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"It's no use," Dallas said, plopping down heavily on a nearby log. "We're lost. We'll have to camp here tonight and then head out tomorrow when we've got sunlight."

Clarence shrugged and sat down beside him. "It's gonna be cold tonight," he said. "But we gotta do what we gotta do."

That night, they zipped their sleeping bags together for extra warmth. In the night, Clarence woke up to feel Dallas' hard dick pressing against his ass through his long underwear. He pressed back slightly, and felt Dallas' prick throb in response. To his surprise, Clarence felt his own dick growing harder. He shifted around carefully.

The men were lying on their sides, facing each other. Clarence inched forward, pressing his cock against Dallas' firm dick, and exhaled slowly when he felt both their cock give a mighty throb at the contact. Dallas' eyes popped open and he grinned at Clarence. "Looking for something?" he asked.

Clarence blushed. "No, just cold," he said. He didn't want to move back, his cock felt so good pressing against another man's dick.

Dallas reached down and popped Clarence's cock out of his underwear, covering it with his broad, callused hand. "I think I could warm you up." His hand began sliding up and down Clarence's prick, and Clarence moaned as Dallas stimulated his sensitive shaft. His thumb rubbed against Clarence's dickhead as he pumped the root, teasing all of Clarence's cock at once.

When Clarence was sure that he was ready to come in Dallas' hand, Dallas rolled over suddenly. He lay on top of Clarence as he freed his own aching dick, and then Clarence felt the heated skin of the other man's cock pressing against his own. Somehow it didn't seem cold in the tent anymore.

The men began thrusting together, rubbing their entire bodies together around their dicks. Dallas' cockhead ran up and down the length of Clarence's shaft as he drew his dick back and forth. Both of their schlongs were slippery with each other's pre-cum and they moved faster and faster, dry-humping each other's dicks.

Clarence reached around and grabbed Dallas' ass, pulling his cock against his own in longer, firmer strokes. The men were panting and sweating, and Clarence felt himself getting ready to come. He thrust up, meeting Dallas' cockhead with his own, and let his cum fly. The thick fluid poured down both their dicks.

Clarence's cum lubricated the way for Dallas' dick, and they continued fucking faster until Dallas groaned loudly and Clarence felt the other man's prick throbbing along side his own softening schlong. They lay side by side, fondling each other's cum-coated dicks, and soon drifted off to sleep.

When they woke up the next morning, Clarence slid down Dallas' body and sucked on his morning glory, tasting the mixture of their cum from the night before. He jerked himself off as his mouth worked over Dallas' dick, and soon they came together, Dallas shooting his load into Clarence's warm mouth, and Clarence pouring another load of spunk onto his own

They opened the tent flap and stepped outside. Instead of seeing forest all around them, though, they saw a parking lot. They had made it to the ranger station without knowing it last night. "Guess we weren't lost after all," Dallas laughed. "We could have been home in our own beds instead of sleeping out here in the cold last night."

"Oh, getting lost isn't all bad," Clarence chuckled.

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