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15.texi driver

Some years ago, I had the luck to work in Tunisia for about two and a
half months, in the resort of Hammamet. There were plenty of
beautiful men around, but I was put off by all the young guys who
constantly hassled you on the beach, hinting at sex and then asking
for money. When I declined their offer they would often persist in
hassling me, sometimes becoming abusive and raising their voices,
although I have to say I never had the threat of physical violence.
Maybe it was just their ego that was wounded – the fact that I would
turn them down rather than pay them a few pounds. Then again, rent
boys have never been my style – nothing against them, it's just not
for me personally. However – that didn't prevent me from meeting
several Tunisian men who jumped at the chance of getting their cock
sucked by a tourist.

One of these guys was a regular of mine – a taxi driver called (I
think) Adel. My hotel was about a 4 mile drive from the centre of
Hammamet and so I needed to use taxis on a regular basis. There were
always plenty of taxis around, and the luxury of this was that you
could always be choosy and pick one with a good-looking driver in
order to enjoy the scenery on the way home.

On this particular day my eye was caught by a very handsome guy, sat
at the wheel of his taxi waiting for a fare. He was about 30 years
old with a beautiful olive complexion, jet black hair, and one of
those beautiful thick, jet black moustaches that so many Arabs and
Turks wear. He also had a days growth of stubble which made him even
sexier. I got into the front passenger seat beside him and told him
where I was going. As I did, I glanced down and saw that he was
wearing thin cotton trousers that showed all too clearly that he
dressed to the left. There was a beautiful little bulge that lay
between his thigh and the inside leg of his trousers.

About a mile down the quiet coast road, in the company of this man, I
was starting to feel incredibly horny. I couldn't stop looking at
that packet of Tunisian meat just a few feet away from me. He was
just staring blankly at the road ahead and I knew it was down to me
to make a move. I slid down in my seat a little and spread my legs
apart, resting my hands on my knees. It worked, the movement made
him turn around and look at me. As he did, I slowly ran my right
hand right down the inside of my thigh, as if I were caressing it,
bringing my hand to rest underneath my crotch so that I could feel my
fingers against my arse. I turned around and he was watching
intently. Now it was HIM staring at ME! I continued to stroke the
inside of my leg, glanced at him and then let my eyes drop to his
bulge. Taking one hand off the wheel, the taxi driver re-arranged
himself through his trousers and, in it's new position I could see it
was far from soft. He continued watching me and so I reached across
and put my hand on his right leg. He responded by taking it in his
own hand and placing it over his cock and balls. I gently stroked
his cock through his trousers as we drove along, but he seemed
agitated – his breathing already erratic. He moved my hand away and
raised his hips, unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. The
head was already glistening with pre-cum. I reached across again and
took it in my hand. Within 3 or 4 strokes he gasped and shot his
load, cursing as it landed on his light coloured trousers. He pulled
out a tissue and did his best to mop himself up and within a minute
we were at my hotel.

A few days later I was walking close to the hotel when I heard the
beep of a car horn. I turned around to see my horny taxi driver
smiling at me and beckoning me in. I didn't need a taxi bur I wasn't
about to turn down another chance of that cock. This time he was
prepared. Almost as soon as we set off he was pulling his cock out
of his trousers. This time I bent down and sucked him while he drove
up and down the deserted coast road. He lasted longer and came with
such a powerful orgasm that the taxi shuddered to a halt as he sat
groaning and pumping his cock into my face.

Altogether I probably went driving with Adel about 7 or 8 times. He
invited me to go to his house in the next village but somehow I never got around to it.

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