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107.Spicy Cuban

Spicy Cuban
"Taste this," Javier said, pressing a spicy red pepper against Perry's lips. Perry took a gentle bite, feeling the hot flavor explode inside his mouth. Perry's eyes watered and he reached for a glass of water as Javier laughed. "Too hot for you?"

"When are we going to eat?" Perry asked. "You've been cooking for hours." He took another sip of water and then slid his hand down Javier's slim chest to the bulge at the front of his tight jeans. He caressed Javier's rising hard-on as he leaned forward, kissing him softly and nipping lightly at Javier's lower lip.

"Well, I'll be done cooking in a few minutes," Javier said. He moved Perry's hand and eased down his zipper, pulling out his short, thick, uncut cock. He eased back the foreskin, rolling his thumb around the head and then pulled his finger up, offering a taste of his juices to Perry. "But you can eat whenever you want," Javier said as Perry ran his tongue over Javier's thumb.

As Javier turned back to the stove, Perry slid his hands down over Javier's thighs as he knelt, his face even with Javier's cock. Perry licked Javier's cock from root to tip, sliding the tip of his tongue underneath Javier's foreskin, tasting the same juices he had licked off Javier's thumb. Javier gripped the handle of the wooden spoon tighter as Perry moved his lips down Javier's prick.

The warm, dark skin of Javier's dick slipped slowly between Perry's lips. He used his tongue to slide the foreskin back and forth, covering and then uncovering the head. Javier groaned quietly, the sound almost lost in the sizzle of the food on the stove. Since Javier's prick wasn't very long, Perry was able to take it all the way down to his balls, licking and sucking, getting him wetter and wetter.

"Keep that up and I'm going to come," Javier said. He turned down the heat on the stove and shifted, putting his hands lightly on the back of Perry's head, pushing his cock in faster and faster. When he came, he let out a long, low whistle, his dark brown eyes closing as his cock spurted, his cum pouring down Perry's throat as he swallowed every drop.

"Dinner's ready," Javier said weakly, smiling as Perry licked his cock clean. They sat down to eat, the hot flavors of the Cuban food mixing with the taste of Javier's jism on his tongue. As they ate, Javier reached over, running his hand lightly up the inside of Perry's thighs, teasing his cock to full hardness.

"Ready for dessert?" Perry asked when they were done. Javier smiled, pushing Perry's chair back lightly as Perry unzipped his pants, freeing the erection that had been building all through dinner. His cock was long and slender, with a thick, pointed cockhead, dripping with pre-cum. Javier licked the length of Perry's shaft before sliding the head into his mouth.

Rather than trying to swallow all of Perry's prick, Javier wrapped his warm, brown hand around Perry's dick, pushing the head in and out of his mouth. He paused, rubbing the heated rod over his face, letting the combination of saliva and pre-cum push over his skin.

Javier's hand was moving quickly over Perry's cock, jerking faster and faster as Perry lifted his hips, pushing his dick in and out of Javier's warm fist. Javier rubbed Perry's cockhead back and forth over his lips, still stroking his shaft. Perry gasped and came, his cum pouring out over Javier's lips, dripping down in thick streams as Javier extended his tongue, licking it off with relish. All in all, it had been an incredible meal.

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