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Rod, Pete, Randy and Zeb arrived back at Ron’s place about five, after stopping for fast food.

Zeb asked… “Hey, Rod…got any big plans for us tonight?”

“Nope…just gonna hang out, I guess…maybe hit the gym for a while…why?”

“Don’t want to be a reclusive prick, but I’ve got 300 pages to read before Monday morning…think I’ll just hole up on the den sofa and read…!”
“Go read – but you know if you got your ‘hole up’ we’re gonna find you, and you’re gonna get molested before the evening’s done…”

“Damn, you’re a horny bastard…wouldn’t mind the molestation, but I’m payin’ for the education, y’know!” Zeb kissed all three guys…giving Randy a long, deep, passionate tonguing…and headed for the den.

“Hey, Pete – you and Randy go get some workout time…I’ve got some paperwork to get together for Monday…I’ll catch up with you in about an hour…”

Randy and Pete shed their threads – peeled to just their rings…Randy’s leather, Pete’s brass – and began their individual warm-up routines. Randy’s cock began to twitch and swell as he watched Pete’s excellent physique as they worked out. He remembered his first impression of this blond, lightly furred “mature” dude, wearing only that brass cockring…his body hair glistening with droplets of sweat as he and Zeb had been working out. He was beginning to sweat again – and was “glittering” with droplets as he was then. Randy now had a full erection, in spite of his heavy workout, which usually diverted his blood supply to his skeletal muscles instead of his love muscle.

Pete palmed Randy’s erection, giving it a seductive twist. “Hey, kid…looks like you’re really getting’ into this workout…”

“Yeah…guess I am – but, y’know…it’s not really the workin’ out…it’s just, well…lookin’ at you sort of has an effect on me…”

Pete tightened his grip on Randy’s pole. “You mean this bone is because of me and not Zeb? Damn! I’m flattered!”

“Yeah…guess it is…might also be because this is the first time I’ve been with you without a lot of other people around…”

“Hmmm…being naked with me – alone – is a turn on for you?”

Randy could feel his face begin to flush. “Well…yeah, I guess…I mean, you’re like…older…but still fuckin’ hot…and, like…I remember what a great blowjob you gave me the first time me and Zeb wrestled before our big Friday night match.”

“Guess it was great for both of us, man…I sure as hell loved doin’ you!”

“Damn…hey – um, you about done workin’ out?”

“Yeah…couple more sets of overhead presses and I’m through…why, you in a hurry?”

“Nah, not really…just thought…well, um…y’know…maybe we could…ah, um…get some mat time when we’re done here…that is, if maybe you’d like to…”

“You tryin’ to seduce me, boy?”

“Um…no, it’s just…well, um…I’ve wrestled Zeb…and Rod…but not you, and well…um, y’know…here we are…and I thought maybe…”

“Five minutes and you’ve got it!” Randy watched as Pete finished his sets – captivated by the older man’s well defined musculature. Pete dropped the dumbbells and faced him. “You sure you want to wrestle? You know I’ll take you, right? I mean, I’ve had a lot of experience, and I probably outweigh you by at least 20 pounds…”

“No shit! I still would like to take you on…”

“O.K. – winner gets a blowjob?”

“Yeah…I like the way you give blowjobs!”

“Shithead…I said ‘winner’ – that’ll be me...!”

Randy was already rock hard in anticipation of the imminent naked encounter. He tried to mask his eagerness with a casual response. “We’ll see, old man…we’ll see! You’re wearin’ brass, so we can’t do rings…what’s the challenge?”
“Hmmm…how about ‘two knuckle stick’…?”

“What the hell is that?”

“Winner is the guy that gets his finger…any finger…in the other guy’s ass to the second knuckle for at least five seconds. Touchin’…pokin’…grazin’…anything less than five seconds doesn’t count…it’s IN that counts! Think you could handle that? I know Zeb fucked you last night, and none of my fingers are as big as his dick…so I know you can take it…you game?”

“You’re on! Hope you got your ass loosened up last night...I sure wouldn’t want to hurt an old man…!”

“As a matter of fact…old man? Whaddya mean, ‘old man’? You little fuck…you’re in for the shock of your life…” Pete thrust his hips forward and flexed his fully erect member several times. “You’re gonna love my hot load kid, so get ready!”

