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. Part 2.

I was half hard for the whole week-end, when I wasn’t stiff that is. I watched that bondage scene time and time again, once again imagining Matt and myself as the protagonists. I didn’t tell you how it ended:

There was a wire running from the entombed dildo which ran to a control box. Tom turned the dildo’s vibrations up to maximum then continued to stroke Callum’s sticky cock keeping it stiff, and the precum began flowing again. Callum moaned even louder while the dildo continued to vibrate deep inside his writhing body which was straining against his bonds. His face had gone bright red.

Another naked, harnessed guy, similar in build and age to Tom, came on screen. He had a big thick veiny cock which was very hard. He knelt in front of Callum’s mouth and without any foreplay thrust his cock deep into the boy’s throat, right up to his tight hairy balls. He began to face fuck Callum at a rapid pace, holding the boy’s head to keep it in place. Tom kept his hand over Callum’s hole, keeping the big, vibrating dildo buried deep in Callum’s writhing body. He even pushed his thick thumb into the boy’s hole to force the dildo deeper. Then he started to wank Callum faster and faster. Callum was moaning loudly around the fat juicy cock fucking his mouth, and his muscles were highlighted as he strained against his bonds.

After ten or so minutes of this torture the new guy began untying Callum’s balls and cock. When Callum’s cock and balls were free Tom moved his hand. Callum’s body spasmed, he screamed and the whole foot long, thick dildo shot clean out of his hole, and his cock erupted with another load of hot cum that showered his body and face. The new guy had whipped his cock out just as the dildo was ejected and he wanked himself hard cumming just after Callum started. He directed his cock so that his thick man cum spurted all over the boy’s face. Some of both lots of cum landed in Callum’s open mouth and he ate it greedily.

If I was Tom and Matt was Callum I suppose Joe could be the other guy.

Anyway I digress; Monday morning finally arrived, it was hot but overcast, I was wearing my usual baggy shorts and no top. Joe and Matt arrived together. Joe was in his usual jeans and tight, white T-shirt, but Matt had changed from white piratas to a pair of tight jeans and a loose black T-shirt. The jeans were obviously cheap and made of very thin denim; they highlighted Matt’s packet beautifully, it was big and bulky, I almost drooled. There were a few ragged tears in the legs and one under one of Matt’s luscious buttocks. The back seam of the jeans was buried in Matt’s ass crack, highlighting each full, round globe. I’d opened the back gate and I watched Matt wheel his bike round, his ass globes looked great in the thin denim, and once again I was sure he was naked underneath. Joe was his usual cheerful self, but Matt was still subdued, he wouldn’t look me in the face. I made them a cuppa and took them through to the conservatory. Joe came in and chatted to me about the work schedule while Matt was removing the tarpaulins. As Matt bent over to lift something I swore I could see the bottom of his hard, round ass cheek through the tear, very sexy. Matt came to the door to ask Joe something and I noticed that the tooth brace was gone.

“That’s what you had done Friday then Matt, had your brace removed? I must say your teeth look really good.”

“Thanks.” He mumbled, dropping his head and colouring up. Then he went to get some tools from the van.

“What’s the matter with Matt Joe? He seems very uncomfortable with me.”

“Well,” Joe paused, “after he’d gone Friday he phoned me and asked if you were gay. I told him you were, but that you were a nice guy. He said you seemed to keep looking at him a lot. So I told him to take it as a compliment and not worry about it; the size of you compared with him would make raping him an impossibility. I made it into a joke. Did I do right?”

“I guess.” I said “But you know me, I can’t help noticing attractive guys, but I’m not likely to make a fool of myself at my age.”

Joe shrugged. “He’s 18, he’s his own master.”

Before I could ask him what he meant Matt returned with Joe’s tool box. After reminding me that the water would be turned off until early afternoon they started work. Luckily I had a downstairs loo with wash basin which Joe had told me I could use the cold water from.

“If I’m embarrassing him,” I thought to myself, “why has he come to work in those sexy jeans?”

I decided to keep a lower profile, and worked on my P.C. Of course I kept them supplied with a steady flow of tea, about a cup an hour, you know what British workmen are like. I’d chat for a couple of minutes when I took them their tea, and by about 11:00 Matt had begun to thaw out a little, he even smiled that smile at one of my jokes. Around 1:00 I was looking at some bondage photos when I sensed someone behind me at my bedroom door which I’d absent mindedly left ajar. I turned and saw Matt standing there; he was slightly red and looked uncomfortable. He was staring over my shoulder at my P.C.’s screen which showed a fit, naked young guy with a hard-on, tied to a set of wall bars. Matt cleared his throat as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

“Er, .. Um, sorry to bother you Dave.”

