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Multimedia gallery

96.Marine Bob

Marine Bob~

I met Bob sitting in a bar where we fell into friendly conversation. I
guessed him to be in either the army or marine corps. It turned out that he
was a marine and proud of it. I had long known that service men alone often
were looking for action. Even if they were not seeking male sex, they were
usually open to conversation and glad to have company. I've taken home many
service men who appreciated getting away from their duty post and enjoying
local hospitality. To quite a few of these, I have extended my hospitality
right into my bedroom and into some hot sex.
Bob was short, dark, and attractive, but not really handsome. He was
verbally clever, and I love his New England accent and quickness of wit.
When I told him I was going home to smoke a joint, his eyes lit up, and he
asked if he could join me. Who was I to say no to one of the "Few Good
Men"? Soon we were at my place `burning one.' One of the good things about
pot is that you sit close to each other in order to share the joint. The
closeness of bodies is the first step toward the bed.
I told Bob how much I admired his tattoos, and he was only too glad to
show them to me. He said he had one on his chest if I would like to see it,
but he would have to take off his shirt, if I didn't mind. I didn't mind!
Guys who have tattoos love showing them, and I love seeing them. My next
ploy often sets the stage and lets me know how far I can get. I ask how a
tattoo feels to the touch and may I touch it? What he says and how he says
it gives me a good indication of my sexual future with him.
Bob let me feel his tattoo. By then I was so stoned, I dropped all
pretense and started feeling him all over and went for his crotch. He
pushed my hand away from his dick, and for a moment I thought I had struck
out, but he told me to save that (meaning his dick) for later. I asked him
why not now and again later. He made no objection, so I started pulling
off his clothes. Next I pulled him in bed and started sucking his average
size dick. He would not let me suck his balls. He said they were too
sensitive. When I went for his sweet little asshole, he strongly objected,
so I went back to his hard dick.
As I was sucking him, he reached down and pulled on my dick. In a
flash I had my clothes off and turned in bed so he could pull on mine while
I sucked his. In a moment I felt his wet mouth going down on me. I tried
t be cool about it because I had previously been to bed with straight men
who wanted to try sucking.

Sometimes they will take a few sucks and then
quit. Bob did not want to quit. In fact, he grew more determined by the
minute so that I stopped sucking him, and we both got into his sucking me.
After a while he came up for air and told me to beat off and let him
watch. He lay back and started beating his dick and watched me beat mine.
In a few minutes he moaned and let out a steady stream of white cum that did
not shoot but rather poured onto his stomach. Immediately, he hopped up and
wanted to shower. I found that Bob was a clean freak -a squeaky clean
When he stepped out of the shower, I was waiting for him on my knees
and went right back to that dick. He laughed and sat on the toilet and let
me suck him while I beat off. I put a towel on the floor to shoot on, but
when I came, I overshot the towel and some of it hit Bob's foot. He told me
it got on him, and I apologized, but he didn't mind. He told me it was
really hot and that maybe next time I could shoot off on his chest, if I
didn't mind. I didn't mind at all!
I did not see Bob for a while. One day the phone rang and a voice
asked if I knew who it was. Whoever it was, he was putting me to a test.
It took a second, but I could not miss that New England accent. He seemed
pleased that I remembered him and wanted to come over. After that he
started visiting twice and sometimes three times a week. What I liked about
him was that our relationship was more than just sex which we did almost
every visit. He was interesting in many ways. We played scrabble, rented
video movies, cooked meals, and had a good friendship. Bob was separated
and supporting two children. He was always short of cash, and I was glad to
help him with gas money or bar money when we went out together. A couple of
times he called and asked to borrow twenty dollars until pay day. I told
him I did not lend money, but that I would give it to him. Our friendship
went on for five months before he was transferred, and in that time, he
never took financial advantage of our relationship or expected payment for
our fun together. If he needed help, he told me how much and I gave it to
him. One of the things I liked about this marine was that he was always
full of surprises. Almost every week, he would add a new dimension to our
sexual activities.

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