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Multimedia gallery

80.real experience

This is the real experience. Let's experience this.
That day, we both were alone in his house. He was
black but handsome & looking very sexy in light
coloured cloths. We were sitting side by side
watching TV. Suddenly, he took my arm, brushed it on
his forehead, then, his cheeks & just kissed it. I
pulled it back to me. Within 1 minute, he did the
same again. This time, I tolerated the kiss on my arm
without pulling it back. He took the opportunity &
gave a second long kiss. I tried to pull it back but,
his kiss was very deep & wetty. After leaving my arm,
he just took me in his right arm & pulled me near to
him. He touched my cheek with his & rubbed it .
Suddenly, he gave a light kiss at my cheek. I
hesitated. Again, he touched his cheek to mine. This
time, he gave a deep kiss to my cheek. I could not
pull it back. He switched off TV, took me to his room
& just took me into his arm & kissed me deeply on my
cheek. I tried to stop but couldn’t. He relieved me
from that deep kiss but continued kissing on rest of
my face. His kisses were very wetty.

Now, he took me into his tight arm, & came much closer
to my lips. I was feeling his respiration on my lips.
He came further nearer to me, & touched my lips by his
lips. I felt his lips very spongy & I was very
hesitant. Now, he burshed my lips by his lips &
pressed it. I was feeling shameful & closed my eyes. I
was also feeling his lips very spongy. Now, he tried
to grab my lips into his mouth. I avoided. But, he was
holding me very tight. He again started grabbing it.
He grabbed my both the lips into his mouth & was
chewing it by his teech & tongue. I was feeling
wetness of his tongue & also shameful that my lips are
in his mouth & he is enjoying it. I tried to pull it
back but I could free only lower lip. My upper lip
was in his full control. His control on my upper lip
further tightened as he could take it further inside
in his mouth now. He was also testing upper lip from
various angles & movinig his mouth here & there.
Suddenly, I felt my hips are being pressed by his arm.
He pulled me near to him from hips & touched his
penis to me. I felt very shameful but couldn’t do

Now, he switched off the lights & asked me to remove
the clothes. I refused. Immediately, he pressed my
organ & asked whether now, will I open. I had to
start opening. When, I removed everything except
panty, he again pressed me tightly from my sex organ &
took my lips into his mouth. He himself pulled my
panty down. Now, he was in full clothes while I was
naked. He switched on the light, immediately took me
to his arm, thrown me on the bed & just slept over me.
From the side mirror, I could easily see myself lying
naked & he, the handsom dark guy over me. I could feel
the hardness of his organ & was getting very shameful.
He was just pressing my hips, waist & kissing me over
cheeks very fast. He just got up now, & switched off
the light. I couldn’t see anything. Within a minute, I
felt a jerk near my organ & he slept on me naked. It
was his organ pressiing my organ. His naked organ was
now behind my naked organ. Due to jerk, my mouth came
near to his, & he took no time in agaiin grabbing my
upper lip. From the top, he was chewing my lips. From
the bottom, he was pressing me by his organ. I was
fully within his control. By his arms, he was
pressing my hips & waist & making me further to feel
shameful. He was also movinig his hips side by side
by continuing pressure from his organ. After every
new pressure, I was feeling fully controlled & pressed
& trying to relieve myself. He continued eating my
lips. During the process, he also tested my cheeks
very fast. All his kisses were very wetty & deep. He
switched on the light also from side button. I could
see from the side mirror, my whole naked body being
pressed continuously by that dark naked guy. His
every new pressure was pushing me upside in the mirror
& making me highly stimulating.

Now, the frequency of his pressure started increasing.
Its intesity also increased. Many times, he totally
took me into his very close arm & chest & making me
feel like sticked to that dark guy. The increased
frequencey & intensity is also visible in the mirror.
The acceleration is going very fast now, & was fully
making me here & there. With the increased speed &
frequency of his pressure, suddenly he gave the
strongest jerk followed by 5-6 such jerk. These set
of 5-6 strongest jerks just fully sticked me with him
as the whole of our body was touching each other & was
being pressed by him strongly. He thus enjoyed my
naked body.

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