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7.The E.R. 7

Chapter 7

Back in the living room TJ and I were still talking, I was thinking
and TJ was talking. I looked at TJ and said, "I would be putting
everything I've worked for on the line if I allowed myself to get
involved with him son. I know what it would eventually lead to and I
don't know if I could touch him like that."

"If Barry didn't want it I would agree," TJ said. "But we both know
differently. I'm going to tell you what you told me one and that is
to take it slow and see what happens."

"I suppose you're right son," I said as Barry and Freddy came back
into the room.

Barry came over and sat on my lap and asked, "Can we finish the
conversation we were having this morning?"

TJ looked at me and I wanted him to stick around. I was very nervous
about what Barry wanted to say. He was a very good looking boy. TJ
had red hair and freckles that made him totally adorable but Barry
had light brown hair and his hazel eyes could put you into a trance.
His smooth skin was like that of a new born. He wrapped his arms
around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I didn't know where this
was going but I said, "Yeah son, we can."

He sat back and looked me in the eyes. I started getting lost in
them when he said, "What would you say if I told you I could very
easily fall in love with you?"

My heart and stomach traded places for several seconds. I looked at
TJ and his look told me to be honest with him. I took at deep breath
and said, "I'd say I would be deeply flattered. Are you aware that
this would be riskier that the one you had before?"

"Why?" he asked.

"Several reasons," I said. "First is the fact that you're in foster
care and you could be taken and put with another family. I don't
think that would happen, but it could. Next, if I chose to adopt you
there would be the matter of you being examined by a doctor. This is
done as part of the pre-adoption screening."

"We hadn't done that yet," Barry said. "But I had been thinking
about it. "Do you think you could fall in love with me?"

This kid knows how to ask the tough questions. I knew I could fall
in love with him if I allowed it. The reason I've never allowed it
is because of who and what I am. I'm a nurse and I love my work and
would never do anything to jeopardize it and I'm a gay man who would
never touch a child sexually.

But Barry was looking me in the eyes and it was having a very
hypnotizing and erotic effect on me. It was if he was trying to
seduce me without saying a word or touching me. I looked at him and
said, "Yes Barry, if I allowed myself to, I could fall for you."

Barry grinned as if he'd just received his most ask for gift on
Christmas Day. He wrapped his arm around me again and this time he
kissed me on the lips. I released the kiss then said, "Yesss, I knew
it. I knew you'd love me."

"Easy Barry," TJ said. "Dad said he could love you not that he

I had to say something quick so Barry wouldn't think we didn't care
about him. I kissed Barry on the cheek and said, "You're a very good
looking boy Barry, someone I would be proud to call my boyfriend,"

I think Barry totally misunderstood what I was trying to tell him
because the next thing he did was kiss me square on the lips. When I
felt his soft lips in mine I melted on the spot. I felt my dick
start to get hard and I knew I had to do something quick. I broke
the kiss and Barry said, "Oh Mike that was wonderful."

I had to agree. That was the most sensuous kiss I had had in a long
time. I looked over to where TJ was and he and Freddy had left the
table so Barry and I could finish talking in private. I then made a
calculated statement. I said to Barry, "If you're willing to agree
to a few things, I would be willing to be your boyfriend."

He gasped as he heard the words I had said. "Anything," Barry said
as he hugged me again and brought my hand down to his crotch. "You
gave me this when I kissed you."

Barry had boned up almost as fast as I had. I squeezed it a little
as he closed his eyes and sucked wind as he enjoyed my touch. I
moved my hand and said, "First and foremost, no one outside this
house must ever know we're boyfriends. Since everyone will think of
us a foster Dad and foster son, there won't be any problem with
showing affection to each other or even holding hands. Next, you can
sleep in bed with me but you will have to keep your clothes in your
room in case social services makes a home inspection. Any questions
so far?"

Barry thought for a few minutes then said shaking his head, "No
Mike, none so far."

Now would come the most difficult part of things. Before I said
anything more I asked Barry, "When is your birthday?"

"In two months," he said.

It felt somewhat better knowing that Barry would be 14 soon. I
looked at him and said, "What do you know about gay sex?"

"I know I love sucking dick," Barry said smiling.

