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Ron pulled up to the main entrance of the Freedom Office Park building at five minutes to six. Exactly at six JJ came through the revolving door wearing a black leather bomber jacket and faded 501s, and carrying a small backpack. Ron flashed the headlights of his Miata, and JJ hopped in the passenger seat. “Cool wheels, I was sort of expecting a Beamer or something like that though, you being a lawyer and all…”

“This does exactly what I want it to do…and leaves me bucks to spend elsewhere…” Ron reached over and gave the luscious bundle in JJ’s left leg a firm squeeze. “Besides, if I had a bigger car, this would’t be so convenient now, would it?”

“Guess not…man, I don’t know what it is about you…but when you touch me it’s an instant turn on! Damn…I’m hard as a rock already!”

“So I notice! Been thinkin’ about turnin’ you on since Wednesday night…you sure hangin’ out with me for the weekend is o.k…I mean, you’ve got no other plans or anything?”

“Don’t have anything on my schedule until I get back to the office at 10 Monday morning! I gotta tell you though, I had a fuckin’ hard time concentrating on work today just thinkin’ about our gettin’ together!”

“That makes two of us then…seemed like the clock locked about three this afternoon! We’ll head to my place – I’ll give you the tour and you can drop your stuff, and I gotta shed this suit and get comfortable…then we can get something to eat and head to Rod’s place for some hot wrestling!”

“Think Rod’d be pissed if we didn’t show?”

“Nah, he wouldn’t give a shit…but why wouldn’t we show?”

“Who knows…we might find something interesting to do at your place…that’s all!

“‘Interesting’ will not be in question…how long I can keep you interested might be another…!”

“I told your little buddy Randy on Wednesday night that I like white guys that are 40-something…you’ve got more than enough going for you to keep me interested for a long, long time!” JJ grabbed Ron’s right hand and pulled it into his crotch again. “See what just talkin’ about it does to me? This could be a very, VERY long evening…!”

“Damn, I hope it is…! So…you like white guys in their 40s…how old are you?”


“Hell, you’re just a kid…I’ve got nineteen years on you…forty-six!”


“You’re kiddin’ me, right…I mean – a hot young fuck like you goin’ for a guy almost twenty years older…you must really like ‘aged white meat’!”

“Can’t get enough of it…trust me, I been around enough to know what I like – and you qualify…if you didn’t, I’d have blown you off in a heartbeat at the ‘Hardwood’ the other night when you grabbed my crotch.”

They pulled into the gated first floor parking garage of a converted warehouse. “I got a loft on the top floor – overlooks the city…think you’re gonna like it…!” They took a reconditioned freight elevator to the forth floor. Rod unlocked the heavy metal sliding door to his loft and hit the lights as they entered. “Two thousand square feet of open loft…floor to ceiling windows with one-way glass…only door in the whole place is to the bathroom, and that’s the original ‘men’s locker room’ left from when this was a leather tanning business over fifty years ago…still have a couple urinals and the gang shower…even a couple lockers – great for storing laundry stuff.”

The space was divided by carpeted “room groups”…heavy, masculine furniture, dominated by what appeared to be a four poster king-size bed in the center of the loft. The lights of the city were beginning to sparkle in the early dusk. “Can you see the city at night from the bed?”

“Man…there’s lots of things you can see from that bed…including the city!”

JJ unzipped his leather jacket, tossed it on a chair. He was wearing a tight turtleneck tucked into his 501s. He faced Ron and slid his hands under the lapels of his suit jacket and onto his shoulders. “You got a good eyeful of me the other night…now it’s my turn – you need to get comfortable…”

“You want me to strip?”

“Nope, you won’t have to do a thing…I’ll do all the strippin’, o.k.? This is a nice suit…want me to hang it up as I take it off?”

“Toss it on a chair…I’ll hang it later, or take it to the cleaners on Monday.” JJ slid his jacket off and laid it carefully across the arm of a chair…pulled off Ron’s tie and started to unbutton his vest.

“Damn, you hot shot lawyers sure do wear a lot of clothes…I’ve only got on four pieces counting socks!”

“No ring?”

“Not today…besides, that’s not clothes – it’s an ‘accessory’…you wearin’ one?”

“Never do under a suit…I’d pop a woody and could never get up from my desk in a meeting!”

