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101.Losing My Cherry

I had been chatting to Graham online for about a month when I agreed to
meet him. I'm 23, 5'4" and had never been with a guy, although like many
guys the thought had always appealed to me, and Graham was beginning to
sound more and more like the guy who was going to take my cherry.
Graham described himself as about 5'10", slim, 38 and with what he
described as a lovely cock! During our chats he put me at ease and said he
wouldn't do anything to me that I didn't want to do, and even though I
played the shy virgin I was desperate for a cock in me. He told me that he
had been with a lot of younger lads and would happily fuck me gently, or
fuck me hard, depending on how things went.
When I was about ready to meey him I had a couple of vodkas and called him.
It was the first time we had spoken on the phone, and he sounded quite
domineering and sure of himself. He suggested we meet up in a local car
park and then go back to his place which was just a short car ride away. I
agreed and told him I would be there by eight that evening.
I had a bath before I went, and I was full of nerves. What if he didn't
fancy me? What if I didn't fancy him? What if there was no chemistry
between us? I made up my mind that I just wanted to be fucked and as long
as he wasn't a complete idiot I would let him do whatever he wanted.
The hours seemed to drag like crazy, but before long I started my trek to
meet Graham. It helped that I had a few more vodkas in me! I had already
described to him that I would be in jeans and a t-shirt, and quite casual.
When I got to the car park there was a guy standing beside a rather new
Toyota sports car. He walked over to me and shook my hand, 'hi, I'm
Graham, you must be James'. He was good looking but not stunning, and was
dressed in a business suit. He seemed a bit older that 38, but I wasn't
going to let that bother me.
We made small talk as I got into the passenger seat of his car. He asked
me if I was feeling nervous, and I answered very. I didn't tell him that I
had never had a guy before, but he was easy going and friendly, and not too
bad looking either, for an older guy!
He parked and we walked up some stairs to his flat. It was large, and he
said he also worked there. We sat in the kitchen, and he asked if I wanted
something to drink, so I opted for a coffee, even though I would have much
prefered something a bit stronger! We sat in his kitchen, and he asked
about me and I asked about him, but the only thing going through my mind
was when are we going to get to the bedroom! And I didn't have too long to
After a while, without any warning whatsoever, Graham stood up, walked over
to me, grabbed my hand, looked me dead in the eyes and said 'lets go'. I
was so hard I thought my cock was going to rip my jeans open! We walked
into the bedroom which was lit with dim red lights, maybe he thought I was
a hooker! I asked him if it was alright if I got undressed without him in
the room and I'd climb into bed first, and then he could get in beside me,
and we could see what happens then. He said he was dissapointed that he
couldn't undress me, but he understood and didn't have a problem with it.
I started with my trainers, and then i took off my socks, my t-shirt, my
jeans and lastly my pants. It felt strange standing in some strangers flat
naked, someone I didn't know, a man. It was warm but I was shaking with
nervousness. I was glad Graham wasn't in the room as I didn't have the
confidence for him to see me with nothing on. I climbed into his warm bed,
which smelt clean and fresh, and wondered how many guys this man had fucked
on his bed. Graham tapped on the door and asked if it was ok to come in
now, I said yeah allok, and he came in.He was still fully dressed, and
had a huge grin on his face. He seemed to speed through taking his clothes
off, but left his pants on! He then got into the bed beside me, and he
brushed my nipple with his fingers. I was rigid with fear and horniness.
He trailed a finger down my body and grabbed my cock. He stroked it, and
then he lay back, and gestured for me to touch him.
I put my hand stright down his pants. He cock was soft and warm, but
within seconds had grown hard and hot. I took his pants off and his cock
sprung to attention, and I gently started to masturbate him. He shut his
eyes and started to groan, so I slightly increased my wanking speed. After
a few minutes of this I have to be honest I was bored, so I made the
suggestion that I suck it. Without much hesitation he agreed, and I lay
back on the bed as he straddled me, and his hard long cock was just inches
from my mouth and getting closer! I opened my mouth and his cock went
straight in, and I gagged! He was slowly pushing into my mouth, and I
could taste his pre-cum on my tongue, and it was the oddest, yet horniest,
taste I had ever had. His balls were rubbing against my chin, and all I
could see was his pubes in front of me, and my mouth was just full of cock!
This continued for a while, and when he pulled out of my mouth all I could
taste was cock. Anyone thats tried it knows exactly what I mean.
I laid back onto a pillow, and he reached down and brought up a bottle of
baby oil! He put some into his hand and rubbed his cock with it, and then
slapped some onto my asshole. I asked him what the best position was due
to my 'inexperience' (he still didn't know I was a virgin) and he said that
if I lay down and he enter me from the top would be the easiest for me. I
went along with whatever he was saying, he was the expert after all. There
was me, naked, liberal amounts of baby oil covering my ass, an older, sexy
man with a rock hard cock about to fuck me! I spread my legs wider as he
moved into position on top of me. He started to rub the head of his cock
against my virgin asshole, and then he gave a push, and then I felt him
enter my body. He stopped and asked if I was ok, to which I bit my bottom
lip and said everythings ok. He pushed some more, and it felt as if he was
filling my entire body. Then after what seemed an etenity he said 'its all
the way in now'. I felt with my hand, and indeed, his cock had entered my
body, my asshole had swallowed every inch of it, which I didn't think was
He started to pump into me. I watched him: his eyes were closed, there
were beads of sweat on his forehead, he had a hairy chest and dark nipples,
and I know he'll hate me saying this, he was well on the way to balding!
My legs were spread and over his arms, and I watched and felt as his cock
stretched my tight little asshole. I instinctively put my arms above my
head and pushed against the headboard as he fucked me. He began to lick
one of my nipples and I felt in total exctasy. My hole was filled with his
gorgeous cock.
After just a few minutes he said 'i'm coming, i'm coming!'. I could feel
his cock harden even more, and then I felt my asshole go really wet and I
knew he had shot his load of spunk deep into my ass. He fucked me really
hard whilst he was spunking into my bowels, gripping my shoulders, I tried
to grip onto his cock with my ass but he was too big for that.
He lay on top of me sweating, which was dripping onto my face! I had his
juices on me, in me, all over me! We lay there for a couple of minutes,
and then I got up, cleaned myself off and made a hasty exit. Its not that
I didn't enjoy it, boy did I, I just wanted to get home and have a wank!

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