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Needless to say, I was feeling rather surfeited as I left the
dining room. That cream filling I had just received from Hamdy was
the perfect "after dinner drink". Even better than Bailly's Irish
Creme. I knew the majority of the group was going to go topside to
enjoy the warm sunset and have a few more drinks. I just wanted to
stretch out and relish the way I was feeling. Sort of savor the
moment. So instead of taking the stairs topside, I went straight back
to my room.
When I got inside the room, I slipped off my shoes, shucked
off my shirt and pants until I was just in my jockey shorts. I was
tempted to take them off too as I love being naked, but my shorts
were still damp from my encounter with Hamdy, and I decided to keep
them on while the flavor lasted.
I walked over to the balcony door, pulled back the drapes,
and cracked open the door. the intense heat of the day was already
disappating, and the breeze from the Liberty moving upstream made the
temperature very refreshing. i didn't make any effort to hide myself
even though we were passing homes on the Nile shore.
After several minutes, I went back to the bed and stretched
out full-length on the bedspread. It was time to hibernate for a
little bit. Evidently, I was more relaxed than I realized, and in
seconds I must have drifted off. I must have been deep asleep since
I really jumped when I came to.
I had been awakened by the sound of someone trying to open my
door. Since I didn't have a roommate anymore, I wondered if someone
was trying to break in thinking no one was home. At first I thought
of jumping up and going to the door to confront them, but in just my
shorts, I decided it wasn't wise. Instead, I continued to lie on the
bed and feigned being asleep.
The door opened so quickly, that I did think it had to be a
key, and then I heard two voices that seemed to be male, but I
couldn't understand what they were saying. I heard the lightswitch
being turned on as they entered the room, then a sound of surprise
when they saw me on the bed. I pretended the sound woke me up, and I
turned to look who was in the room.
Standing at the foot of my bed was my cabin steward, Ataf,
and his assistant, Ali. I had met them briefly when I first got on
board and they brought in my luggage, but this was the first time I
had seen them again. Somehow cabin stewards develop a fifth sense
about when rooms are empty and when they are occupied. They compose
a truly phantom crew on many cruises. But you know they are around,
and often. Any time I'd leave the cabin return, little things had
been done. A towel had been folded and rehung, a book was
straightened, the waste basket emptied, or the ice bucket refilled
and used glasses replaced.
Ataf was maybe 20 years old, average build and only my
height, 5'9". His hair was longer and had loose curls, unlike many
typical Egyptian men whose hair is close to the scalp and tightly
curled. His skin color was also darker, and I assumed he might
possibly be more Nubian. As I opened my eyes and looked at him, he
started to apologize and back out of the room, but I quickly stopped
him and waved the two of them into the room. Ataf was reluctant, but
I noticed how his eyes kept straying to my shorts - and the effect it
was having on the contents. Reluctantly, Ataf and Ali moved in and
closed the door. I sat up on the side of the bed, bent down,
retrieved a pair of pants, and pulled them on.
Ataf said they were just there to turn down the bed and make
the room ready for the night. I told him to go right ahead, and I
walked over to the balcony to get out of the way.
I turned back around to watch them work, and they were quite
a team. Each knew exactly what he had to do, and they went about it
very efficiently. Ataf took charge of the bed and the main cabin
while Ali concentrated on the bathroom shower, toilet and sink. While
they were already spotless, he nevertheless went over every surface
with a cleaning rag, brushed out the toilet, and straightened the
towels. He even checked to make sure there was enough toilet paper
out. Now I could try to tell you that I was purely interested in the
professional cleaning job he was doing, but that would be a lie. And
you probably figured that out already anyway. Ali was a doll!
Everything about him was more finely chiseled and defined than Ataf.
He had a warm smile but tended to avert his eyes often. He had eyes
that glistened all the time with a private life of their own. Even
his hands were sculpted in appearance. What attracted me first,
though, was the small mustache that he was obviously cultivating on
his upper lip.
While Ataf was dressed in a long, loose-fitting gayabala, Ali
had on a pair of dark pants and a Liberty, long-sleeved crew shirt. I
was so intent on watching the two of them that I didn't realize just
how much I was staring. It was Ataf who kept looking back over his
shoulder while he worked that made me realize what I was doing.
Being a bit embarrassed about being caught, I turned around and faced
out over the Nile. Of course, as I turned, I also realized that my
pants had begun to tent provocatively outwards, and I was sure Ataf
was aware of that too. I could hear them still going about their
jobs, but I was hesitant to turn back.
