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When I was in jail for a month, I got chosen to work in the kitchen.
My thought was "I don't want to be here, why are they asking me to
work here?" Well, the laundry crew was a group of guys, two hispanic,
one black, from the cell for the felons.They were each hot in their
own right and they each claimed to be straight but my ass was the one
that they all seemed to want a piece of. One day while we all were
doing our duties, the one black man of their crew came to the kitchen
for a free drink. I had the pleasure of serving him. The boss lady of
the kitchen told us to go into the cooler and allow him to get his
drink. I guess she knew what was going on in his mind because we were
in the cooler for about ten minutes and she never said a word about
me being gone for such a long time.While we in the cooler, Mr. Mann,
thats what I'll call him, rubbed up against my ass and his dick was
hard and ready to explode. I leaned back against him and he put his
arms around me and started pumping his dick into my ass. He turned me
around and had me kneel in front of him. He unbuttoned his pants and
let them fall to the cooler floor. His dick was nine inches of hard,
uncut cock and ready to be drained. I licked my lips and took him in
my mouth and sucked that hot dick down to the base and lapped my
tongue at his low, heavy nuts. This drove Mr. Mann crazy. The
coolness of the cooler and the heat of my mouth sent him throgh the
roof. I loved his dick and I loved the way he was working it in and
out of my hungry mouth. Moaning and panting, he was begging me to get
his rocks off. Wanting to please and make him come back for more, I
did as he as asked. I licked the bottom of his cock and then went to
the bottom of his nuts and sucked them both into my mouth. Grabbing
hold of has fine ass, I went back to the tip of his dick and pulled
him all the way into my throat. Gagging just a little, my eyes were
glued to his face as he started pumping my mouth for all he was
worth. Though I wanted this fun to last, he was ready to unload his
manjuice of love and I wanted it. I wanted it all. Mr. Mann was at
the point of no return and trying to pull his stiff dick out of my
mouth. I guess he wanted to shoot his load on my face, but I kept him
inside my hungry mouth so that I could swallow every drop of his sex
juice. Holding my head once he realized that I wanted his semen, Mr.
Mann started drilling my mouth as if he were an oil rig that hit the
mother load. Gripping my head and holding me still, he started
shooting his sweet-salty load onto the back of my throat. Swallowing
all that I could, just a drop of his manjuice drbbled from my lips.
Gasping for breath, Mr. Mann slowly eased his softening cock from my
lips and ran it across my lips letting the last few dropplets smear
face. Once we were finished, he kissed me softly on the forhead and
patted my butt. Smiling at me as he reached for his drink, he leaned
into me and said "we will do this again before one of us is
released". And we did... twice more in the cooler and three times in
the laundry room. I miss him and think of him often and hope that he
is being loved and appreciated the way he should be loved.

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