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Multimedia gallery

124.The Housekeeper

Barry looked at his watch and swore. Then he swore again and finished dressing. He ran downstairs into the kitchen and collided with Jim, the housekeeper, who was coming through the swinging door. In an effort to stop himself, Barry grabbed onto Jim's arm. As his hand circled Jim's bicep, he noticed that it was rock-hard, and his cock gave a little jump at the feeling of it.

"Ah, sorry," Barry said.

Jim laughed. "Come on in. Breakfast is on the counter." He leaned against the counter and watched Barry eat. Like most of the workers in LA, Jim was a struggling actor, but Barry noticed for the first time that Jim was truly cut - a broad, well-developed chest and those firm biceps he had just touched. As he walked by to drop his dishes in the sink, his hip brushed against the prominent bulge under Jim's pants.

"Excuse me," Barry muttered, and then he felt Jim's hands on his hips, and an unmistakably hard cock pressing up against his ass. He moaned and pressed back against Jim's swollen cock.

Jim turned Barry around and kissed him full on the mouth. Barry was surprised by how soft Jim's lips were, and how good his broad hands felt roaming over his chest. Copying the housekeeper's motions, Barry slid his hands under Jim's tight t-shirt and caressed his smooth, muscular chest.

Taking the lead, Jim undid Barry's belt, allowing the pants of his expensive suit to drop to the ground. Barry's long, slender cock was already erect and had slipped out of the opening in his boxers. Jim stroked Barry's cock with a firm, but gentle grip, easing his boxer shorts down. With his free hand, he unzipped his shorts and let his own short, wide cock bob free.

"I'm gonna be late," Barry moaned as Jim continued stroking his cock.

"Well then we'll have to be quick about it." Jim stepped around so he was standing behind Barry again, and Barry felt Jim's cock slide between his ass cheeks. Jim slid his cock up and down between the globes of Barry's ass, reaching around over Barry's stomach and pumping his cock at the same time.

The feeling of the soft skin of Jim's cock rubbing against his ass and Jim's hand on his cock made Barry's dick throb. After only a few minutes of Jim's attention, he groaned and shot a wet load onto his housekeeper's hand. A moment later, Jim grunted and thrust his prick hard against Barry's ass, spurting his warm cum.

Barry leaned back and kissed Jim lightly, and then put on his pants, brushing the wrinkles out. "See you tonight?" he asked.

"You bet," Jim winked at him, zipping his shorts back up.

When Barry came home, Jim was waiting in the foyer, wearing nothing but a raging hard-on and a smile. "Busy day?" Barry laughed.

"I took care of the house," Jim said. "Now I'm going to take care of you." He led Barry into the living room and stripped off his clothes, licking and kissing each inch of Barry's naked body. By the time he was finished, Barry's cock was so stiff it was pressing against his stomach, jumping with each touch of Jim's lips.

After moistening his lips, Jim opened his mouth and let the length of Barry's cock slide down his throat. Barry clutched at the cushions of the couch as Jim fellated his long dick, pushing the loose skin up and down as he licked the shaft. His hands stroked Barry's balls, rolling them in his palm like oversized marbles.

Barry laid his hands on the back of Jim's head and flexed his hips, fucking Jim's face lightly. Jim moaned around Barry's cock. When Barry looked down, he could see Jim's wide, thick cock bobbing anxiously against his thighs.

"I want a taste of that," Barry said. He lay back on the couch and Jim straddled him, head to feet. Barry bent Jim's pulsing prick back and opened his mouth wide to accommodate its girth. Jim moaned as he lowered his dick into Barry's waiting mouth and then bent to resume working on Barry's tool.

The living room was filled with moans and slurping sounds as the men worked on each other's dick. Barry loved the taste of his housekeeper's fat cock, which was oozing hot pre-cum onto his tongue. He ran his tongue around Jim's cockhead and fingered his asshole as he sucked the housekeeper's thick root. Jim was still deep-throating Barry's shaft, the head tickling along the back of his throat.

Barry felt his balls raising, the cum getting ready to burst. As if he knew, Jim began grunting around Barry's cock and thrusting his own shaft into Barry's mouth with quick, short strokes. When the housekeeper scraped his teeth lightly against Barry's cock, Barry moaned and shot his second load of the day into Jim's waiting mouth.

Burying his finger in Jim's asshole, Barry slurped harder at Jim's thrusting cock. He was rewarded with a stream of cum pouring onto his tongue from Jim's throbbing dick. Barry swallowed it all and then released Jim's cock from his mouth and licked his lips.

Jim climbed off of Barry and leaned back against the couch cushions, his legs spread wide to show off his dick and balls. Barry watched him and his prick began to harden again as he thought about what a great housekeeper Jim was.

"And they say it's hard to get good help these days," Barry laughed out loud, and Jim smiled back, already eyeing Barry's growing cock.

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