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Friday was a beautifully warm, “Indian Summer” early October day. Randy rolled down the windows and cranked up the music as he headed for Rod’s house in the country. He was feeling great – like a man about to be set free from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He was wearing a tight fitting tank (thought he’d show Mr. Cox a little more skin on his second interview,) his 501s and sandals. The year with his stepfather since his mother died had been miserable…and now – he was almost out of there! Rod – Mr. Cox – told him to come by at six. It was 5:45…a little early, but he was so eager that he couldn’t help himself. He pulled up to the security gate and pressed the call button next to the keypad. “Mr. Cox…this is Randy…a little early, I know…but…”

“Somehow I figured you might show a little early – I’m ready…c’mon in – park behind my Lexus.”

The gate opened and he drove up the long, winding drive to a large, rambling ranch house…with a huge barn and stable complex behind it. He parked and went up to the front door. Rod opened it before he had a chance to ring the bell. Randy was a little shocked – pleasantly so – at Rod’s dress. He was shirtless – wearing a leather harness…straps over his muscular shoulders attached to a silver ring just below his big nippled pecs, with another strap running down his stomach and disappearing into the unbuttoned waistband of his 501s. His “mature,” hairy body was extremely well toned. “Welcome, my young friend…to my home and “refuge!”

“Thanks…man, you look so…wow, I mean…um, thanks!”

“Well – so do you, so I guess we’re even in the compliment category! My cook is off tonight, so I thought we’d just grill on the patio…and can enjoy our second ‘interview’ over steak…that o.k. with you?”

“Yeah – you got a cook?”

“Pierre – here three days a week, unless I’m having a party or something on the weekend – cool dude, you’ll like him when you meet him.”

“Damn, this is a nice place…”

“I’ll show you around later…let’s get those steaks on the grill!”

Randy watched as Rod grilled the steaks…being more and more impressed at his tight “mature” body. He found himself really getting turned on as Rod had his back to him, grilling…and the muscles in his broad back flexed under the leather straps of his body harness. His tight 501s hugged his firm ass – as did Randy’s – he really liked this guy!! “I gotta get this job…this guy is so hot!”

They ate…playing “eye tag” constantly as they did. “I like the fit of that tank, man…really shows your physique off.”

“I gotta tell you, Mr. Cox…”

“Gimme a break man…it’s ‘Rod…’ ”

“Um…Rod…I gotta tell you that you’re a whole lot hotter looking than I thought you’d be…and that leather…whew!”

“You like leather stuff?”

“Like…you mean, like what you’re wearing, or just ‘leather’?”

“Both, I guess…if I hire you, you’ll be wearing a lot of it. I think it’s extremely manly…and makes a guy feel incredibly masculine. Ever see a guy in a harness like I’m wearing before?”

“Um…no, not really – how does it connect…like – um, under your Levis?”

“Another ring that connects the front and back strap…I might show you later, if you want…!” Rod knew he was baiting him maliciously…but he loved doing it, and he could see that Randy was eating it up!

“Yeah, man…I’d love to get a look…”

“I’ve got lots of stuff for you to see…so let me give you the tour. First, let me show you the room you’d have if I hired you…” Rod led him to a suite of rooms in the back of the house that overlooked the barn and stable complex. The room was large…“masculine” furnishings – full bath, private entrance from the patio – nicer than most hotels.

Randy checked it all out, trying to hide his enthusiasm. “Man, this is great…I could really get used to this! Where does that door go?”

“That connects to my room…”

“Is that on the tour?”

“I don’t let ‘just anyone’ in there…but, under the circumstances – with you being a strong candidate for the ‘personal assistant’ job…if you’d like to see it, I guess…” Rod opened the door and flipped on a soft light. The room was about twice as large as the room that they had just been in. It looked almost like a tack room – the walls were covered in various types of harnesses and pictures of men in – and coming out of leather! The smell of leather was strong…and sensual! A king size bed was the dominant piece of furniture. The ceiling was fully mirrored. There was a large plasma TV screen hung on the wall opposite the foot of the bed.

“Holy shit…!”

