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The following is a homosexual fantasy, if it is illegal in anyway for you to read it please hit your back-button now. If not I hope you enjoy it.

When Matt came back into the kitchen he was blushing

“I’m sorry Dave,” he stuttered, “but I had to um, er, have a shit, the feeling just came over me, I had to go, sorry. But I washed myself out again and put the butt-plug back in, and I took care not to wash any of the cum off my body. Is that all right?”

“Don’t worry about it Matt, it’s not a problem, as long as you didn’t wash any cum off, so that you still smell sexy. I wondered what was keeping you so long. Sit down and eat your sandwich, I’ll bet you’re starving. I’ll cook you another one while you’re eating that, and I’ll tell you what I’ve got in mind for after.”

“OK Dave, I must admit it’s a bit of a turn-on smelling cum all the time. You’re right, I am really hungry, I could eat a horse, all that sex has given me such an appetite. Oh, by the way, the champagne was an excellent idea; it gave me an extra buzz.”

It was great to watch Matt sat naked at my table wolfing down his sandwich, he seemed totally at ease. I guessed he’d have a big appetite, but it was amazing at how fast he was getting through it. I’d definitely have to buy more food if I was to keep his appetite sated over the weekend. I’d put a litre bottle of water by his plate, and now he was guzzling that down, so I’d have to buy more water too.

I was eating my own sandwich as I prepared Matt’s second, when I’d finished mine his second steak was done so I made a sandwich up and gave it to him. He’d just put the half empty bottle down and as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand he gave a long, loud burp.

“Sorry Dave.” Matt said with a boyish giggle.

“That’s OK Matt. Right, it’s getting late and I want to sort out the sleeping arrangements. What I want to do with you is tie you to my bed, naked of course, I’m going to blindfold you as well, and get you to wear earplugs. And I want to put a slightly bigger butt-plug up your beautiful hole. I’ll sleep in the guest room, but may come in and play with your body from time to time. How does that sound?”

Matt’s eyes were gleaming as he listened, he was still eating of course, and a sexy grin was spreading across his face. I looked at his lap and his cock was starting to engorge at the image I’d conjured up.

“Oh yes Dave, that sounds like a brilliant idea.”

So when we’d finished supper Matt went for a piss and to clean his teeth. I got the last litre of water out of the fridge, and went into the garage to pick up a large vibrating butt-plug, two-speed, slow and fast, and took them up to my bedroom. I found another scarf, the earplugs, and some cotton buds. When Matt came into the bedroom I gave him the earplugs which he inserted, then I got him to lie spread-eagled on my bed and I quickly tied his arms and legs to the four corners. I left some play in the ropes tying his arms, but I made sure that his muscular legs were pulled well apart. While I was tying him to the bed I kept taking deep breaths, the aroma of cum emanating from his body was so funky, a real turn-on. I told him to shut his eyes and I placed a couple of cotton buds on each eye, and a couple on each ear. Finally I tied the scarf around his head covering his eyes and ears.

“All right Matt?” I spoke in a quiet voice, Matt didn’t reply. Then I raised my voice just above normal and repeated my question.

“What Dave? I can only just hear you.” Matt shouted, to compensate for his deafness I suppose.

I spoke a little louder. “I asked if you were all right, to test your hearing capability. The earplugs are reasonably successful. Now I’ll swap dildos, so get ready, the new one’s a lot thicker and a bit longer than the one that’s up you now.”

“OK Dave I’m ready for anything, this is really kinky, and it makes me feel very sexy.”

I could see that, Matt’s cock was engorging, thickening out and creeping up his belly. I reached up between his muscular arse cheeks and took hold of the butt-plug with my left hand. I had the bigger one ready in my right, it wasn’t lubed. As I pulled the small one out Matt gently farted and giggled, I paused before I began to insert the larger one. Matt grunted as the wider knob of the butt-plug broached his hole, and his sphincter tightened automatically, stopping me ramming it straight home. Then he relaxed and I forced it home causing Matt to gasp loudly. I noticed his cock didn’t deflate however, in fact it continued to fill out. I didn’t switch the butt-plug on; I was keeping that as a surprise in store for Matt later on.