I was standing with my hands gripped behind my ass when I
felt one of them walk up behind me. I made some inane comment
like, "Sure is a beautiful night", and it was Ataf who responded in
agreement, and moved a little closer. In the background I could no
longer hear Ali working, but I sensed he too was behind me closer
than I would have thought.
Ataf asked if there was anything else he could do for me, and
that's when I knew we were all three playing a most delightful
game. "As a matter of fact, you can, Ataf. Step a little closer
behind me and put your hands on my shoulders."
Ataf complied immediately, and my own two hands move
backwards, encountering the front of his gayabala. I reached even
further back and made an astonishing discovery. Ataf was wearing
nothing underneath, and his huge tapered organ was hanging straight
down. I heard his intake of breath as my hands enfolded his
fleshy column and probed for his balls. His small sac was pulled up
high but not tightly.
I continued to probe under his balls, tracking back towards
his asshole when I encountered something totally unexpected. Another
set of fingers moving towards mine. I had forgotten about Ali, but
he hadn't forgotten about us. He was tight behind Ataf and his hands
very eagering exploring his partner's private areas. Since Ataf was
not complaining, who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to
I continued fondling Ataf until his shaft was rising and
standing rigidly upright under his gown. With that I turned around
and took his face between my hands and pulled his mouth to mine. I
bit on his lower lip and allowed my hands to begin raising the gown
up his legs. Ataf closed his eyes and became completely docile while
I continue to free his pole from its confines. With the gayabala
off, I took hold of Ataf's stallion meat and began stroking it up and
down. It was a masterpiece of perfection in size and shape. Perfectly
proportioned length and girth, tapering to a ripe extra-large olive
knob that was already beginning to tear up and drip.
It was then that I felt that second pair of hands back at
work. This time they were encircling me from behind. Somehow, Ali
was moved without my notice, and his hands were unbuttoning my pants
and letting them cascade to the floor. But he didn't stop there. He
then began rubbing my swollen cock that was still straining at my
jockey shorts. I felt him go to his knees and his nose work its way
into my crack in back. Then his teeth were gripping the material and
tugging it out and down. When that didn't prove very effective, his
fingers curled over the top and slowly gave in to the gravitational
pull. With my cheeks bare, his nose dove deeper into my ass and his
hands massaged incessantly up the front of my thighs until they
grabbed hold of my turgid cock and roiling balls. It was pure
delight. Ataf and Ali were giving me the best room service treatment
I had ever had in my life.
We slowly maneuvered over to the bed and all three of us lay
together with myself in the middle like the filling in a sandwich.
Ali had shucked his own clothes earlier, so it was three very warm
and eager bodies occupying a single size bed. We could keep
switching places from top to bottom like cordwood, or do barrell
rolls over each other to take turns clinging to the side of the bed.
With three mouths, six hands, and three cocks, the variations and
combinations were endless.
Ali's body was very nicely toned and his abs more defined
than Ataf's. And while his cock was not the superstructure that
Ataf's was, it was more than enough to fill every orifice presented.
I finally had to suck on Ataf. I had him stand in front of
me while I sat on the bed and pulled that beautiful spire of manhood
toward my mouth. Ataf's hands went behind my head so I couldn't pull
away. Then i noticed Ali standing behind Ataf, and I knew he was
finding a home for his own hard-on. Ataf was getting it double
Try as I could, Ataf's cock was just too big for me. I
opened as wide as I could and pushed as hard as I could, but I was
unable to get his hose all the way down. In fact, I was completely
unable to breathe at times and was afraid I'd pass out. But Ali came
to my rescue. His work up Ataf midnight channel brought him to the
peak sooner than I had, and suddenly my tight throat was being
heavily inundanted with rich Nubian cum, like the old-time flooding
of the Nile. And Ali had to show me that he was just as good. He
pulled out of Ataf and moved to my side. His grabbed his rampant
cock and jacked only 2 or 3 times before a second flood streamed on
my face and neck before flowing in a stream from my chin and down my
chest. Ataf and Ali both reached forward and rubbed Nature's perfect
skin cream deep into my skin, working their way down my belly until
they encountered my sagging pecker. At the feel of their four hands,
though, it perked up quickly, Then they did something that wired
every nerve in my body. As though on cue, they both extended their
heads and each took one of my nipples in his mouth and began sucking
and biting on them. It was unbelievable. My nipples ...

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