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BY RClayton


Jody Aaron Gunn. That's my name. I'm fourteen years old and stand
five foot seven inches tall with a weight topping out at 145. Yeah,
I'm big for my age. My hair is brown but really light because I get
blond streaks put it every six months. My skin is tan though not as
much as it use to be when I lived in Florida. You may be wondering
why I am telling you all this stuff. Well, it's because it's the
general description on the wanted poster of me I saw at the post

I got into some trouble a while back and now I'm on the run. I'll
tell ya about all that in a bit. What I want to talk about right
now is why I am writing all this down. I'm scared out of my pants
man. Sometimes that's more true than others. The only way I've
been able to feed myself is by pulling tricks now and then, lately
it's been a lot more often though. Hustlin' is what got me into the
shit in the first place too; only I didn't do what I'm accused of.

Okay, here it is...

The day I turned fourteen I was hangin' out at the comic shop with
Gordon and Telly, my so called best friends. They were like me,
dirt poor and queer as a three dollar bill. That day they were both
dropping money on the counter like nobody's business and It got me
wonderin' what the fuck was up.

"Where'd ya get the cash guys?" I asked once we were standing
outside the store.

"I pulled a trick last night." Telly said. His real name's William
Tell, his parents are weird literary types. They both work in the
local cotton mill but they read everything with words on it and that
passed on to Telly. Telly is thirteen and real thin, wiry is how
you'd describe him I guess. He has blond hair that's almost white
like his dad's. He has these ice cold blue eyes and a nice smile.
I guess his good teeth came from his ma because his dad's mouth is
full of yellow and white nubs. Mr Tell, also known as Frank smokes,
drinks and fights but he's not a mean drunk. Fuck, he's nicer with
a buzz than without one.

"What kinda trick?" I asked, all naive and shit. I didn't know
fuck all back then. My own ma is a workaholic waitress with a pot
habit. She also loves spending money on herself in the hope of
attractin' some rich guy to marry her. It ain't gonna happen
because ma weighs like two fifty and it's all fat on a five foot
five frame. Ma wasn't that great lookin' when she was my age and
only got worse with age. She's thirty now. I don't have a clue who
my dad is or was or whatever. Don't give a fuck either.

The guys laughed their heads off. Gordon smiled at me and stopped
laughing when he saw I was gettin' pissed.

"Jody, dude. Tricking is when you let guys pick you up and they pay
you for sex. It's cool as hell if you know who to avoid and who
pays the best." Gordon said. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder.

"You do it for money?" I asked. I was amazed. I had heard that
such shit went on in the neighborhood but not what it was called or
who any of the guys were that did it.

"Oh, hell yeah!" Telly said. "I got fifty for letting an old
married guy suck me off. I got my nut and paid in the bargain."
Telly added. He laughed as he began pulling comics from his bag and
looking at them.

"Wow!" I said. Yeah, I know it sounds dumb as shit but that was
how I was then. I'd had sex with both of them before, more than
once and often at the same time but the idea of doing it with some
guy I didn't know made me nervous. I see on the news all the time
where some freak rapes and kills a kid for jollies. "Don't ya get

"I did at first but the money got me over the fear real damn fast."
Gordon said.

"Same here, dude. Only I wasn't as tight about it as Gordo here."
He said. He stuck Gordon in the chest with a finger. "He was a
nervous old lady the first time." Telly went on. "There ain't
nothing to it Jody. Most of them are married guys on their way home
from work to the burbs. They just want a taste of boy cock or want
you to suck them off because their wives are too fuckin' stuck up
and prissy to do it. Once in a while you get one that wants to fuck
you in the ass and you have to decide if you want to let them. I
usually charge one hundred for it but they have to wear a rubber."
Telly said.

I was shocked and turned on at the same time. My cock was tentin'
my 501's big time.

Telly looked at my crotch and smiled. Telly gives great head. He
started on his uncle when he was nine and just kept gettin' better
and better at it. I was eleven the first time he blew me. "Want
some help with that?" He asked.

"Not out here!" I said.

Gordon and Telly laughed again.

"Fuck both you bitches!" I snapped. I fuckin' hate gettin' laughed

"Sure!" They said together. The busted up again and this time I
joined them. "Let's go to your place. My mom's on the rag and the
baby is sick so I'm layin' low this week." Gordon said.

