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I carefully shaved every bit of hair off Matt’s straining body. When I lifted his cock to get at his pubes although it stayed soft it felt heavy, meaty, in my hand. When I’d finished I had another idea; I ran upstairs and came back with my hair clippers and a bottle of baby-oil. I plugged the clippers in and stood on the box. As I brought the clippers to Matt’s head and switched them on he quickly stamped on the tray five times.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “I suppose that was too much to hope for, at least he’s let me shave his body.”

Getting off the box it struck me that in my excitement to get to work on Matt’s body I hadn’t put any videos on. I quickly turned the TV/VCR on and sorted out an old video that had a guy about 40 abusing the arseholes of three guys in their 20s, who were variously tied into slings, stocks and an upright cross; it ended with him fucking all three of them. There was only background music so I killed the sound; although he was gagged the noises Matt managed to make really turned me on. When the video started I looked over at Matt, he nodded his head and his eyes were smiling.

I picked up the baby-oil and anointed his whole body apart from his cock, which had stiffened slightly and now pointed directly at me. His skin was flawless and now all his body hair was gone my oiled hands glided sensuously over his body. I made sure to spend more time on his leg and arm muscles, Matt moaned appreciatively as I gently massaged them. I also spent extra time pinching and squeezing his nipples until they were stiff and proud. I stood back to admire my handiwork. Christ, Matt’s glistening body looked really hot, and the lack of pubes emphasised his big cock, making it look even bigger.

“Look at yourself in the mirror Matt.”

He dropped his eyes from the TV and stared into the mirror, his eyes gleamed and he flexed his cock. I couldn’t stand it any more, I’d been hard for ages and my balls were starting to ache, so I squeezed a dollop of lube into my palm and I started to toss myself off as I feasted my eyes on Matt’s glistening, taut body. The squelching of my hand and my laboured breathing were the only sounds in the garage. Matt was staring at me as I wanked off, that turned me on even more and I knew my climax was approaching fast. I stepped closer to Matt and shuddered as the first jet of my spunk shot out and landed on Matt’s quivering, hairless belly. The next three shots I managed to land mainly on his cock and the fifth bubbled out down my fingers. Five shots that strong were a lot for me.

I wiped my hand clean across Matt’s chest and hard nipples, then I dropped to my knees, reaching between Matt’s muscular thighs I switched the butt-plug back on. Before Matt’s cock reacted to it’s stimulation I took his cock in my mouth, I cleaned my stronger tasting cum off his cock-shaft and swallowed it, I preferred Matt’s sweeter tasting cum. His knob was now at the entrance to my throat, and, once again, I tried to swallow it. Probably because it wasn’t fully hard I was elated when I felt it slide down my throat until my lips were pressed against his ball sac and pubic skin. I stayed still as I tried to regulate my breathing through my nose, and all the time I could feel Matt’s cock filling out. By the time my breathing was steady Matt’s cock was rigid and jammed down my throat. I knew that if I lifted off it to throat fuck him I wouldn’t be able to swallow it again now that it was fully stiff.

Trying to relax I began to swallow, letting my throat muscles masturbate his throbbing shaft. Matt was almost motionless above me, but he’d thrust his hips forwards trying to bury his cock even deeper down my massaging throat. I reached around his thighs with both arms and found the base of the butt-plug. I switched it of and yanked it out with a loud plop, forcing two of my right hand fingers into Matt’s hot, moist hole in place of it. Matt grunted as I added a third finger almost immediately. I wanted to taste and feel as much of his body as I could. When I forced a fourth finger in he grunted even louder, and he thrust his hips forwards again, but I’d already got all the cock I could take in my mouth and down my throat.

I started to twist and turn my fingers as I began to fuck Matt’s well stretched hole with them, at one point all that was stopping my arm entering his hot, sexy hole was my thumb. I could hear Matt’s muffled moans and groans, and he was now flexing his sphincter in concert with my swallowing around his cock. Matt’s fuck channel was amazingly hot and moist, and his cock felt incredible in my throat, throbbing away as I continued to massage it with my throat muscles. With my left hand I felt my own cock and couldn’t believe it, I was hard again, and producing precum! Could I cum twice in one night? It had been a long time since I’d done that. But for now I was going to concentrate on giving Matt his third orgasm. I let go of my cock and grasped Matt’s ball sac and started to fondle and squeeze his heavy balls as I started to titillate his prostate causing him to writhe about even more.

