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30.The Photographer 8

Kent woke up and glanced at the clock...7:45 a.m. - much later than he usually slept, even on a Saturday. Michael lay on his back beside him...both arms over his head...sheet pulled up between his legs, covering one leg and his "equipment," his morning "wood" very obvious through the thin cotton material. Kent raised up on one elbow, leaned over and woke him with a kiss...sliding his hand under the sheet, placing it over the top two and a half inches of his swollen member. The kiss woke him, and caused his tool to flex in response. Kent closed his fingers around it and just held it tightly. Michael stretched...

"What a great way to wake a guy has been so great waking up with you the last couple days..."

"It's been great for me's been a long time since I've had someone to wake up with...and who I've wanted to wake up with every day..."

Michael pulled his head down and kissed him again - moving his hips so that his dick moved slightly in Kent's hand.

"You want...?"

"Not right now...I just like the feeling of your hand on my cock...feels like it belongs there!"

"It's there anytime you want, my love - just give me an inch and I'll take all five and a half!"

"Funny...I swear you had me at six last night - my nuts still ache a little!"

Michael rolled on his side so that Kent could take both their rods in his hand. He squeezed them together...kissing him deeply as he did. Michael ran a hand up Kent's strong arms and shoulders, down his back and up his rib cage - teasing a nipple as they held their kiss.

Kent broke the kiss...

"Man, I gotta take a leak...I'll be right back..."

"Me too...let's both be right back...!"

Both men relieved themselves and crawled back into bed...and resumed their kiss. After several minutes Michael spoke softly...

"You really do love me, don't you..."

"Yeah, I really do...I tried not to - there are so many things that might get in the way...but I couldn't help it!"

"You tried not to...?"

"Not because of you...because of me...I haven't 'loved' anyone for about 12 years...swore I never would again...I got 'burned' really bad back protect myself I sort of became a loner...guess I felt 'safer' that way. My photography business keeps me pretty busy...and I get out to the Boiler Room for a little 'sparring' with the guys...but I really hadn't met anyone that I'd even be interested in...that is, until you came along...and that was pretty weird. If you hadn't been so...I don't know, maybe - if you hadn't been 'you,' I never would have given you my card and told you to call...and honest, all I was ever going to do was take some pictures of you - a nice lookin' kid...way too young to 'mess' with, and I was sure you'd never want to mess with me even if I was hot for you! I've taken a bunch of pictures of a bunch of other guys - 'eye candy' - nothing more...and then - it's crazy...I just wanted to touch you - and hold you - and...well, you know what happened...good or bad, it happened...!"

"It was the best thing that ever happened to me, that's for sure..."

Kent pulled him close and kissed him...their cocks, side by side, pressed between them...arms and legs entangled.



"Can we just stay here like this all day?"

"I think you might get bored..."

Michael kissed him on the lips, moved to his neck - then began kissing his way down his body...collar bone, pecs, nips, pits, "six pack," navel, belly, thighs...then to his balls, soaking them with saliva...tonguing his tool, one side then the other...up the center, kissing the tip...down the top...through the pubes to his navel and back...kissing the pre-cum off the tip, then taking as much of the throbbing cock as he could. He filled his hand with balls, and slowly began to work the tool with his lips and tongue. Kent groaned in pleasure...putting up no resistance... knowing this act was the honest _expression of devotion preformed by his sweet, young love.

"Oh,'ve got me so hot...oh, that is so great...

Michael continued...pulling off, licking and kissing the shaft...bringing Kent to within one or two thrusts of cumming...repeatedly - until Kent begged him to take his load...

"Michael, Michael...oh, man...I'm cummin'...oh, yesssssss..."

Kent surged...Michael again felt his hot load hit the back of his throat and tasted the "love potion" of this man he loved. He held Kent's rod until it was flaccid... then let it slip from between his lips. He swallowed as he moved to Kent's arms and kissed him. Kent once again tasted his own cum on Michael's lips...

"I've tasted my cum before...never has it been as sweet when it's on your're making me love you more every hour...!"

"Do you think I give pretty good head?"

"Great...especially when I get the message you're sending when you blow me!"

