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vb - Man Private Parts


My dad is an airline pilot, so when I was growing up we would
occasionally use his flight privileges to travel overseas, as well as
within the U.S. When I was 18 we went to Egypt just Dad, Mom, and
me. One of the first things I
noticed was how intently many Egyptian men would look at me, at least
when I was not in the company of my parents. I didn't realize it at
the time, but now I realize that they were coming on to me. It
happened first with a bell hop, and then with a young guy in a gift
shop. The gift shop guy struck up a conversation and invited me to go
to his house "to listen to music," but of course I could not take him
up on that invitation.

About half way through the trip I was not feeling too good so I
straggled behind the tour group when we were at the temple of
Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh who dressed like a man, on the West bank
of the Nile (if I remember correctly this was 20 years ago). As I
went into one of the rooms of the temple, I was followed by an Arab
man who was dressed in the traditional Bedouin robe. He started
pointing at the hieroglyphics and explaining to me in his very
limited English what each represented. "Water." "Hatshepsut." And so
on. As he did this he got closer and closer to me until his crotch
was pressed up against my thigh. It was very obvious that he had a
hard-on. I was taken completely off guard and did not know how to
react, so when he motioned for me to follow him, I did.

He led me to a stairwell that led down into a storage room of some
sort. The stairwell curved so that you could not see the bottom of
the stairs from the top. Or maybe the stairs just came to a dead end,
because I know we didn't actually go into a room, and I don't
remember what the room was like, if there was one. We just stood at
the bottom of the stairs, and he took my hand and put it on his dick.
I squeezed it through his robe, feeling its warm hardness as well as
the smoothness of his large, loose-hanging balls. By now I was
getting quite excited, too. I guess the idea of having sex with a man
in an Egyptian temple was blowing my mind.

But there were other things to blow, so I dropped to my knees, lifted
his robe, and pulled his cock and balls out of the underwear-like
garment that he was wearing. Although there had not been anyone else
in the vicinity when we descended the stairwell, I wasn't sure how
safe we were from passers-by, so I didn't waste anytime chowing down
on his hot, hard cock. I'm also really turned on by big balls, so I
sucked his balls while I stroked his dick, then returned my mouth to
his cock when it seemed like he was getting ready to shoot.

It didn't take long. I looked up at his face as he was coming, and he
seemed to be quite shocked. Maybe he wasn't expecting me to suck him
or to swallow his come? Maybe all he expected was a hand job? I
thought afterwards, he probably thought I was an incredibly decadent,
perverted Westerner, but on the other hand, it seemed like he must
have done this before with other young, unaccompanied Western males,
or he would not have been so bold.

I slurped the last few drops of cum from his softening dick. I had
just let his robe fall down around his knees and was starting to
stand up when we heard a sound. I turned and saw my dad coming
partway down the stairs (probably looking for me). But he quickly did
an about-face and went back up the way he had come.

Busted! Man, I was so embarrassed! My Egyptian blow-buddy and I
waited a couple of minutes before ascending the stairs. In the
meantime my dad had rejoined the tour group, and I eventually (very
sheepishly) did the same.

He didn't say anything to me about it until two days later, when my
mom went off somewhere and we were alone in a hotel room near Luxor.
It was obvious that he had just been waiting for the opportunity and
had planned what he was going to say and do. "John," he said with a smirk, "if
you're going to have sex with men, for God's sake don't be doing it in public places
The end

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