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Multimedia gallery steve

I'd met Steve at a party and we quickly warmed up to
each other. We were the only two single men there, and
we quickly decided that we didn't quite fit in. This
was when he suggested we go to his apartment a few
blocks away.
Inside, he fixed drinks for us, and we continued our
"We're both divorced," he began. "I'm glad to be out
of that poisonous relationship."
"Me, too," I said. "Do you date?"
"No, not now. At first, I tried dating, but I found
that most women our age are very hard-boiled, and not
much fn to be with. How about you?"
"I used to date at first too," I replied. "I found
the same thing you did. Most women I met had really
bad attitudes towards men. They were very distrustful,
and carrying a lot of emotional baggage.
"Nowadays if I feel horny, I just jack off. It's a
lot cheaper, and you don't have to say `I love you' or
any of that crap."
"Same here. Anyway, I found that sex with women isn't
all that great."
"Yeah, that's true," Steve said. "Anyway, I think a
guy can give a much better hand job than most women.
Most women don't know how to handle a penis." Hearing
this, I decided to take a chance and said:
"That's been my experience. Since my divorce, I've
jacked off with another guy a few times. It was a lot
better than with a woman. I felt the other guy really
understood me." Steve reacted by smiling, and replied:
"Well, then want to try it with me? We're alone now,
and I'm not expecting any company." When I nodded, he
stood and began disrobing. Steve was about my age,
early 40s, and almost as tall as my six feet. I stood
and began taking off my clothes as my heartbeat
increased with anticipation.
"Hey, you're not circumcised?" Steve commented as I
dropped my boxers to reveal my prick with its
long-nippled foreskin shrouding my big helmet.
"I noticed you are," I replied, wondering if the
difference was going to be a problem.
"Yeah, the fuckin' doctor cut me when I was born. He
told my parents it was cleaner to be cut, and they
believed him. I always hated it, and I really envy
guys who haven't been cut. They've got so much more to
play with, and their tips are more sensitive." He took
me by the hand and led me into the bathroom, saying:
"I figure you'd like to take a shower first. It's
been a hot day, and I think we'd both feel more
"I'd really like to take a shower now, especially if
you'll be joining me," I said encouragingly. Steve
turned on the water, and we stepped in, sliding the
door shut behind us. We began soaping ourselves, and
Steve moved behind me to do my back.
"I want to run my hands over your body a little," he
said. He put his arms around me and I felt him cupping
my balls while his other hand closed around my penis.
"That feels good," I said as I reached behind me to
clasp his penis, gently tweaking the head to stimulate
"You've got lots of skin," he said as he grasped the
end of my foreskin and began tugging gently on it.
"It's so long it forms a sort of nipple in front of
the head." I turned to face him, temporarily releasing
his prick, which had begun to swell under my touch.
Mine was swelling too.
"You've got a nice head on yours. It's helmet-shaped,
like mine," I said.
"I noticed the shape of your tip. It's so big it
showed through the skin, even when you were soft."
"You keep on pulling my foreskin like that you'll get
me hard pretty fast. I like the way you touch me," I
"Here, let me show you something first," he said.
"I've got a shower spray and it's really good on your
cock." He took down the shower head, which was at the
end of a long hose, and adjusted it to shoot hard
pulses of water in a narrow stream. "You know us cut
guys aren't as sensitive as uncut guys. This feels
really good on my cock-head. Maybe it'll feel really
good on yours too. I'm going to adjust the water as
hot as we can stand it."
"That looks interesting," I said noncommittally.
"Does your skin go back, or is it too tight?" he
"It slides back, Steve. Just push on it." Steve
pushed my hood all the way back to expose the head.
"Hey it locks behind the rim. I like that." He aimed
the stinging spray at my groin and I felt the sharp
impacts on my most sensitive parts. He now picked up
my cock, cupping the head and shaft in his left hand
while he directed the stream directly on my helmet. I
shuddered at the sudden sharp sensations.
"Wow! I never felt anything like that before," I
said. "That almost stings!"
"It's pretty intense, especially the first time, and
especially for an uncut guy. Your tip's a lot more
sensitive than mine. Now don't be surprised if it
makes you want to pee. Just let it happen, and don't
be embarrassed." Steve was right. The sharp stinging
jets, hot as I could stand them, played over the broad
upper surface of my glans and on the blunt front dome,
loosening my sphincter although I tried to hold it in.
