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18.a chance meeting

I saw him at the Hyderabad Airport.... and GOD ! I didn't even know what hit me.

O.K, I was going to Ahmedabad, for the summer, visiting relatives. The flight was scheduled around 5 p.m. and I reached the airport well ahead of the check-in time. Having gone through the normal process of checking in the luggage and taking my boarding pass I settled down to wait for the security check call.

Let me tell you here that having been the target of incessant terrorist attacks and a few hijacks the Indian Government, the various airlines and the airport authorities are very sensitive about security and we have numerous frisks and checks at the various stages of departure. One being to have to identify your checked-in baggage before you can board the aircraft.

Well, here I sat, engrossed in my own thoughts when the overhead speaker crackled to announce that we were to proceed for the security check and await the boarding call. I got up and went through the usual process of getting frisked and my hand-baggage searched. Once over I went to the inner lounge and sat down to await the next announcement.

Soon it was announced that we should now proceed to identify our luggage and return to await the final departure call. I went out to the tarmac near the departure terminal block we were in and pointed out my suitcase to the officer on duty, got it marked and turned to re-enter the lounge. As I started down the long corridor I suddenly spotted HIM ! O, GOD !!! I stood rooted (honest) to the spot like a fool, gawking at this fabulous young guy as he walked by me, on his way to check his luggage!

Even today words fail me.... but atleast let me attempt at describing him a bit for you guys. He was about my height, not a day over 21 years (?), fair with kind of a translucent, soft skin, a face that could easily have launched a million ships! large black eyes and a mouth... OHHHH... so full, luscious and pink !!! AND the most amazing pair of ass I have ever seen ! It filled the seat of his tight jeans in a most tantalizing way. I kept staring at his ass, wishing that I could lay my dirty old hands on them! O, I could have spent hours just looking at them.... touching, caressing, kissing those marvelous twin globes !!! And he had this awfully innocent look about him that always has me panting ! .... I was DEFINATELY in LOVE !

Weak-kneed, I returned to my seat and sat down... my heart was thumping, the pulse raced, I felt flushed... in a word I was behaving like a teenager in the throes of his first love ! And at 37 that was quite surprising... but then, falling in love is the same, whether your 14 or 40 !

I got up and went to the smoking section of the lounge and started to chain smoke... something I don't do, as I watched him return and sit down by the side of an older person - was that his father... maybe an uncle...? ...or, for a moment my heart was ripped asunder by jealousy, could that be a lover ?? I kept on watching this absolutely gorgeous youth from where I sat and believe me, I found him stealing a few surreptitious glances towards my direction.... Was he watching me? ...or was I flattering myself ?

I stared more openly now as he sat there talking and smiling a lot with that guy, whom I had decided on being my enemy number one! I just took an instant dislike for that man and hated the very thought of him sitting SO close to my love.... But somehow didn't dare (?) to proceed any further to try and take my love story to the point where I could finally get my hands on those cheeks, rather than just sit and stare.... (A case of classical love set in the earlier, more restrictive ?) But I did notice him look more often in my direction and flash a few dazzling smiles at me !!

Just then we were asked to proceed to the aircraft and in the milling crowd I lost sight of him. Though I tried to catch another glimpse of my Adonis he had as if vanished in the crowd! Being an international flight, flying to Kuwait via Ahmedabad, I thought I may never get to see this kid again... and cursed myself all through the flight at not being a bit bolder and getting to talk to him.... but that other guy with him really bugged me !

At Ahmedabad, as I wheeled the cart to the conveyor belt to collect my luggage I saw HIM again, wheeling his cart... Well WOW! ... but before I could even think of what I should be doing that man walked right up behind my boy! After a while as he turned looking the other way my Adonis looked straight at me and SMILED!!! .....I just melted away. I now decided to write my hotel phone number on a piece of paper and pass it onto him... but before I could even scribble it the man was back by the side of the boy.... SHIT! I lost another chance.

Well, now I was sure this was it.... this was the last that I was going to see my love and walked out of the building with a heavy heart to take a cab to my hotel. A month passed, with me traveling all over the state and visiting my relatives but not for a single moment could I forget that youth at the airport. He seemed to constantly remain in my mind and I must have cursed myself silly in that period over having been such a fool... at not being able to get myself to make a contact with the boy that had stolen my heart. I practically gave up, thinking it was another of those instances where you just come across something you so desire but is impossible to get. But he remained in my inflamed mind....

