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22.My Best Business Trip

On a business trip, I stayed over a night at a classy executive hotel. My client really rolled out the red carpet and put me up in an elegant suite with a beautiful marble garden-style hot tub jacuzzi. That evening I was laying on the bed feeling lonely so I decided to hit the lounge for a couple of drinks. I was pleasantly surprised when got there as they had a piano bar and the piano player was a smooth young latino twink. He was playing his heart out and was quite a crowd pleaser. He was also raking in the tips that night so he was having a lot of fun with it. I sat at a table adjacent to the piano bar so I'd have a good view of this latino stud and played it careful not to drool too openly. I drank my first drink fast but then sat there the rest of the evening nursing my second one admiring this guy. As the night waned on, the crowd began to filter out and I moved over to the piano bar. During a long break, the latino stud said, "I know you have been watching me all night, I saw you out of the corner of my eye." I smiled and just said I liked jazz piano. He said, "I can tell it's more than that." I admitted this was true and he said, "I get off at 2:00." My heart pounded when he said it. Could this gorgeous guy really be interested in me? I dug deep for courage and said, "I'm going to take a dip in the jacuzzi... would you like to join me?" He smiled and said, "I'd love to but I'm supposed to meet a friend, can he COME too." He emphasized the word "come" to mean "cum" so I knew exactly what he meant. I had never had a threesome but had always want to try it so I said, "Sure, that would be fun. I'm in room 433D." "I'll go get it ready for you." I left the bar and raced up to my room. I ran the water and lit all the candles. I even placed some of the candles near a mirror so they would create a seductive reflective glow. I tested and set the water temperature control so it was perfect. I debated what to be wearing when they arrived but I finally decided to go with a robe with nothing underneath. Then I waited... and I'm not good at this. When the knock on the door came, my heart leaped out of my body. I peeped through the hole and saw not one but two gorgeous latino twinks. I thought how could I be so lucky. I opened the door and let them both in. After a couple of minutes of awkward talking, the conversation eased into a comfortable tempo. I guided them over to the jacuzzi. The other one who hadn¹t said much asked, "Do you mind if we take off our clothes." "Not at all," I said. "Make yourselves comfortable. I hope you like candles." The piano player said, "They seem to create the perfect atmosphere. Thank you for making it so special." Both of their smooth naked bodies were chiseled perfection. Washer board ripples on their flat stomachs and large regal cocks. They each turned and helped me off with my robe. As I stood there naked before them, I wondered about what might happen next. The piano player said, "I think he needs loosening up." Just then, the other one pushed me gently toward the jacuzzi until I sat on the edge. He then started sucking my cock, stopping every few minutes to look up and say, "You like?" I affirmed with groans of pleasure. Then the piano player joined in and they took turns sucking my cock until I began to cum. They both held open their mouths and I squirted cum across both of their faces. Then they said, "Let's get into the jacuzzi." We settled down into the jacuzzi and took time to just relax to the warm pleasure. Then the piano player laughed and said, "Have you ever tried letting the jet go up your ass?" I was embarrassed by the suggestion but both of them smiled at each other and found a jet. They used their strong arms to position their bodies just right and began moaning with pleasure. "You gotta try this," the other one said. They were having such a good time, it was contagious so I found a jet. I had a little trouble getting into position but once I did I knew why they were going on so. It was wonderful and I vowed to get a jacuzzi for home. They both laughed at the suggestion and we began playing water games splashing water at each other. It was the most fun I had had in a long time. About this time, the piano player moved over toward me. He grabbed hold of both my shoulders and wrapped his legs up around my neck. "Your turn," he said as he maneuvered his ass up on my chest and stuck his cock in my face. I scooted into a better position and began sucking his cock. He lean back in the water and stuck his head underwater as he screamed. It didn't take long until he came all over my face. Right as he came, he let go with his strong legs and sunk back in the water. He looked over at the other one and said, "You¹re up." The other one came over and positioned himself like the piano player had done. He had a longer cock and I had to go very deep throat to get it all in. I sucked him until I was near exhaustion and just about the time I thought he'd never cum, he squirted hot jism right in my mouth. He kept his cock right up in my face for a long time and squeezed hard with his legs like he never wanted to let go. Finally, he said, "That was the best blowjob I've ever had." After this, we all became very quiet and relaxed for a while. We all slept together that night holding each other. It was the best business trip I've ever taken (oh, and I did get the account!).

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