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88.shown and cody

Shaun, who was 14, male and quite good looking had always thought about other guys. Especialy one of his friends named Cody, they had been best friends for years but nothing more. Cody was really into moto-cross, he never really won a race but always had fun.

In late August one year Shaun was invited along to a 3 day tournament, which Cody was riding in. All though that day Shaun was bored out of his mind, it got later, it was almost 11:00 when Cody got back from a late running race. He was covered in dirt and all sweaty and told his Dad he was tired so was going straight to bed. Shaun wanted this day to end too, so he went too.

They both climbed into the tent which was much too small for two 14 year olds. Shaun striped down to his boxers and t-shirt and climbed in his sleeping bag. It took Cody a while to get all his wet muddy stuff off. When he got down to his boxers and shirt, he noticed that his clothes were still quite wet.

"Um this might seem a little odd but u dont mind if I sleep naked do you?", asked Cody.

Shaun fell speachless, of course he didnt mind! But those words just wouldent come out of his mouth. Soon he got out "Sure...its...o..k"

Cody looking confused nevously took aff his cloths. Shaun caught a peek whenever he could. He just loved looking at his ass. Cody was nervous to turn around for some reason.

"Whats wrong Code?"

"Ah nothing could you kinda look the other way for a sec while i get in my sleeping bag?"

"Sure" Shaun Carefully looked away but just enough to see when Cody turned that he had a huge hard on. Shaun couldent help himself he looked over and stared at the huge rod that lay in frount of him.

"Hey!" said Cody, embarresed "You said you wouldent look" Cody waited for an answer but got none from the confused zombie staring at his cock "Dude, why are u staring at me are ya gay or something"

Shaun snaped out of his daze and blurted out with out thinking "Um..while its just so..big"

Cody leaned over sort of embarresed and said "Do u mabey wanna do something right now, I won't tell anybody if u dont"

Thats all it took for Shaun not get out of his sleeping bad and take off his few remaining cloths. The both knelt on the ground facing each other. Shaun moved first and felt Cody's sides. Cody then when straight at Shauns Cock. As he felt it he thought to himself how warm it was. He grabed Shaun's now giant shaft and started to pump it. But his hand were pushed away when Shaun's wouth dove at his cock. He only sucked it for a few minutes though, becouse then he layed down on this front and motioned Cody to get on top of him. Cody stuck his wet dick down my Shauns, almost twitching ass. He stuck his dick at his ass but it wouldent go in. He put his hand over Shauns mouth and whispered "Shhhh" in his ear and forced his dick in him as hard as he could. He took his hand away and started to work his hips in and out of his best friend. Shaun soon felt the warm liquid squirt into his ass and for some reason his own dick squirted also.

They layed there for a while Codies dick still is Shaun's ass. Shaun pulled his sleeping bag over them both and they slept the rest of the night just like that. I think you can imagine what they did the second night.

My parents had been divorced for a long time, my mother left when I was very young. I lived with my father. It was just he and I, and our dog, Lucky! For most part my dad and I got along very well. He was a good dad very loving and caring. When I was 16 years old my dad did something that really surprised meÂ…

One Saturday afternoon I had just gotten out of the shower, and my dad walked into the bathroom as I was drying off. My dad told me to wrap a towel around me, and go and lie on the bed. I did as he said, but wondering why he wanted me to do that. He stepped out of my room for a moment, when he came back he had baby oil, and a ruler. When he re-entered my room he said son I am going to check you to make sure you are growing ok, and that your body is working correctly. He walked over to the bed and removed my towel. When he did this my penis went from being small and limp to a full 5” inch hard on. He told me to just lie still and put my arms under my head.

This revealed my not very thick under arm hair. When he did this he felt under my arms starting at my right arm working his way to my left, and feeling of my nipples and chest in between. He said that I had very little under arm hair for a 16 year old and no chest or nipple hair. He then moved down to my stomach and pubic hair area. He felt and poked all around there making me only harder, and my dick had a little pre cum on it. He got the baby oil and rubs it in on the palm of his hand, and then proceeded to rub my penis with it. While he was doing this he asked me if I jacked off any, and I told him yes. He said today I am going to jack you off to make sure you ejaculate correctly.

He wrapped his big hands around my small hard penis, and moved it from one side to another and back and fourth then he continued to jack me off he paused for a moment to open my pea whole to look at the pre cum that had came out. He asked me if I was ready to cum I told him I would soon be ready. At this point he quit for a moment. He told me to left my legs up towards my stomach as far as I could get them. When I did this it exposed my balls and rectum very well. He felt of my balls, but said that exam would come in a few minutes. He once again went for the baby oil rubbing it on two of his fingers. He inserted one finger into my rectum asking me if it hurt. I replied back saying that it did it was very uncomfortable, I then felt him insert both fingers in and that hurt even more. It felt as if he kept them in there for 20 minutes feeling around and pulling them in and out. He then proceeded back to jacking me off this time much faster than the first and I was on the edge of cumming, and cumming hard. I had gotten very very hard during all of this. I actually even began to enjoy it. After about two minutes I finally shot a big huge load all over my dads hand and my stomach. He said good job son, and said that my semen looked fine. He got some tissue you paper and cleaned my penis off.

As my dad was just finished cleaning my penis. We heard a knock on our front door. It was one of my dads golf friends who had came to visit. He and my dad were very close. My dad explained to him what he was doing, and invited him in to help. So, here I lay fully naked and practically hairless in front of two 45 year old men. When Tom entered the room he said hi Alex, I understand we are doing an exam to you today. My dad told him what he had already examined. Tom stepped into my bathroom, to wash his hands while my dad was explaining that he was going to help him. When Tom came back into the room, he kind of took thing over. At this point I was still soft after cumming. Tom told me to stand up that he was going to measure my soft penis. I stood up facing both my dad and Tom. He took a hold of my small penis and measured it.

When he completed that he told me to turn around and to grab my ankles in which I did. They took the ruler, and ran it up and down my back checking to make sure it was straight. Then I heard Tom tell my dad to reach him the baby oil. Tom slicked his hand up and I told my dad to open my butt as far as he could. My dad stretched my butt cheeks as far a part as he could, and then I felt Tom insert two fingers into my anus, pulling them in and out. This made me very hard again. When Tom was finished he turned me around and now measured my hard penis. Then they told me to lie back down on the bed. When I got back onto the bed my dad told me to left my legs up to my stomach again. Exposing my balls, very well for them both, to see. Tom took his hand and rub up and down on my ball sac, and took his fingers and felt of each ball. Tom told my dad it would be a good idea for him to see my cum to, and that he should probably jack me off. I really didnÂ’t mind because I was so hard again at this point. It only took me about two minutes to cum.

That was pretty much end of it, it lasted probably about 10 minutes after that. Tom and my dad talked to me about Puberty while I lied there naked with semen all over me in front of them!

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