Exactly 27 days later I was back in Ahmedabad, to take my return flight to Hyderabad. I walked in and checked in my luggage and waited for the call to proceed for security check. The call came right on time and I got up to join the line of passengers at the security check gate. As I waited I turned back.... AND, you could drop me with the flick of a feather.... HE WAS THERE !!!! and that repulsive man too - ugh!

He looked ravishing - a biege colored cargo pants and a short but loose white tee shirt. He was glowing in the early morning light as he looked at me and turned away only to look back once more and flash that sexy smile! I nearly did a jig right there...!!! In that single moment all the pangs of the past month was washed away as I looked on the innocent face of that boy, my love, my Adonis.... God, could this be true or was I dreaming?.... surely nature was trying to convey something.... this couldn't be just a coincidence ! One whole month and then we meet again most unexpectedly and on the same flight! going back to the same destination... OH, OH, ...OH !

This time I was clear in my mind as to what I had to do... I wasn't about to give up on this chance again. It surely was more than a mere coincidence, a casual chance meeting.... If we had met again the way we just had, it was for something more and I was going to DO something about it, surely.

He avoided looking at me as we sat in the lounge, but I quite openly stared at him. And as the call came we got up to board the bus that was to take us to the craft. I noticed that he purposefully pulled back and didn't get onto the first bus, which I had boarded....?!.... Anyway, as I settled down in my aisle seat I saw him enter the plane and walk down... As he passed me I let my fingers lightly touch his hand. Oooo..... he was SO soft and smooth.... I got an instant hard! He stopped, turned and took the seat right in front of me! But just then that man too got in and sat by his side! At that moment I must have used up all the choicest curses in my vocabulary, directed at this most annoying presence of that man!

I could do nothing but just sit and look upon the face of that most magnificent boy, so close... within my reach yet....

He sat absolutely quiet, as if lost in some private thought... occasionally turning his face oh so slightly allowing me to catch another glimpse of those luscious, full lips and those lovely large eyes with the jet black long lashes. Indeed I had an extremely pleasant flight back, what with the sight right in front of me! I took a scrap of paper and wrote down my name and phone number and put it in my pocket, a slight smile playing on my lips. In my minds eye I was picturing him in the nude and my hands parting those twin globes.... OH, I nearly shot right in my pants!

As we touched down at Hyderabad I quickly went into the building and taking a cart went to await the arrival of the baggage. He entered, looked around, got a cart and walked up straight to where I was standing and stood by my side. I turned, and there was that most hateful sight of the man right behind him... but it didn't bother me much just then. As more and more people crowded around the belt I got out the tiny slip and looked into his face... slowly I raised my hand and touched his, pushing the scrap of paper into his open palm and then realized that he too had passed me a piece of paper!!

I rushed home and waited for about an hour when I decided it was time to call... As I reached for the phone it rang! YES, it was HIM !!! and to make a long story short we planned to meet the next day at my place around after lunch....!!!!

I was in a daze for the rest of the day and went crazy the next day waiting for the appointed hour and his arrival..... Exactly at 2:30 the doorbell rang and I nearly broke my ankle in my hurry to open the door.

He stood there.... at my doorstep.......AH, I nearly swooned. We were barely able to shut the door before we pounced at each other like a couple of famished kittens. Our mouth came together and our tongues probed each other's throat... our hands were all over, searching, probing, feeling..... as I crushed him into me with a vice like grip. We were gasping for breath as I half carried, half pulled him into my bed room our mouth still glued together.

I sat him on the bed and just looked at this most beautiful person to have ever walked into my house. I ruffled his hair as he sat and smiled back at me... his hands caressing my bulging crotch. Cupping his face I started kissing him, his lovely eyes, his cute nose... his glowing cheeks and as I started moving lower I pushed him back onto the bed and was soon straddling him, but barely touching him with anything but my hands and mouth. I unbuttoned his shirt slowly, pulling it aside as my mouth sought and found his erect boy tits, nibbling and then lightly biting those mesmerizing nipples. Pulling the shirt off I moved even lower and was soon paying a lot of attention to his belly button as the room was filled with his loud moans. His hands were now in my hair, pulling my head more closer to his raging body as I alternated between his tits and the belly button, wetting his exposed torso with my trailing tongue.

Going back to his lips I once again inserted my tongue inside his lovely mouth and ground my hips into his pubes, rotating it furiously as our two encased cocks strained to get free. His arms went round my neck as he pulled me further into him... moaning loudly into my open mouth. He started to shudder as I continued to hump his pumping hips... but I didn't want it to end this soon, so I got back up and once again moved lower, kissing all the way down. I reached his waist and started to undo the single button and unzip his fly... His cock nearly flew into my face as I tugged at the zip - he wasn't wearing any underwear and ...

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