They lay there for a few minutes...basking in the sensual afterglow and enjoying just being in each other's arms...Kent stirred...

"We need to get in the shower and wash off all this stale cum and get outta here...I want to take you to a great beach I know today...and we've got to get back to the Boiler Room for a workout...can't risk either of us getting flabby!"

"What beach are you talkin' about?"

"It's just a cool place where guys hang out...great secluded cove - sun, shade, surf... guys can hang out nude - catching rays, cruising...whatever - great place to go and watch, or maybe even be watched!"

"Be watched?"

"Well, yeah...I wouldn't mind some of those guys watching me "take care of" my sweet young love...!"

"I'm not too sure about that..."

"You've got to see it anyway...lets hit the shower."

They got into the shower together...lathered each other up...between gropes and kisses. Kent offered...

"Turn around, let me wash your back...then you can wash mine."

Michael turned around...Kent soaped his shoulders, arms, back...then reached around with a slick, soapy hand and stroked his bone...

"Hey...that's not my back...!"

"I'll quit if you want..."

"I didn't say that...I just reminded you that my dick isn't part of my back!"

"O.K. - back to business...!"

Kent squatted down and lathered each leg...reaching between his legs for a nut squeeze, of course...then soaped his crack...lightly probing his virgin pucker with his index finger.

"Wow...that feels're making my cock twitch something fierce!"

"You like?"

" that o.k.?"

"Very o.k.!"

Kent stood up and took Michael in his arms - their bodies pressed together, cocks entangled - the warm shower flowing over them as they kissed. Kent slipped a finger between the firm mounds of his ass - probing a bit more...feeling the tightness of his virgin sphincter -

"Whew...that's hot - hotter than the first time you fingered my crack...!"

"Does it hurt?"

", it's just...I don't know, different..."

Kent continued massaging his pucker...feeling it loosen and accept his fingertip.

"Wow...that's a turn-on...I, um...I've heard some - well...are you going to..."

"I might...but not until you're really ready...and I mean REALLY ready!"

"Like, how would I be ready?"

"Doin' this is very least for me. I'd only do it with someone I really, really loved - and that really wanted me to...I'd never want to hurt you - which I could if I wasn't I've got to be sure that you're really relaxed enough for me to slip inside you..."

"What you're doin' feels really I relaxed enough?"

"Not even close...I need to work on your sweet ass until I can get three fingers in...then maybe you'll be ready...and even then - hell, if and when we do it I want you to know that I love you...and not think that I'm raping you!"

"I'd never think that..."

Kent continued his gentle anal probing for several minutes...just barely penetrating with the tip of his finger. He sensed Michael's positive response as he probed his mouth with his tongue and rubbed his raging cock rhythmically between their abdomens.

"I'm never going to let, I need you to wash my back..."

Kent turned around and Michael soaped his back and arms - and, as had been done to him...reached around for a good feel of his love's package. As he did, he rested his fired-up member in Kent's crack...

"Man - that feels so good...your dick pressing against my ass-crack..."

"Can, know..."

"Probe my hole?"


Michael fingered the hairy crack for a minute or two, then began to massage and probe Kent's hole...slipping one, then two fingers in with ease.

"Man...that feels so good...give me three fingers..."

Michael continued...

"I don't know how to ask...but, do you suppose I'd really like to, ah...gosh, you really do feel like you're relaxed..."

Kent tightened his sphincter on Michael's fingers.

"Man...if you did that while...I, that'd make a guys dick"


" you think that, you know...?"

"I want you to...if you're sure you really want to!"

"Oh, yeah...I do! Should I use like, a rubber or something?"

"No need...I haven't been screwed in a long, long time...and you've never screwed anyone - so we're absolutely safe...but, are you really sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah...'cause sometime I hope you're going to do it to me."

Michael slowly slid his dick into Kent's ass...deeper and deeper as Kent relaxed his sphincter...ready to climax before he was all the way in...Kent tightened his sphincter around the young man's blazing poker...causing him to gasp with pleasure...

"Pump slowly...make it last...oh, you ever feel great inside me...yeah, you've got it...ohhhhh!"

"I'm so close...this is like...holy shit...I ...

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