They hit the mat, locked hands and began to wrestle, still sweaty from their workout…now working up an even more intense sweat, which “activated” the scent of the multiple loads of cum that had been spilled on the mat over the last couple years, accentuating the sexual excitement of their naked, erotic match. Ten minutes into the match…after non-stop grabbing, groping, stroking, probing…and even a little sucking, Pete plunged his index finger into Randy’s ass…well beyond the second knuckle…and held it there. Randy howled in mixed agony and ecstasy and tightened his sphincter, trying to expel the invading digit…but couldn’t dislodge it.



Pete released him, rolled onto his back on the cum stained mat and said victoriously… “Do me, boy…!”

Randy knelt between his legs and began to manipulate Pete’s already engorged tool and fondle his heavily haired balls…relishing the mature firmness of his genitalia. He kissed, tongued…and finally slipped his lips over the head of Pete’s six inch cut tool…thicker than Zeb’s, but a “delicious challenge” that Randy was enjoying to the full, when Rod entered.

“Whoa…what have we here – my ‘boy’ doin’ my best friend! Don’t let me interrupt…looks like everything is under control…” Randy’s position - kneeling between Pete’s legs…ass in the air, face in Pete’s crotch, was an open invitation to Rod! He hunkered down on the mat behind Randy, fingered the fine line of fur that lined the crack of his elevated ass…seized the opportunity to work a finger into his tight pucker, then reached between his legs and grasped his ringed package with both hands and began to work the young man’s cock and balls, instantly taking him to full arousal. He tugged and rolled his balls, stroked - then pulled his cock back as far as he could several times and let it slap back against his belly…each time following with his palm, sliding up the shaft and squeezing the sensitive head. Randy emitted an erotic, muffled moan…all he could do with his mouth full of Pete’s dick! Rod could sense that he was close to ejaculation…and could tell from Pete’s euphoric gasps that he was as well. When he sensed that Pete was “at the brink,” he increased the intensity of his genital stimulation on Randy…and when Pete bellowed in climactic elation, Randy shot his load at the same time…the first spurt hitting the underside of Pete’s balls – the remainder contributing to the historic cum deposit on the mat. Randy slipped off Pete’s spent member as his surges subsided, rolled on his back next to him and swallowed. Rod quickly moved between Randy’s legs, took the young man’s deflating tool in his mouth and sucked out the remaining few drops of his nectar.

“Damn, you guys are too much…messin’ with my ass, jackin’ me off…takin’ Pete’s hot load and makin’ me cum at the same time…whew, what a blast! I’m so lucky…I never thought…I mean, hell – I don’t know what I mean…except that you guys are…hell, ‘the greatest’ I guess!”

Rod stood up. “I don’t know about us being ‘the greatest’ – but we sure as hell have great times together, don’t we! You guys hit the shower when you’re ready…I’m headed back to the house to see if I can ‘molest’ Zeb a little…when I saw him a couple hours ago he was sprawled naked on the sofa…half asleep reading!”

“Save some for us…” Pete quipped.

“You guys already got yours…see ya back at the house…!”

Rod shed his jacket and shirt as he entered the house, popped the top two buttons on his Levis as he walked into the den. Zeb was indeed sprawled…and sound asleep. His book had slipped to the floor. His left hand was behind his head, right arm hanging off the sofa, resting on the dropped book. His left foot was hooked on the back of the soft, the other resting on the floor…his hot, young torso fully exposed. Rod’s dick instantly began to swell as he eyed the delicious, unconscious young man. He licked his lips and popped the remaining buttons on his 501s, kicked them off and gingerly sat down on the sofa between Zeb’s spread legs. Zeb stirred, but did not waken. Rod slid his hand under Zeb’s relaxed package, gently caressed his hairless balls, then moved to his flaccid cock…tenderly fondled the sinewy, satin flesh – relishing the smooth, sensuous texture, and felt it slowly swell to its full five and a half inches in his hand.

Zeb stirred again and groggily opened his eyes. “Hey, Rod…that feels great – but I’m supposed to be reading…guess I musta dozed off…ooooo, yeah…that REALLY feels great!”

Rod continued the subtle stimulation, lightly played with Zeb’s rigid cock – thumbed his tight frenulum – flicked a couple drops of pre-cum from the slit with his index finger, which he licked clean…then ...

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