. And then again who wants all slaves to be clones of one another. My enjoyment of my slaves is the diversity they bring.

For me, in the long term I wished to exercise that dominion over each of my slave through pleasure, knowing their name, their sexual preference and how that preference can please me. I want their submission but not their servility. I want their presence but not their pervasiveness.

I have found that power was not only the exercise of authority and control, but was also an exercise in giving the slave room to grow, where possible, so as to be at all times available to give pleasure to his Master, not just with his body, but with the faithful completion of the tasks allocated to him and in a submissive attitude on mind.

Pleasure has to be of two forms, for the giver and the receiver. The sexual outlet of the milking of the slaves each morning by their buddies, not only created a bond between the slaves as men, it also got rid of a lot of the testosterone, which comes with an all male establishment. This gave pleasure to the givers.

If in any night, the two buddies did not want to have sex, that was fine. If one only wanted to receive, that was fine. But each following morning, they would give sexual relief in towards the elimination of aggression and put them all on a par with their other slaves.

There had been only one single item of violence in the Aloe Palace in five months and that was firmly quenched and quickly punished.

There was an on-going task to ensure the submission of the slave to the Master through a series of eliminating problems to that end and of securing loyalty from the slave at the end of the day – not the physical day but rather at the end of any time span.

With the ownership of a beautiful palace in one of the world’s most arid and desolate areas, staffed by loyal slaves, I now feel that I have to set myself down and plan the future of the palace and its occupants. The cooler autumnal months will hopefully be a time planning and preparation. But that will be another story. Little did I think where the training of slaves would get me!

If you need my professional services in banking, I also have some small experience there and am at your orders.

Should you need my services in the matters of slavedom, slave training and slavery, I, Jonathan Martin, your humble servant, am also at your orders.


September 200*

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