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Multimedia gallery

103.Making Him Wait

Tonight, I was going to make him wait. He was used to getting off quickly, stuffing his cock in my mouth, jerking my dick until I came. Not tonight. I wanted him to wait for it.

So we kissed for a while, and I stripped off his clothes, piece by piece, kissing his muscular chest and then pulling down his pants, rubbing my mouth over his hot cock through his underwear. But then, instead of pulling down his pants, I told him to lie down on the bed and that I'd be right back.

Five minutes passed. Ten. I sat in the living room, my own cock burning a hole through my pants. I heard him shift on the bed, and smiled. He didn't have the nerve to jerk himself off. When twenty minutes had gone by, I went back into the bedroom and undressed for him, showing off my body. I flexed my biceps, bent over so he could see my ass when I pulled off my pants. Turned around, made my cock flex against my stomach.

He moaned, reaching for me, but I stepped away. I could see his prick dripping with pre-cum, making his underwear wet. I could tell he wanted nothing more than for me to suck his dick, so I decided to keep him in suspense. I straddled his chest and started jerking my cock.

I wrapped my whole fist around my shaft and pushed up and down, bunching the skin around the head, watching the head bulge, swollen and purple with each stroke. He was licking his lips, and I could tell he wanted to suck my cock. I just smiled down at him and kept rubbing my prick, feeling the smooth skin under my fingers. Every time I felt my balls start to tighten, I pinched my prick and held it back. I didn't want to come too soon.

I bent down and rubbed my hard cock all over his face, watching him move his head, trying to catch my dick between his lips, but I jerked it away whenever he came close. He was practically drooling, he wanted to suck it so badly.

Climbing off the bed, I took off his underwear, and then told him to roll over. I could see that his cock was rock-hard, probably stiffer than I had ever seen it before. He lay on the bed, his arms flat by his sides, and moaned softly, rubbing his hips against the bedspread. I smiled and left the room again, my cock bobbing as the air brushed over it.

I could hear him moving in there, trying not to rub so much that he came, but desperate to relieve some of the pressure on his prick. I peeked in through the door, looking at his tight ass as he flexed his buns, driving his dick into the bed. My own cock was getting harder and harder, and I took pleasure in thinking that the delay was making me as hot as it was him.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore either, I had to come. I went into the bedroom and told him to kneel, clasping his hands behind his back. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, and I fed him my straining cock. He sucked on it eagerly. Usually he would have rather jerked my prick than sucked it, but tonight he was happily working his tongue and lips over my meat, moaning happily.

Reaching down, I grabbed his hair and held his head in place as I began to drive my dick in and out of his mouth. I was enjoying this. I looked down to make sure his hands were still clasped behind his back, and saw that his dick was throbbing against his stomach. If I didn't let him come soon, I thought he might explode.

Giving a few more rough thrusts into his mouth, I grunted in pleasure and released my load down his throat. I let go of his hair and pulled my dick out. He knelt there, looking up at me, licking his lips, begging me to suck him off.

I decided to let him come, but not in my mouth. Pushing him onto his back, his hands still clasped uncomfortably behind his back, I knelt beside him and wrapped my fist around his prick, which felt like it was on fire, it was so hot and hard. I jerked his dick with short, firm strokes, pumping faster and faster until he came, jets of white cum spurting out of his swollen dickhead. I'd never seen him shoot such a big load before.

Groaning, he relaxed on the bed, rubbing his cum into his skin. I licked my hand clean and lay down beside him. It had definitely been worth making him wait for that

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