“Does that mean you like…or you don’t like?”

“I…um, well – I just never have seen…yeah, I like…you’ve really got a thing for leather, don’t you man…”

“I told you this was my home and my ‘refuge’…my fantasy land, I guess. You really like it?

“Looks like it could be incredibly ‘interesting’…and a lot of fun, too!”

“Trust me – it is…both!”

“Man, this is makin’ me hot – mind if I pull off my tank?”

“You can pull off anything you want…it’s just you and me…”

“Anything?” Randy pulled off his tank and gave Rod a jaw-splitting grin. “I don’t know why this stuff turns me on, but I’ve got a damn hard on just lookin’ at it and smellin’ it!”

“If you’re too confined in those 501s you could pull them off too…part of my interview includes an ‘equipment check’…guess now’s as good a time as any…!”

“You serious…‘equipment’ check – as in, checkin’ out my cock and balls? I don’t know, man…I mean, I guess it would be o.k. – it’s just that…y’know, I’d be naked – which I like to be - but you wouldn’t be…” Randy knew full well that he was trying to manipulate Rod out of his Levis…and he knew that Rod was almost beside himself wanting to get his Levis off.

“If you don’t want to…hell, you’re still underage for a couple weeks, so’s all I could do is look anyway…but, what makes you think you’d have to be naked alone…I could…um, you did say you wanted to see how these straps connected anyway, right?”

“Well, yeah…do you think it would be o.k. if we…?”

“Sure is o.k. with me, but I’ll still have to wait to…shit, sure wish you weren’t still a damn minor…don’t know if I could keep my hands to myself if you stripped…when did you say your birthday was?”

“October 15, but, um…I don’t know if I should tell you this or not…um, I’ve got a Wyoming driver’s license that says I’m eighteen…”

“Did you show me your Colorado driver’s license last week when you came to the office?”


“For all I know then…other than what I think I heard you say…you’re probably at least eighteen – I haven’t seen anything official that says otherwise now, have I?”

“Oh, my…did I give you the wrong impression? How careless of me…damn, I’m sorry – let me show you my ‘ID’…!” Randy pulled his wallet out and thumbed through several cards…and handed Rod a Wyoming driver’s license.

“Well, I’ll be damned…looks like you’ll be nineteen on October 15 – time sure goes by fast, doesn’t it? And…this ‘interview’ is going a whole lot better than I thought it would…let’s see now, where were we?”

“You were going to show me how those straps connected…”

“And you were going to help me do an ‘equipment’ check, right?”

Both guys kicked off their sandals, unbuttoned their 501s and slipped them off at the same time and stood facing one another in the soft light of Rod’s room. Both men were fully erect. Rod placed his hands on Randy’s shoulders and held him at arm’s length. “Lemme get a good, good look before I touch…O.K.?”

“Your call man…I sure do like what I see – your cock and balls pulled through that ring are totally hot! Can I see the back?”

Rod turned…Randy ran his hands over Rod’s heavily muscled shoulders and back – then traced the strap down his back to his crack, where it disappeared from view. It had been sewn together to form a narrow strip to fit tightly in his ass. He knelt down and followed it with his fingers between Rod’s cheeks and between his legs to the cock ring…then grasped his heavy, hairy balls, rolling them gently from behind. “I’ve been thinkin’ about feelin’ your balls ever since we met last week…your cock felt so good through your suit pants…I wanted to feel it all, but you didn’t let me…damn, this is like…I’m almost afraid I’m gonna wake up…can I feel your cock again?”

Rod turned around and faced his kneeling inquisitor. Randy grasped his firm shaft…gently squeezing it from root to tip and back…admiring it’s heavily veined texture…lightly thumbing the “G” spot just under his head…then kissed the tip. “Are you sure you never gave anyone a blow job before?”

Randy stood up…closer to Rod than before…the tips of their dicks crossed, causing Randy to shiver with excitement. He was almost unable to speak. “Never, honest…did I do something I shouldn’t have? I mean, I just felt like I wanted…um, needed to kiss your dick…first time I ever did that, but I won’t do it again if you don’t want me to!”

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