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34.double booking

Raj sighed with relief as he finished unpacking at the smart hotel in Bombay.He had just stripped down to his boxer shorts ready to take a shower when he heard a strange noise at the door. There was a series of clicks, as though someone were putting a keycard in the slot, and then he heard a male voice swearing. A moment after that, the door opened.

"Um, excuse me," Raj said, startled. as he glanced around in futility,looking for something to cover himself.

The man who had just let himself into Raj's room looked just as surprised. He let his garment bag slip off his shoulder. "This was supposed to be my room," he said awkwardly, holding out his key card. "The hotel must have made a mistake.Look the number is correct, room 302"

Raj shrugged. "It's not the end of the world. We'll call the front deskand get it straightened out." The desk clerk informed them that the hotel was fully booked and apologised for the error and offered to get the guest into a nearby hotel.

Raj looked at the man who was young, well built and had a soft gentle smile and sparking eyes. After considering for a moment, and never being one to pass over on opportunity, Raj extended his hand to
the other man. "I'm Raj. Why don't you stay here tonight? There's plentyof room," he said, gesturing towards the king-sized bed. "That is if you don't mind sharing a bed."

"That's really nice of you. I'm Ali." The man replied " I'm from a fairly simple background. We shared beds as kids all the time. It's no problem now"

They spent an amicable evening watching sports on TV and getting through a few beers from room service. and then went to bed. Raj was just drifting off to sleep when he felt the bed shift as Ali moved closer. He could feel the distinct sensation of Ali's erection brushing over his ass. He held still for a moment, aroused. He had hoped this would happen but now it had he wasn't sure how to react.His own cock grew instantly hard and he took a deep breath, moving his hand around his back and grasping Ali's cock.

"Oh yes," Ali moaned, pushing his hips forward, feeding his cock into Raj's fist. Raj grew bolder, turning over and holding Ali's prick firmly in his hand, jerking it the same way he would his own dick. Ali
reached over and moved down Raj's boxer shorts, releasing the erection that Raj had sported as soon as he had felt Ali's prick against his ass.

The men jerked each other quickly, their hands rubbing over each other's pricks. Raj felt Ali's cock growing even stiffer in his hand, and he squeezed back against it, feeling the stiff rod pulsing against his fingers. Ali thrust his hips up, fucking Raj's fist.

After a few minutes, Raj felt Ali's cock throb, and warm cum spilled over his hand. Ali gasped in pleasure and kept moving his hand over Raj's dick until Raj reached his own climax, spurting his spunk high in the air. There was jism all over both their hands and stomachs, making the sheets sticky. They
fell asleep, still holding each other's cock.

Late in the night, just before the sun started to peek through the window, Raj woke up with another hard-on. He shifted, noticing that Ali was awake, and just as hard as he was. "Ready for another round?" Raj whispered


Ali smiled in the darkness. "What did you have in mind?" Raj leaned over and pushed the sheet back, exposing Ali's stiff prick, which was still sticky with his cum. He opened his mouth and took a deep breath before pushing his lips down around Ali's shaft. Ali groaned in pleasure. Raj swirled his tongue around Ali's cockhead, tasting the salty remains of his spunk. As he sucked, he stroked his own cock.

The heady smell of Ali's jism and sweaty balls turned Raj on, and he sucked more eagerly, saliva dripping down Ali's cock. Raj groaned, pouring out his second load of cum onto the sheets, and sucking even harder on Ali's prick. Ali gave an answering grunt of delight and shot his load into Raj's mouth, coating his tongue with the warm, salty fluid.

They fell asleep again, and when they woke in the morning, they showered together, both getting erections in the process. "Once more " asked Ali and Raj turned and felt Ali rub his prick against his butt while holding his prick firmly in a soapy hand. They moved together and came again together.

Clean and freshly showered, Ali said he had an early morning meeting.and had to leave."Well," Ali said, shaking Raj's hand as he left. "I guess we should be grateful for that little hotel mix-up."

After he left, Raj ordered breakfast in his room and then a little late packed and went to reception to check out. he rang the bell and the receptionist came from a small side room. Raj nearly fell through the floor, it was Ali, a big smile on his face.

"Did you enjoy your stay, sir" he asked

"I certainly did," Raj said, still a little dazed..

"Then come again and recomend me, I mean us to your friends" Ali said, stamping the bill and handing it to Raj. " We always aim to please our special guests"

Raj is now a regular visitor to the hotel and when Ali is busy sometimes with another special guest, it seems another young man always seems to get double booked. I'm afraid however the name of the hotel slips my mind but one day you may find it and when you do just ask for Ali.

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