“I’m going to bed now, goodnight Matt, and sweet dreams.”

“Goodnight Dave.” Matt shouted again.

I stood back and looked down at his vulnerable body, he looked incredibly sexy and I actually got half hard staring at him. I closed the door loudly, but I stayed in the room. I started my PC in silent mode so that Matt wouldn’t know I was still in the room, and went online to sort out my emails. About 10 minutes later Matt began to gently snore, I glanced at him and saw that his cock was still hard. I spent around another 30 minutes before I came off my PC.

Tiptoeing to the bed I looked down at Matt’s sleeping body, his cock was still hard and there was a little pool of dried precum on his belly. I reached between his legs and set the butt-plug to <SLOW> and switched it on. I watched fascinated when, after a few minutes, Matt began to writhe on the bed. He was still snoring, I knew from experience that the slow stimulation of his prostate by the butt-plug would end in an orgasm. I played with my own stiffening cock as I watched Matt’s hard cock get stiffer and precum began to trickle onto his belly, which was now quivering. Matt’s breathing became more and more ragged, but he still didn’t wake up. Wanting to have some spunk for tomorrow I stopped tossing my cock. I knelt by the bed close to Matt’s cock, it was twitching now and his precum oozed onto his stiffening body. The butt-plug must have been on for twenty minutes when Matt’s back arched and jet after jet of hot young cum shot up his body. Although it was his fifth orgasm Matt shot six times, covering himself from head to belly with cum, the room smelled like a whore-house. Matt’s breathing subsided and he resumed his gently snoring; as I’d hoped he’d slept through it. I switched the butt-plug off, took one last look at his cum drenched body, and quietly left the room leaving the door ajar.

In the guest room I set my alarm to 8:00 a.m. and climbed wearily into bed, I was knackered! I woke just before the alarm went, so I switched it off and went to the bathroom. After completing my ablutions I tip-toed into my bedroom, Matt was still snoring, his cock was hard again and his body was covered in crusted cum splodges. I knelt at his side and lifted his cock to let me lower my head over his knob. As I licked and lapped at his big knob I pulled his foreskin fully back to give myself easier access. Within seconds precum began to dribble from his wide cock-slit and I greedily swallowed it. Matt began to stir.

“Oh! Shit Dave,” he shouted, “that feels fantastic. What a way to be woken up.”

I couldn’t answer of course; my mouth was stuffed with Matt’s throbbing cock. I didn’t attempt to deep-throat it; I wanted to taste my morning milk! I had Matt moaning loudly now as I sucked hard on his big knob, I didn’t toss him, but held on to the base of his shaft to keep his cock in place. With my other hand I switched on the butt-plug, turning it to <FAST>, and then I grabbed his silky, naked ball sac and fondled his balls. Matt writhed on the bed pulling against his ropes and I could sense his body tensing beneath me. I was soon going to be eating his sixth load of cum in less than twenty four hours! The joy of youth.

“Get ready Dave, that butt-plug and your mouth is really getting me off. I’m going to cum any second ……. Oh shit, here it comes!”

With that Matt thrust his hips forwards and his delicious cum started to flood my mouth. He shot six or seven times, I lost count in my attempt to swallow all of Matt’s delicious milk. When he’d finished I straightened up, wiping up the one trickle of cum that had escaped from my mouth and sucked it off my finger.

“Dave that was fantastic, but if you don’t untie me soon I’m going to piss myself.”

I debated on drinking his piss, I’d never done it before but I was prepared to do it for Matt. However I decided that it might gross him out too much; it would have me at his age. So I quickly untied him, after uncovering his head first. He pecked my on the cheek as he hurried for the bathroom.

“Remember Matt, you can use the toilet and brush your teeth, but no washing any cum off. I’ll go and start breakfast.”


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