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At 10:15 Thursday morning Ron dialed the phone number JJ had given him.

“Technical Support Systems, Johnson speaking…”



“This is Ron…”

“Hey, dude – I was hoping I’d hear from you today…”

“Said I’d call, didn’t I? For a second I though I’d dialed the wrong number though…‘Technical Support Systems’ – impressive…just what kind of ‘technical’ do you support?”

“Network support for a bunch of big-ass corporations…we’re their ‘jock’ – ‘testicle support’ around the office, but we have to be careful with that though – our clients probably wouldn’t appreciate it much!”

“Oh, I don’t know…I wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of your testicle support!”

“I’ll see what can be arranged…!”

“Any time, man…any time! So, is ‘Johnson’ one of the ‘Js’ in ‘JJ’?”

“Both…‘Johnson N. Johnson’!”

“No shit…”

“Yeah…I’m from Wisconsin…Dad was working at Johnson & Johnson when I came along, and for some reason he thought it’d be cool to hang the company tag on me since we already had the family name and I was gonna be their last kid. Pain in the ass sometimes though. In junior high some asshole read my initials fast…he thought he was funny and for two years I was stuck with ‘Jane Jay’! I switched to ‘JJ’ in high school! Damn…I’m sorry - didn’t mean to give you my life story in the first two minutes, tell me about you…”

“Lawyer…Pete’s my law partner…he was the guy on my right last night…four of us have been friends since college…all ended up here.”

“All lawyers?”

“Just me and Pete…Rod owns his own business – Randy works for him at his house, if you can call what he does work…and Mike is a doctor – wasn’t there last night, think he was on call…his hours suck!”

“Speaking of Randy…was he o.k. after we got through with him last night?”

“He was fine…hornier than ever…’cept he smelled like a bucket of cum!”

“He sure is a hot little fuck…and he sure contributed to that bucket! We’d only done that once before for a guy’s birthday – totally bombed…guy was a total jerk, got ‘shy’ on us – wouldn’t strip, wouldn’t let us touch him…but damn, Randy sure did get into it! Anyway, enough about him…I want to know more about you! Didn’t I hear one of your friends say that you really liked black guys?”

“Yeah…that was Ron…sometimes runs off at the mouth a little too much…!”

“So, do you…like black guys, I mean?”

“If I had a choice, that’d be my first choice…”

“Really – dating anyone special now?”

“I wish…last boyfriend moved about a year ago – worked in my office, got an offer he couldn’t turn down. How about you? A hot guy like you has got to have someone on the string…”

“Really don’t…haven’t had a lot of luck finding the right guy…my taste is a little ‘off the wall’ I guess…at least for a boy from the ’hood!”

“How so?”

“Well…I’m young, black, and only like white guys in the sack…and then, only with a little mileage on ’em – forty somethin’…don’t ask me why, but that’s what really lights my fire!”

“Really? So, you weren’t pissed when I felt you up last night?”

“Hell, no…I kept comin’ back for more, didn’t I? Actually, I couldn’t get enough of your hand in my crotch! You’re just the kind of dude I really dig!”

“Damn…you’re makin’ me blush! Wanna go out sometime?”

“Yeah…tonight’s out though - I’m workin’ the ‘Hardwood’ 7:30 to midnight…but I’m off tomorrow night, if that’s o.k.”

“Great…we can do dinner and after head to Ron’s place…the guys are having a bash in his barn – Zeb and Randy are going to wrestle…”


“Yeah…when we ‘old’ guys were in college a bunch of us used to wrestle nude after hours on the weekends. When Ron bought his place here, there was a barn which he renovated into a gym, bunkhouse, wrestling ring…games – men only…threads optional. Every other Friday night we get together for a couple matches…”

“Sounds great…regulation matches?”

“Nude, no holds barred, winner take all – other than that, completely regulation!”

“Damn! You want me to meet you some place after work?”

“Where’s work?”

“‘Freedom Office Park’…fifth floor.”

“No shit…Rod’s office is on the first floor of that building – is that a coincidence or what?”

