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Randy was sound asleep at 5:45, on his side, knee up when Rod slipped into his room, lifted the light blanket and crawled into bed beside him. He stirred slightly as Rod fingered his crack, slid his hand between his legs and began to gently fondle his balls. His morning wood flexed in response to Rod’s touch, which added to the normal morning stimulation experienced by eighteen year old men. His nads slipped out of Rod’s fingers as he threw off the covers, rolled on his back and stretched. He cock was rock hard – aimed directly at his navel. He flexed it a couple times as he stretched. “Hey…mornin’ man – how long you been here? What time is it anyway?”

“Quarter to six…I just came in…had to make sure ‘my man’ had a good night’s sleep and was up and ready for the new week…and I can see you’re definitely ‘up!’ You doin’ o.k.?” Rod grasped Randy’s rigid pole and squeezed several times, relishing the feel of Randy’s “attempted” flex, which his grasp prohibited.

Randy put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, making no move to push Rod’s hand away. “I’m doin’ great, man…your hand on my dick feels so good!”

“You like to get off in the morning?”

“Every morning…!”

“You need to take a leak first?”

“I can wait…” Rod began to squeeze and release Randy’s hot member rhythmically. His breathing became more rapid, punctuated with soft groans of pleasure. “Oh, yeah…man, that feels so fuckin’ good! Oh…I’m close, ahhh…oh, oh…ohhhhh!” Rod stopped all motion as he tightened his grip on the blazing poker. Randy shot his hot morning load all over his chest. “Shit, was that ever great…what a way to wake up!”

“Might have to do that again tomorrow…you never know!”

“O.K. by me, dude…whew!”

“You ready for a shower?”

“Yeah…I’ve got to be at school by 7:30, and it’s a half hour drive from here…guess I’ve got time.”

“You got plenty of time…I’ll put some coffee on while you shower…and, oh yeah…this afternoon after you get back from school I’m takin’ you to the Rocky Mountain Saddle Company.”

“Like I need a saddle?”

“Smart Ass! The owner is a leather craftsman, and I’m goin’ to get you ‘leathered’ for your birthday, remember?”

“Cool!” Randy showered, pulled on his 501s and a sweatshirt and headed for school, taking coffee and a bagel “for the road.”

Rod was waiting when he got back to house about 3:30 in the afternoon. “Ready?”

“Yeah…guess so – do I need to change or anything…I mean, are my 501s and sweatshirt o.k.?”

“Perfect…you’re not going to keep ’em on long anyway!”


“This isn’t an ‘off the rack’ leather shop where you pick up something and try it on in a dressing room…this is custom, made to order, ‘perfect fit’ stuff!”

“Like your harness?”


Roscoe, the owner of the saddle company, was waiting for them. He was tall, lean, good looking, mid-thirties, wearing a tapered denim shirt tucked into his snug 501s. He was showing a very pronounced bulge in his left leg. “Hey, Rod…long time no see…you needin’ some new leather stuff?”

“Yeah…my PA here – Randy – needs to be outfitted.”

“No problem.” Roscoe shook Randy’s hand and motioned for them to follow him to the back of the shop. “What’d you have in mind…harness…jeans…chaps…something a little different?”

“Let’s start with some jeans…hip huggers.”

“You got it! Randy, man…get out of those threads so I can get a look at what we’ve got to work with.” Randy pulled off his sweatshirt, popped the buttons on his jeans and slid them down his muscular legs and kicked them off. Roscoe eyed him as he stood up. “Rod, man…you sure do know how to pick ’em! Randy, you’re one hot little fuck!”

Randy could feel his face flush. He was suddenly very aware of his nakedness, and being the sole focus of attention! “Um…thanks!” His dick was soft for the moment, but he could feel the tingle of a “pending” erection!

“O.K. Rod…what do you want?”

“Well, for openers…hip hugger jeans - boot cut, nice tight thighs and ass, seam buried deep in his crack, extra low cut in front to allow for maximum pube spillage…shortest zipper you can put in!”


“Ah – not sure…”

“Plug? What kinda plug? What are you guys talking about?”

“It’s a real thin two inch plug that I sew into the back seam…slips into your ass…gives you the sensation of a finger in your ass…”

“Probably not…I haven’t had my finger in his ass yet…!”