“You poor baby…!” JJ unbuttoned Ron’s shirt, pulled it out of his trousers and tossed it aside. “Damn, man…an undershirt – you DO have way too much cloth on your bod!” JJ quickly pulled the shirt over Ron’s head and began to “examine” the older man’s torso, running his hands over his tight pecs – pinching his nipples until they were rock hard. He thumbed his way down the center of his stomach, checking Ron’s still firm six-pack. Ron had kept himself in pretty good shape since college…not “physique” mag shape, but good enough to get second looks at the Y when he worked out a couple times a week – and from the younger studs that were at Rod’s Friday night blasts. JJ ran his hands up Ron’s rib cage, thumbing his nipples again. “Put your hands behind your head…let me eat out your pits…” JJ licked his lips and buried his face in Rod’s right armpit…then quickly pulled away. “Damn, I hate what antiperspirant does to your tongue – forgot about this shit…I’ll finish your pits after I get you showered! Kick off your shoes…let’s go for the good stuff!” JJ undid Ron’s belt, popped the clip on the waistband, dropped the zipper and let his trousers fall to his ankles. Ron was wearing no-fly white bikinis, which trapped – and displayed – his full erection aimed at his left hip. JJ started fingering Ron’s swollen member through the thin cotton fabric. “I think we might have a pretty good match here, man…though you might have a quarter inch on me…maybe more!”

“Guess we’ll just have to do some serious comparison then, don’t you think?” Ron pulled JJ’s shirt out of his 501s and slid it up and off over his head. The only fabric between them now was his briefs and JJ’s jeans. The top button of the jeans was undone…Ron popped the rest and pushed the tight denim over his bubble butt and down past his knees. JJ kicked off his tennis shoes and stepped out of the crumpled Levis, faced Ron and slid his five inch pole along the length of Ron’s confined, rigid prick. Rod leaned forward slightly, wrapped his arms around his hot, young friend and lightly kissed him as their dicks crossed. JJ responded by plunging his tongue deep into Ron’s mouth and grinding their cocks together. Ron quickly hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and shoved them down, allowing their turgid tools to “caress”…taut, smooth cock flesh tangled and tormented by taut, smooth cock flesh. “Damn, man – you’re a whole lot better feelin’ than I imagined you’d be…this’ll be one hell of a weekend!”

“You got that right, bro…!”

Ron cupped JJ’s firm, hairless balls and led him toward the bed. “I gotta show you some things…”

“So, now that I’m naked you think you can pull me around by the balls?”

“You sayin’ I can’t?”

“Can’t think of a way I’d like better for you to lead me around…I’ll follow my balls anywhere!”

Ron pulled him down onto his back in the center of the bed and put a “lip-lock” on him as he ravenously explored his sexy, young body…the dense, black curls in his pits; his velvet brown nipples tightening to dark brown dime-sized dots as Ron lightly fingered them; the deep navel just below his six-pack, and the thin, coarse trail of curls leading to his heavy pubic tangle. Ron broke the kiss. “I just gotta get my nose in that bush…that’s all there is too it!” He tongued his way down JJ’s electrified body and buried his face in the pubic thicket. JJ’s raging rod rested against the side of his face. JJ moaned as his thighs tightened and he became more and more aroused…his cock vertical against Ron’s face, straining but unable to flex, leaving several drops of pre-cum on Ron’s cheek. Ron ran his hand under JJ’s muscular thigh and up between his legs and gently caressed his tightly drawn nads with his fingertips as he luxuriated in the pungent, masculine aroma of JJ’s musky, curly manhood.

“Shit, man…I’m not sure I want to cum yet – but I’m so close, ohhhhh – damn…I can’t believe you got me this hot this fast…damn, I’m close!”

Ron paused, lifted his head and let JJ’s dick slap back against his abdomen. He wiped the pre-cum from his cheek with his index finger and licked it. “Ummm, yeah! You wanna wait, or can I have it now and later too?”

“No way I can wait…take me, dude…take me!” Ron gingerly lifted JJ’s prick to a vertical position again and kissed the tip, circled the head with his tongue, then lowered his head onto the blazing tool while tenderly squeezing and releasing JJ’s tight sperm generators. JJ exploded! “AAAAAAArrrrrrrggggggguuuuuuhhh! Oh, oh, aawwwwwwww, yes, yes, oh, oh, yeeeeeaaaaah! I’m done…that’s all, man…oh…shit, was that ever good!” Ron remained still – just holding JJ’s tool in his mouth and cupping his relaxing balls until he recovered.

Ron pulled ...

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