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Multimedia gallery man

Now i am this rather shy guy turned on to a burn by the many young arab guys
that lately grace the streets of my town. Their virile and elegant frames,
radiating a high charge of sexual energy, lean and agile to a point that
makes one wonder where such an accumulation of masculinity has been bred.
Their hansom dark eyes and sturdy curly hair go back ages to the greeks and
romans that have left us their marble and bronze bodies to leer at in the
many museums of the mediterranean. They are smallish but have a greatness
about them that makes one want to assume every risk to conquer their graces.
These effigies of lust and pure unspoiled sex wander the streets apparently
unaware of the effect they have. Their stern look does not invite, they have
a look about them that fully excludes anything even closely resembling gay
sex. So there am i, left sick of lusting after these dancing soldiers, their
golden frames smoothly caressing the tight jeans they ware, their cocks
playing hide an seek, with every movement giving way to tantalizingy
revealing moulds in their crotches, the lean and soft muscles of their
naturally sculpted chests floating below the subtle cloth of their flimsy
t-shirts. These boys beg to be serviced but do not give in, they are like a
divine punishment to the eternal craving for cum.

So there i am sitting in the tram, glad to be one of those fortunate enough
to have a seat, the hustle of the rush-hour presenting an endless parade of
legs, bags an skirts, pushing their way out and in of the tram at every
stop. The air filled with the urge to get away from work an enjoy what is
left of a hot and heavy day in early summer. It always fills me with a
languid ease to see my fellow citizens trying to gain a few seconds on a
wasted evening, whereas the hustle of bodies that surrounds me gives so many
opportunities to drink in the beauty of life in its many forms. Especially
sitting one gets to enjoy many an interesting package on eyelevel. And there
it happens, a young arab guy pushes forward his dancing frame and stops
right in front of me. Inviting me to the full sight of a magic bundle of
joy, virtually pushed it unto my lips. I stare in breathless wonder,
instantly producing an aching hard on. Of course the young god does not
notice. At the next stop he is swirled around but stops his crotch even
closer to my leering face, this time actually touching me, with a soft push
to my nose, that i can not help but find unnecessary but ever so exciting.
He now looks me in the eyes with this burning stern look that tells me to
back off, but at the same time, as if body and mind don't agree, pushing his
crotch against me again. I cannot help but noticing that some activity is
pushing up the light blue and slightly tattered cloth of his tight jeans. Is
he producing a hard on as well? I try to engage his eyes but there is no
reaction, figure me catching the clean cut dick of this young god, no that
would be too much for me. He starts making preparations to get off the tram
at the next stop. Acting on instinct i follow him. He rushes to the other
side of the street, but i notice he looks back over his shoulder as if to
ascertain the tram really left. He hastily paces the small streets of the
inner city, i follow him close enough to enjoy the sight of his tight bums
working hard against his trousers and to appreciate the strength of his
short strong legs. Suddenly he slows down and looks back over his shoulder
again, we have reached the famous red light district of our city, where sex
runs off the walls and spills over on the pavement. Whispering doormen try
to lure any passing single male into their theatres with raunchy promises.
The Arab god does not seem to care and slowly walks as if meditating the
sense of being and the direction of the universe. I, as a matter of fact, am
so hot and excited that i could cream at the meer touch of his hand. Our
journey has been going on for some ten minutes now an suddenly ends at the
box office of an adult video store advertizing big chested women and x-rated
action. I see him go in an decide the take the chance and follow. The
theatre's darkness at first blinds me and i stare at the small screen
showing a bunch of women doing things i'd prefer not to witness. After a
while i see my Arab god standing at the back of the room behind a small wall
that divides the space in two but still allows you to see the area where an
arrangement of sofas facilitate the jacking off that goes on around. I move
myself next to the arab god, who pretends not to notice but sternly looks at
the women exposing their fleshy genitals. I see his hands playing with his
dick through his pockets. I do the same and cannot help being obsessed by
the soft play he treats his crotch to, wishing it would be me to bring him
to a close, feeding me his delicious cream. After a while of playing he
starts to open his fly an work his tool through there. By them i am so
excited i almost come, but still my god acts as if he was alone on the
planet, now taking out his tool, a small but precious gem, his fingers
slowly caress the perfectly sculpted top leaving the rest of his marvelous
virility exposed to my burning eyes. He slowly turn towards me and whispers
in a hoarse an hot voice, suck it and swallow. I go down to my knees and
almost loose consciousness taking the sweetness of his cock deep in me. I
caress his pecs from under his t-shirt, which he shortly after lifts over
his head also dropping his trousers to his ankles. Thus fully exposed the
magic of his rude but elegant body inciting me to work his tool to
perfection, licking his head and going into his piss hole, he starts
Whispering and small screams of joy escape his lusty lips. I have my hands
on his hard and solid buns, he starts to make slow fucking gestures, ramming
his tool deeper and deeper. I slowly separate his buns and he doesn't seem
to mind, i lick his balls and slowly go down to his ass, he moans yeah yeah
so i fully attack his hole, drooling on this rose of flesh that i open wide
by further separating his buns. He starts to jack-off wild while i work the
flexing muscles of his ass-hole, i enter a finger and hook it to the rectal
muscle that is by now in a spasm. He's close to coming so i swirl up to his
dick to take it in, i wouldn't want to loose a drip of his cum, i keep my
finger in his ass pushing it slowly. He explodes in at least six shots of
hot sweet cream, i can't help loosing some. I lick it off his hard belly and
his hard balls. My cum paints the small wall we had been standing against.
In the after-cum dip i keep on licking his balls and dick-head that still
gives out small drips of his magic liquid. After a while he dresses quickly,
taps my head in a friendly way an rushes out. I will probably never see him
again, but at least i've had my fill of this old superb race of magnificent
men. When next licking their marvelous frames with my hungry eyes i will
have this load on my mind, it will sooth me, but it has also planted a wild
desire to go for more.

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