“Yet? Whadda ya mean ‘yet?’ You gonna stick a finger in my ass?”

“Not today…we’ll talk about it later, o.k.?”

“Yeah…I guess…but - you really thinkin’ about stickin’ a finger up my ass?”

“When you’re ready…like I said, ‘not today’…don’t sweat it, we’ll talk about it when we get home.”

“Well, that’s settled – sure didn’t want to stir up a hornet’s nest…I can add one later if you guys want it. Now, what about his upper body?”

“Just armbands, cuffs and maybe a collar…possibly a harness…depends.”

“He’d be hot in just hip-huggers and armbands, but there might be some problems…but let me see what I can come up with!”


“Yeah…look, you’ve got a kid at the peak of his sexuality…ready to pop a woody at the slightest provocation, right?”

Rod smirked. “Yeah…!”

“Watch…!” Roscoe fondled Randy’s balls and fingered his cock as he spoke, instantly taking him to full erection. “See? Wood!” Randy was afraid he might cum! “No way you’re going to keep this bone tucked into hip huggers…he’ll be poppin’ out all the time! Unless, of course, I make ’em so ‘second skin’ tight so that when he tucks his tool into the leg, it’ll stay…but it’ll really show!”

“The more ‘show’ the better!”

“O.K. then, let me get some measurements.” Roscoe got his tape out…measured thighs, calves, inseam, cock – tip to root, tip to ass crack, tip to top of pubic bush, circumference…then began to gingerly stroke his flaming meat! “Randy, man…you’ve got one sweet tool…think I can get any harder than this?”

“Well, um…not really, I’m really pretty hard now – about hard as I get before I, um…well, ah…I don’t know – maybe a little bit harder, but then I might, um…ah, you know…why?”

“I need to measure you at your absolute hardest to get a custom fit!” Roscoe continued to manipulate Randy’s package…taking him closer and closer to ejaculation. Rod own cock was swelling at the sight of Randy becoming more and more aroused by Roscoe’s “fitting” technique. He’d been there himself when he had Roscoe make his harnesses, and he knew Roscoe’s line was mostly…no, totally bullshit – a lame but effective excuse to keep playing with Randy’s goodies. Randy hadn’t figured that out yet, and Roscoe was sure getting his jollies!

“Man…hold on! Whoa! I’m way too close…you gotta quit messin’ with my cock, or…!”

Roscoe wrapped his tape around Randy’s dick one more time…just under the head. “Three and a half inches around…perfect!” He flicked a clear droplet of pre-cum off the tip of Randy’s cock and licked his finger. “Damn, that’s nice!” He caught himself and quickly regained his “professional” demeanor. “O.K. – here’s what I’m gonna do – extra tight thighs to hold his rod in place when he’s hard, form fitting pouch for his nads – or whole package if he just happens to be soft sometimes. Of course, this’ll take several fittings, but we’ll have this stud the star of the show!

Rod knew he was blowin’ smoke about needing several fittings – maybe one, but not “several!” Anyway, it was a fun to see his ‘boy’ manipulated like this…and getting turned on by another guy, reinforcing his “we’re not lovers” mantra from their earlier “man to man!”. “Sorry…gotta keep it to one fitting…he’ll need these by late Friday afternoon.”

“Always in a rush, aren’t you…o.k. – I can finish by Friday…but need at least one fitting between now and then!” Roscoe continued, feigning his “professional” manner. “Legs and ass super tight, as you asked…low cut in front…zipper starts right behind his balls, so that when unzipped it will look like he’s wearing chaps with a full seat…and when zipped he’ll show a super-hot basket! The legs will be tight enough so that the zipper can be completely open without the jeans loosening or dropping.”

“What about the ‘pop out’ problem?”

“The thighs are going to be so tight that once he’s tucked his tool in either leg, there’s no way he’d ever pop out…and the bulge will be delicious, especially when his cock is on the right side, since he naturally hangs to the left!”

“Hot, man…I’ll take it! You got enough measurements for today?”

“Yeah…but while he’s here I’d like to fit him for a really nice cockring. This thing he’s got on is o.k., but maybe something along the lines of a ‘ball separator’ – or even a cock cage…what do you think?”

“I like the ...

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