We turned down the ally and cut back across an open field to the
apartment building where me and my mother lived. She has doubles
all week so she wouldn't be around much...not that I wasn't use to

I unlocked the door and went in, flipped the light switch and
plopped down on the couch. Gordon and Telly came in behind me and
Telly shut the door and turned the lock. If ma showed up she would
have to unlock the door giving us a warning to get to my room. Ma
doesn't like my friends much. She caught me buried balls deep in
Telly's ass one afternoon when she came home sick. She didn't say
shit about the fucking part, it was who I was fucking that bothered
her. My mom knew I was a queer from day one, or so she said. She
never did tell me why though.

Gordon turned the small tv on and flipped channels on the dial, it's
so fuckin' old they didn't make remotes back then. "Ya'll need
cable." Gordon said. "Fuck."

"She's not parting with the bucks for cable and I sure as shit ain't
got that kind of money. Even if I did she would just take it and
say she was saving it for my future." What she usually did with any
money I got for odd jobs was take it and put it in the `Gloria gets
hitched fund'.

Gordon moved to the couch and sat beside me while Telly raided the
fridge. Of the two, I guess Gordon's my best friend. He and I are
exactly the same age but he was born two days before me.

Gordon Michael Reeves; red hair, freckles, slim but not skinny like
Telly. I'm the bigger of the three of us in weight and height.
Gordon has sexy green eyes and a totally smooth body. He started
gettin' pubes at thirteen and shaved `em off the day he noticed they
were there and keeps it that way. Telly has a small bush over a 4
inch cock. He's a bit of a pee wee in the equipment area which is
why he usually ends up in the middle of our three-way fucks. Gordon
has a nice thick six inches on him and I come in at five or so
average inches, not thick or thin...just average.

Telly handed us each a Coke before sitting on the other side of me.
We didn't say much for a while, just drank our soda and watched
Oprah chattin' it up with Tom Cruise and some blond chick. The
sound was low and none of us felt like gettin' up and turning the

Telly gave a loud burp and tossed the can at the trash can by the
kitchen door but missed it by a foot.

"Get some glasses bitch. That was way the fuck off." I said.

Gordon laughed and Telly gave him an eat shit and die look.

"I'm bored." I said.

"Yeah, but not stiff." Telly said. He put his right hand in my lap
and rubbed my soft cock through the cloth which didn't leave me soft
for long. "There it is!" He said. He moved to the floor on his
knees and opened the buttons on my jeans. It didn't take two
minutes before his blond head was bobbing up and down on my hard

I put my hands on his head and relaxed as he serviced me. I turned
my head to Gordon and he moved in close. We locked lips and I felt
his tongue slipping between my lips. Gordon's a great kisser. I
felt his arms slipping around my neck as we continued our tongue

Telly was slurpin' like crazy on my dick and it felt fuckin'
incredible! He took the head of my cock in his throat and massaged
it with his muscles. I couldn't help but lift my hips up and down
with the rhythm he had set.

Gordon pulled away and unhooked his shorts and stood to pull them
off. He wasn't wearing underwear as usual. His dick was leakin'
and I wanted it. He got on the couch again and I adjusted my
position enough that I could take his fat hard-on in my mouth. His
pre-cum was sweet. I love to suck on Gordon's meat any time I get
the chance. He thrust his hips forward and pulled back, pushing
more of his cock in my mouth and down my throat as he could with
each push. Taking Gordon all the way in was a lip stretcher to the
extreme. In gym the other boys always grab a glance at Gordon
because it is so wild to see that fat cock resting on those hairless
nuts below a smooth pubes. I think half the gyms in gym would have
gladly went queer to touch that stiffie.

I wasn't going to last much longer as Telly slipped his damp fingers
into my ass. He didn't bother with one at a time but jammed two
digits right up the shitter. I came up off the couch as the pain
rocked me. It wouldn't last long, the pain I mean.

Gordon moaned as I continued sucking his stick. "I'm gonna shoot,
man!" He warned, knowing I wouldn't let up. I like cock juice and
wouldn't miss a drop once he started to blow. His hands tightened
on my shoulders as he began to spew jizz from his cock.

I went to gulping down the warm cream and began to shoot my own load
down Telly's working throat. He rode my cock as hard and long as I
rode Gordon's.

The three of us parted and Telly sat beside me as Gordon moved to
suck his cock.

I relaxed and watched as Gordon worked Telly into a moaning groaning
fit before he blew his wad down our friend's throat.

Gordon got up and sat on the other side ...

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