"So do I," I said ruffling his hair. "But that won't happen until
you're 14. We can fool around touching each other and even jacking.
Is that a problem?"

"Heck no," Barry said. "You've made me very happy today. My parents
can kiss my ass. I hope they find them and they get what they

"There is another thing I need to talk with you about, son," I said
sliding him off my lap.

"What's that Mike," he said walking over to the couch.

"When the police find your parents," I started saying. "The courts
will more than likely take away their parental rights and make you a
permanent ward of the state. You will probably be here with me but,
you will need to decide what you want me to do."

"That's easy," Barry said pulling me down to the couch. "Well, you
think you could adopt me too?"

"If that's what you want," I said as he scampered onto my lap. "But
finding your parents then terminating their parental rights will
take time. It's not something we need to think about right now."

Barry turned and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me gently on
the lips and said, "I'm hungry Mike."

Down in TJ's room he and Freddy were taking advantage of some
private time. They got comfortable on the bed and were caressing
each other's body paying extra attention to each other's dicks. The
boys began caressing and feeling each other's balls while gently
kissing each other. Freddy gently moved TJ's hand away from his tool
whispering, "This is your time love. Let me do this now."

Freddy started caressing TJ's chest and then leaned over and started
sucking on his small nipples. He loved how they were so small but
they were perfect for his chest. While he was suckling on his
nipples, he was running his hand over TJ's soft skin. As he was
sucking on his nipple TJ moaned saying, "Damn Freddy, you still know
what I like, don't you?"

"I'd never forget this, my love," Freddy said as his hand slipped
between TJ's legs caressing his package.

Freddy wrapped his hand around TJ's three and a half inch boy cock
and started stroking it. Freddy knew TJ never lasted all that long
to begin with and now since it's been two weeks he would last even
less. Freddy kept up a slow pace trying to make his lover last but
soon he heard, "Ungh Freddy, I'm getting close baby. Ungh god, argh
Freddy, shit man, I'm cumming."

TJ fired a huge blast that landed under his chin. He fired three
more that landed on his chest and two others on his stomach. Freddy
kept milking his cock until TJ had to push his hand away. Freddy
moved back up to his lover and held him in his arms.

After several minutes TJ started running his hands over Freddy's
chest paying particular attention to his dime size nipples. Freddy
gasped at the sudden feeling shoot through his body. TJ then started
kissing him passionately. Freddy relaxed and TJ slid his hand down
Freddy's stomach to his pubes and ran his fingers through the dark
fine hair.

He played with Freddy's hair until he felt a drop of precum touch
the back of his hand. TJ switched his efforts to Freddy's now
leaking tool. TJ used the precum to lube the head then started
slowly massaging Freddy's tool. "God TJ, you still remember too,"
Freddy groaned.

"Of course love," TJ said as he continued to stroke his friend's

TJ used just his thumb and first two fingers staying only on the
head. He knew how Freddy loved this and it gave him the strongest of
climaxes. After several minutes, TJ squeezed a little harder
increasing the sensations to Freddy's leaking cock. Freddy started
breathing harder and TJ saw his balls draw up to his body signaling
their impending release. TJ leaned his head up to clear a path just
as Freddy moaned and fired his first blast. "Shit baby," Freddy
groaned as he fired. "Ugh god."

That was all Freddy could say as he shot five blasts that coated his
chest and stomach. Since Freddy was clean, TJ licked his fingers
clean then said, "Umm love, sweetest cream in town."

TJ took his tee shirt and cleaned Freddy's and his chest off then
they got dressed. They kissed each other then rejoined Barry and me
in the kitchen where I started fixing lunch. I saw the boys come
into the kitchen and said, "Glad you're awake boys. I got talking
with Barry and forgot to make lunch."

Barry grabbed hold of my hand and said, "Mike and I are boyfriends."

"Hey Mike," Freddy said. "That's great. Congratulations."

"Yeah Dad," TJ said. "Super. You deserve to be happy too."

"Thanks boys," I said setting the lunchmeat on the table while Barry
got the plates. "I don't think I need to say this but I will anyway.
This can't get out at all. I know no one will be able to prove
anything but even the sound of anything could hurt everything here."

Both boys nodded their heads in agreement then we sat down and had
lunch. The ...

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