Matt mumbled in obvious embarrassment, his eyes glued to the picture on my P.C. monitor.

“It’s nearly lunchtime, and Joe’s got to go and get something from the builders. He’ll be about an hour, and we usually eat in the van. Could I have my sandwiches in the conservatory d’you think?”

“Of course you can.” I smiled at him. “Do you mind if I join you?”

He looked confused, “Er, no, it’s your house.”

He turned and left. Thank God I hadn’t been wanking! I adjusted my half hard cock and went and made tea for Matt, coffee and a ham sandwich for myself, and carried them into the conservatory. I heard Joe drive off and Matt came in a couple of minutes later. As he sat down I looked at his packet, I was sure it was bigger than this morning. We made some small talk until we’d finished our sandwiches, but there was an atmosphere, I could sense Matt’s unease. I lit a cigarette and leaned back in my chair. Matt was looking uncomfortable again and wriggled in the chair. He coughed and went red.

“Are you O.K.?” I asked.

“Er, yeah. Er, um, it’s just that I’d like to ask you something. Something personal that is.” He looked down at his big feet. “I mean Joe told me you were gay, but that you were a nice guy, and that I could talk to you about anything.”

“What do you want to know?” I asked him, intrigued.

“Well,” he paused, “not that I’m gay or anything, but do you do that sort of stuff I saw on your computer?”

“You mean the bondage I suppose?”

Matt nodded, still looking at his feet.

“I’ll tell you the truth Matt, I’ve never done it with anyone, but it is one of my fantasies. The thought of being tied up and have someone in control of my cock, or to have a lad, like the one on the P.C., tied up and have control of his cock really turns me on.”

If possible he went even redder and mumbled something.

“Sorry Matt, I didn’t catch that.”

He looked up and into my eyes and in a whisper said “I think I’d like to try it. But it doesn’t mean I’m gay does it? And er, um, I’d want to be the one tied up.” He dropped his head again.

I was gob smacked! Here I was trying to work out how to seduce him and he was asking me to tie him up and play with his cock!

“You what?” I gasped. “I don’t understand. Please explain.”

He looked up again, but wouldn’t look me in the eye.

“When I was a kid about eleven, me and three of my mates used to watch my Dad’s videos of classic Westerns. Then we’d play Cowboys and Indians. I loved to be the captured cowboy, it gave me such a thrill when I was captured and tied up. You know” he nodded towards his crotch, “down there. I’d go home and toss myself off thinking about it. I was so disappointed when we were fourteen and my mates said we were too old to play those sorts of games any more.”

He went redder.

“I suppose I wouldn’t have minded if one of my mates had wanked me off when I was tied up. But we didn’t play with each others cocks; yet from around twelve years old, if we were somewhere safe, we’d have the odd circle jerk together before we went home for tea. They used to remark on how I was always stiff before we started and was always first to cum, but I was bigger than any of them so they didn’t take the piss too much. When it ended I used to try tying myself up, when I er, um, masturbated, but it wasn’t the same as being securely tied up.”

He’d gone purple now.

“I got a girlfriend when I was fifteen, we had sex after a few months of going out, but I didn’t enjoy that much, so after a year or so I tried to get her to tie me up and do stuff to me. She called me a pervert and finished with me. Luckily we left the area just after when my Dad got promoted.”

“You poor boy, it doesn’t mean you’re a pervert cause you fancy a bit of bondage. You mean you want me to tie you up and play with your cock?”

His eyes locked onto mine as he looked at me pleadingly.

“Please Dave, but I wouldn’t want to touch your cock or do anything sissy like kissing and stuff. I’m not gay or anything, sorry. If I could get a girl to do it I would, I’m really desperate to see if it’s the turn-on like it used to be.”

Ignoring the implied insult I just couldn’t believe my luck. Just then I heard Joe’s van pull up.

“Look Matt,” I said hurriedly, “why don’t you come round tonight, about 7:00 p.m. and we’ll see what we can do about it?” My fingers were crossed.

“Great,” he said flashing me a brilliant smile, “I’ll be here at seven, now I’d better get back to work.”


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