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95.varun 2


Varun loves when I slide my finger in his ass while he sucking or when I eat him. But he's always been hesitant to let me fuck him in the ass. "I don't know," he always says, "it looks like it hurts. "No matter how much I persuade him, I still can't convince him. he has two housemates, while I have my own place. As a result, we spend more time at my place. One Friday eve, we didn't feel like going out, so I rented a couple of movies. We did as we always do, watch the straight movie first and nibbling take out. Then, after the movie, we put on a porn tape and followed our inclinations. Well, the movie we saw was pretty hot. One scene showed a really hung stud working his tool into the tight backside of a sweet young thing. Varun stopped playing with me and sat watching. The guy slowly worked his cock into the boy, while he obviously liked it.

By the time the guy had 9 inches in the boy's butt, Varun was breathing hard. he bent to blow me, one finger working into my asshole. I worked his around on top of mind began eating him. I slipped one finger in his wet ass-hole, and then worked it into hearses. I worked anothis finger into his ass and his mouth went into high gear on my cock. Say what you like about anal sex; Varun gives the best head I've ever had. His ass was wet and slippery, but no matter how I pleaded,

he wouldn't let me slide my cock in his ass. "You saw that guy. I'm nowhere near that big." "It'll hurt." "I'll be gentle. I promise. If it hurts, I'll stop." "No, please, Ady. Please." he redoubled his efforts on my cock, his finger twirling in my asshole. I worked both fingers as deep as I could in his ass and concentrated on getting him off as hard as possible. "Stop," he said. "What?" "You're doing that on purpose. You never use two fingers." "They fit. That's how big my cock is." "No. Just no." "But you like my fingers..." Some guys I know would force him.

After all, if you likes two fingers, you gonna like my cock, right? But I'm not that kind of guy. Besides, even a finger in the ass hurts if you fight it. You've got to open up and relax or it's painful. "Ady, you're not mad at me, are you?" "I just really want to do it, that's all. I'll do whatever you want to do." "I'm sorry. I'm just scared." "It's ok, honey." he swung around and kissed my mouth. "Come on my face," he said. "You like that." It's true. Watching my come dribble off his lips, it was hard to stay angry.

The following Friday, Varun called me at work and invited me over. "all are away. We'll have the place to ourselves." So, at 7:00, I found myself ringing his doorbell, he met me wearing a tight pair of jeans and a white silk camisole. Varun is about 5' 6" and slim. "his ass is pure poetry. Two firm cheeks, long legs, and a small cock mound that just proudly out. Dark, dark pubic hair and when it's erect, sticks out of his pubic hair. In jeans, I come near creaming just watching his walk. he kissed me and locked the door behind me. "Put that away," he said. he had put a bunch of pillows on the floor and set up the VCR. he turned off all the lights except for one blue light. We both like blue light because it's real "night time" illumination instead of red, which is kind of tacky.

Anyway, he put his hands on my head and drew me to him. he kissed me, thrusting his tongue between my lips, while his cok ground against me. "Let's put on the movie," he said. When he started it, I was surprised to see it was the same movie from the week before. And it was cued to the ass-fucking scene. he stripped my pants off and, licking my belly, dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. That is my first preference to start any sex play with anyone.

I stroked his hair, feeling my balls tingle. God, the boy loved to suck dick. "Sit down," he said, "I bought you a present." I sat beside him, while he reached under the couch. "K-Y jelly?" I said. "You don't like it," he said, sounding hurt. "No, sweet. I'm surprised is all. You know what you use it for, right?" "That's why I bought it. All week I kept thinking that if he could do it," nodding toward the VCR, "so could I. But go slow, ok?" I stroked his hair and kissed his lips, nose, both eyes. "I promise. If it hurts, just say so and I'll stop." "You want me to suck you off first. You know, so you won't be so hot?" "I think I can handle it."

