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Multimedia gallery

102.Main Course

It was nearly impossible to get a table at Reno's on a Friday night, but one of John's friends was working as the maitre d' and had gotten them a reservation. The food was perfect, the wine was expensive but excellent, and John and Barry were having a great time. Barry dropped his napkin, and slid under the table to get it. Well he was down there, he noticed that John's cock was hard, throbbing underneath his pants. He knew that wine always made John horny and he grinned as an idea came to him.

Moving forward, Barry slipped his hand up John's thighs. He felt him start, but knew he wouldn't be able to do anything without attracting attention to himself. He slowly unzipped John's pants, and reached inside his boxers, pulling out John's stiff prick.

"What are you doing?" John hissed, putting his hands on Barry's head and scooting away a little bit.

"Relax," Barry whispered back. He leaned down and sucked John's swollen shaft into his mouth. He heard and John moan in pleasure as his tongue traveled to down the length of John's shaft, teasing the sensitive vein on the underside with the lightest of touches. Being careful not to bump his head on the table, Barry shifted forward, sucking John's stick even more deeply into his mouth. He knew that trying to keep quiet while he was blowing them would drive John crazy with lust.

John shifted back slightly, allowing Barry freer access to his dick, and Barry took the opportunity, sliding his mouth all the way down John's boner until the hairs were tickling his nose. He could hear the sounds of conversation, silverware clinking against plates, and the waiters talking to each other. His own cock was stiff inside his pants when he thought that no one knew what he was doing right then.

Moving back slightly, Barry wrapped his hand around John's stick and begin to pump up and down as he sucked on the swollen head. Unlike most men, John's cockhead was hardly defined at all, but it was incredibly sensitive, and as Barry ran his tongue over the head and palmed the shaft firmly, he could feel John's balls tightening as a heavy load built up inside them. John moved his hands back to Barry's head, and urging him to suck faster. He couldn't move his hips because it would have drawn too much attention to what they were doing, but Barry could feel the muscles in John's thighs tight from the tension of his impending orgasm.

The waiter came by, and inquired whether everything was all right, and John answered in a strangled tone as Barry chuckled to himself, squeezing John's balls just as he tried to speak. John's hands pressed more firmly against his head and knew that he was going to shoot his load at any moment. Barry pulled back slightly again, and slid his tongue into the slit at the head of John's dick. John groaned once more and then Barry felt John's cock throbbing as he sent to his cum streaming into John's mouth. Barry licked John's cock clean and then slid back up to his seat, holding his napkin. "Found it," he said cheerfully, smiling at John. John's face was flushed and he was breathing heavily.

"Would you care for any dessert?" the waiter asked, stopping at their table.

"Oh no thanks," Barry said cheerfully. "I couldn't eat another bite." Barry reached under the table and rubbed his own hard-on as he grinned at John. He knew John would get his dessert later that night.

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