"See, your stream's starting to flow," he said. "You
can't resist it. Nobody can. That hot water makes you
want to pee, and after you're empty it'll make your
cock hard. It does that to me too." A thick yellow
stream parted the lips of my slit, and we watched as
it gushed over Steve's lower legs on its way down to
the drain. My bladder emptied completely as I
shuddered with the intense feeling.
"You're right," I said. "It's intense, and really hot
and erotic."
"I know. This is gonna make you hard after you've
drained yourself." He lifted my prick as my flow
relented and directed the pulsing stream at the
underside of my helmet. The stinging jets hammered at
my hot spot under the head and I felt my prick
swelling even more.
"This is nice," I said. "I guess you could make me
come this way."
"I know I could make you come," he replied. My legs
began to tremble as he spoke because the stimulation
under my glans was so sharp and intense.
"You want to make me come here in the shower?" I
"No, then it would be over too quick," he answered.
"Look, now that your cock's all hard, you do it to
me." He handed me the spray head. I cupped my left
hand under his half-hard manhood and held it up,
aiming the spray right at the round front dome of his
helmet so that the hot jets would hit his orifice. I
saw the lips of his long slit parting under the
pressure of the water, and a moment later his yellow
stream gushed out, showering my stomach.
"That's really working on you too," I commented.
"Yeah, that's because it's hitting the nerves under
the surface too. It's like using a vibrator. You've
used one, haven't you?"
"I've got one," I said. "I sometimes use it for
variety when I get tired of just using my hand." Now
that his stream was gushing full force, I shifted my
aim to the underside of his head, right into the deep
"With a vibrator, it doesn't matter if you're cut or
not. It really works on you because it hits the
deep-seated nerve endings. It takes me a lot longer to
come using my hand." Steve's stream relented as his
prick hardened, and now we were both erect.
"Yours is a bit longer than mine," I observed. "I've
got exactly six inches. I measured it," I said with a
"I measured mine, too," he said, returning my grin.
"It's about six and a half."
"Your tip's longer than mine," I said. Mine's 1 7/8"
long and the same wide."
"I measured mine, too," he replied. "It's the same
width as yours and the length is ¼" longer."
"We both have flaring rims," I commented as I let go
of hs prick and returned the shower head to its
"Yeah, I think a flaring rim is so sexy," he said. "I
guess you can tell I'm really into cocks." His
confession made me feel that we had nothing to hide
from each other.
"I admire pricks too," I said. "I think there are a
lot of handsome ones out there, and that includes
yours. I really like the shape of the head on yours,
and the color too."
"It's purple, just like yours. Yours is a bit darker,
and smoother, because you've got all that skin
protecting it. Your skin's a real turn-on for me."
"I'm glad you like it, Steve. One woman wouldn't have
sex with me when she saw I was uncut."
"Oh, to hell with her. You're with me now, and I
really like your cock just the way it is, especially
the skin." He turned off the water and we dried each
other with the single towel from the rack. He took my
hand again and led me into the bedroom, where we sat
side by side on the edge of the queen-size bed.
"You like this, I know," I said as I grasped the
helmet of his penis between thumb and forefinger and
began squeezing it rhythmically.
"You bet I do. You really know what to do to a cock,
even one that's different from yours." Our pricks were
still hard, and my foreskin was still locked behind my
rim, leaving the head fully exposed like his. He
circled my shaft with thumb and forefinger and began
pulling back on the skin, and then bringing my
foreskin up to bump against my corona.
"You seem to know exactly what I like, too," I said.
"I can believe it when you say you're really into
"I like to study them, compare them, look at every
detail, especially if they're different from mine. I
like to study the head, because to me that's the most
beautiful part of a man's cock. Yours is different
from mine, for example."
"I know," I said. "Yours is a bit longer than mine.
Even though they're both helmet shaped, yours comes
almost to a point."
"I saw that. Yours is blunt at the end, and your
slit's different from mine."
"Your slit's longer," I said. It's also in a little
shallow groove at the front of the head."
"Your slit's not as long as mine, but now ...

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