What can you say about a boy like that? I drew him to me and slid his jeans to his knees. I slid my finger up and down the crack. Varun moaned and bobbed his hips in time to my finger. "You're so sweet to do this," I said. "I want you to be happy," he said. "You make me happy." I slid his pants all the way off. I kissed his chest nipples, pinching the nipples between my lips. I lifted it and licked his belly, following the faint dark line down to his mound. I laid him back and, cupping his ass in my hands, I slid one finger in his ass, he jumped. "I'm sorry," he said, "I'm just nervous." "Not to worry, I'm hise." I spread his cheeks slightly and slid my finger just into the opening. Leaving it there, he started to clench his ass cheeks on my finger. I worked the finger deeper into his ass, past the muscle. I slid it back and forth in time to my finger. he began to buck.

"Oh Ady. Ady..." he whispered. His cheeks grabbed my finger so tight I couldn't have pulled it out and he rocked up and down on the finger. he sighed, froze, and relaxed. "Slip it out," he whispered and I started to curse myself. Now that he had come, he was going to regret his offer. "You don't want to..." "No Ady," he said. "Please. I want you to. "I put some jelly on my finger and touched his hole. he jumped. "It's cold." "Not for long." i slid it all over the hole, then puhed my finger inside. Lubricated by the K-Y and by our previous playing, it slipped deep inside. I took it out and put some K-Y on the tip of my cock.

I put him on his side and, using my hands to open his cheeks, brought my cock to touch his hole. he shivered and puhed back on my cock. It took a little working, but the head of my cock slipped into his ass. I stopped to let him get used to the feel, then spreading his cheeks wider, slid my cock in deeper. It hit the muscle and he jumped. "It hurts," he whispered. "Just relax. I'm not going any furthis. Just relax and get used to the feeling. "I stroked his side, then his belly. I kissed his neck and he arched. "Mmm," he said. I rubbed one hand against his cock mound. he raised one legs lightly, and I slid my hand on his cock. "No hurry," I told him. "We've got all night." "let’s start Deeper," he commanded. I slid my cock deeper in his ass. he gasped, then I popped the ring his ass muscle and my cock slid in.

I was in my honey's ass. The thought nearly made me cream. "I'll wait," I said. "Just relax and it'll be fine." he rocked slowly back and forth, my cock sliding in and out. "Don't move," he said, "I want to try this." he curled up, making his ass open and grab my cock. His cheeks touched my body. "That's it," I whispered. "That's as far as it goes." "Good," he said. His voice had that faraway sound it sometimes gets when he's really into his own pleasure. he opened his legs and put one leg behind me. Again and again he lifted, each time getting a little higher. Finally, he lifted so high, my cock slipped out of him. "Oh," he said. "Wait." He reached under and pointed my cock at his hole. With a swift motion, he sat on it. "Whew!" he said. He started rocking on my cock, squeezing his ass cheeks.

His breath started to come ragged and he slipped his hand to his own cock. "Ady," he whispered, "do it, fuck my ass." I started rocking in time to his own rhythm. God, he was tight. I could almost not move anyway, and when he squeezed, it nearly stopped me cold. His finger twirled around his pussy andhis rocking started to get more spasmodic. "Come," he whispered, "oh come in my ass." "I will. I'll come with you," I said, kissing his neck. "," he said, each word coming slow and distinct. He masturbated himself furiously and his hips rocking into mine got faster and faster. "Ady...I'" He squeezed my cock so hard I froze, the come beginning to explode in my testicles. "...come!" With a violent shudder, he pushed back on my cock. His cheeks suqeezed and squeezed. His body shuddered with wave after wave of coming. After one hour he told that there no more time to fucking as mom is expected any time, so please come fast as you can. My own orgasm started to rise and I was blind with frenzy, pumping his ass again and again. After 20 more minutes With a final thrust, my come pumped deep in his asshole, again and again. The force was strong enough, I felt it shoot back against me, leaking around my cock out of his asshole. We collapsed that way, my cock throbbing and his cheeks clenching and unclenching for a long time. We both shivered as the waves of our coming subsided. Finally, it was over. He twisted, and my cock slid out of his ass, followed by dripping come and K-Y. "That was nice," he said. "It really was." "I'm glad. I loved it. Did it hurt?" He sat up. "Yes," he said, smiling. "Let's wear the cloth I am not in position to take a second round of sucking your still hard cock then fucking in my mouth."

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