Matt’s sphincter was clenching and unclenching around my fingers and he’d thrust his hips as far forwards as the ropes would let him. His grunting was getting louder, I’d have to try and do something about the noise, but luckily the next door neighbours had gone out early tonight. My throat was beginning to ache, but I was determined to stand the pain. It was the first time I’d deep-throated anybody, and to be doing it to Matt really turned me on. I concentrated on manipulating Matt’s prostate as I sucked and swallowed as hard as I could. I felt Matt’s leg tense against my arm, and before I knew what was happening he’d fired two jets of cum straight down my throat. Before I eased off his cock, (it was quite painful when his knob left my throat) to keep just the head in my mouth, Matt’s cock had shot again. He shot another three times into my mouth, and I swallowed greedily, his cum tasted as good as ever. I let go off his balls and squeezed his shaft, at the same time I fondled his prostate. I was rewarded with a last dollop of Matt’s sweet cum.

I rested a few seconds then eased my fingers from his hole as I let his softening cock flop from my mouth. Scooting round I parted his arse cheeks and looked at his hole, it was red, puffy, and open. I picked a non-vibrating butt-plug off the table and inserted it up Matt’s bum with ease. I held it in place until Matt’s ravaged hole closed enough to hold it securely inside. I got to my feet and walked around to face Matt, his body was bathed in sweat and his head drooped down, his half-hard cock lay sexily against his thigh. His chest heaved as he tried to regain his breath. I cupped his chin in my hand and lifted his head. His eyes came slowly open; they were glazed over and had a faraway look.

“You all right Matt?” my voice was raspy and my throat hurt as I spoke.

Matt nodded slowly and his eyes cleared.

“Do you want to cum one more time?”

I couldn’t believe how eagerly he nodded yes.

“Good boy, you’ll never understand how wonderful tonight is for me, thank you. Do you want another drink? I’ve bought a bottle of champagne, this is such a special weekend for me.”

He nodded again, so I went and got two large glasses and the champagne. I uncorked it and filled the glasses, putting them on the table. Standing on the box I removed the gag.

“Well Matt, are you enjoying yourself?” my voiced still rasped.

“Fuck Dave, it’s been incredible. I’m still really turned on.”

His voice was deep and husky, and I noticed he kept watching the TV. I glanced at the screen, the three young guys were tied over tables in a tight triangle around the older guy who was going from one to another and fucking them. The two he wasn’t fucking with his big cock he was fucking with big black dildos. I held the glass to Matt’s lips and he drank half of it in one go; I did the same with mine.

“How do your arms and legs feel Matt? Do you think you can last another half hour or so?”

“Oh yes, def. My legs are OK, but my arms ache quite a bit, but the weird thing is that the ache is part of the turn on. Oh, and thanks for getting champagne, the weekend’s special for me too.”

Matt was still watching the TV screen.

“I want to do that to you Matt,” I said quietly, “fuck your beautiful hot arsehole, not with dildos, with my cock.”

Matt’s head jerked away from the screen and he stared hard at me. After several seconds he spoke, his voice trembling.

“I wasn’t going to let this happen, but I know I want to feel a live cock inside me, and you deserve some reward, so yes, you can fuck me Dave, you can have my virginity.”

I couldn’t believe my ears; I’d died and gone to heaven. I drained my glass and picked up a condom.

“You don’t have any diseases do you Dave?” Matt’s voice was hesitant.

“No.” I answered in a puzzled tone.

“Well, will you fuck me without a condom? I want to feel your cum shooting inside me. But, remember this will probably be the first and last time. And what about the rest of the champagne? I’m still thirsty.”

I shared the rest of the bottle between us and helped Matt empty his glass. As I finished mine off I thought about what he’d just said, and remembered that at one time he’d said all I could do was wank or suck him off, so maybe he’d change his mind again about me not fucking him again!


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