“Hmmmm…probably ‘or what’…I don’t remember ever seeing him until last night with you guys, but then, I’m on fifth, he’s on first. He never rides the elevator to play ‘eye-tag’ with the hot dudes on second, third and fourth!”

“True! Hey, if you want to leave your car at your office for the weekend, I’ll pick you up at six and we can take it from there!”

“For the weekend?”

“Unless you’ve got some other plans…man, oh man...I sure could go for quality some dark meat – I’m droolin’ just thinking about it!”

“I have a source…all you can eat!” JJ laughed as he spoke...

“Damn! Tomorrow then…! Later…I’ve got a client waiting.”

Randy took the day off from class…slept until 10, got up and showered again, even though Rod had insisted that he shower and get all the “Hardwood” cum off before he went to bed the night before. He was horny and hard…Rod had left for the office while he was still asleep and had not given him his morning “workout.” He stroked his cock lazily as he walked toward the kitchen to get some breakfast. He really liked the feel of his own dick…loved to keep it hard, especially now that he was living in a gay man’s paradise! To his surprise, Pierre was already in the kitchen, working on the weekend menu.

“Ah, Rhondee…you are now up! Meester Rod said you would sleep long, so I should be silent. I am sorry I meese your birthday…Meester Rod said you have good time and shoot beeg load of com and so you are now tired, but I theenk maybe you look like you need com already again, no?”

Randy’s dick twitched at the prospect! Pierre was such a hot little fuck, and he knew he had been dying to give him a blow job for days. “I dunno, Pierre…I’d like to, but…”

“Oh, it be good – I give you such good sock…I be so nice on your deek…!”

“Damn, I…oh, what the hell…!”

“Maybe you give me keeses first?”

Randy put his arms around Pierre’s small, hairy frame and kissed him lightly. He kiss intensified as he explored the smaller man’s firm body…back, buns, hips, pits, rib cage. He backed off a little without breaking their kiss, and gently fondled Pierre’s heavily furred ’nads and stiff prick – only four inches, but hard as a rock! He was surprised by the unexpected intensity of his own arousal…his earlier angst about Pierre wanting to “do” him had now completely evaporated! He broke the kiss. “Do me, man…do me!”

Pierre dropped to his knees and began to titillate and explore Randy’s equipment with his lips and tongue, quietly uttering unintelligible French syllables as he did…nibbling, licking, kissing, playing, teasing – getting Randy far hotter than he thought could be possible after the night before. “I lov give you sock, Rhondee…I theenk about your nots and your deek when I sleep since I know you…they are so good to eat!”

“Damn, man…I’m so close…you gotta take me now…!”

“No…I get you some more close even…you see!” Pierre cupped Randy’s balls as he tongued his rigid shaft…flicking his frenulum, circling the swollen head, kissing the slit…finally slipping his lips slowly over the enflamed tool and letting it slide slowly into his open throat, increasing the suction as he did, and gently caressing the steely shaft with his tongue until he felt the first seminal surge begin to erupt.

Randy’s cock exploded and he howled in ecstasy as Pierre completely drained him, then held his withering member in his warm mouth until it was completely limp. “Pierre, man – I never thought…I mean, where did you learn to…holy shit, man…I’m so wiped out – I can’t believe it!”

“I give you good sock, no?”

“You give good sock – YES! GREAT sock even! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing since I’ve been living here…damn!”

“Ees o.k. – Meestar Rod give you good sock too I know…and maybe Zeb…you nice man to sock, maybe I do more?”

“Hell, yeah…you’ll do more! Damn, I’m so wiped now I’ve gotta go lay down…you’re incredible, Pierre!”

“I bring you some bagel at your bed…what is ‘incredible’?”

“‘Incredible’ means you give the best sock’I’ve had yet…”

“So, you are happy with my socking?”

“Oh, yeah…you were better than my birthday party, and I thought that was the best there ever was!”

Randy went back to his room and crawled into bed, pulling the sheet up between his legs. “Damn…did I ever miss it with Pierre when we ...

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