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undress - Man

116. Sex for the first time

This is more than twenty years ago at the time I was in my teens,
in Islamabad, Pakistan. I was always attracted to guys while growing up
into being a teanager. Now I had this one neighbour by the name of
Assad who lived next door to me and probably was about 10 years older to
me. Whenever he met me in our building he always made passes to me and
tried to touch me at places that was not meant to be touched. I was
very naive and did not understand what this meant. No doubut I enjoyed
it and use to get a hard on which he noticed everytime, as he was much
older and matured.

One day Assad approached me with frankness saying that he liked me and
wanted fuck me. I was stunned and yet excited but didn't express it out
to him that I felt the same. Finally his persuation tempted me to do
it. He invited me over one day to his house as his family was away for
the week end. I willing went over to his house next door. Assad and my
self were very nervous, since for both of us it was having sex for the
very first time. Any way he made the first move. He told me that he
had a big lund and if I wanted to see it. I said yes and O Boy when he
untied his Salwar there came out his 8" thick lund which was hard and
erect. The head of his lund was pink in colour. Assad came closer to me
with his hard lund and touched my small growing up dick which was
already hard. He asked me to remove all my clothing and he did it. Now
we were completed naked and Assad started rubbing my ass and my entire
body. That felt so nice and I was really liking it. He made me to lay
down on his bed and started to get over one me. His body was warm as
though he had a fever and the warmess made me horny and I felt the sense
of closess. He kissed me on my lips softely and put his tounge deep
into my mouth that was sensational and the kissing and rubbing went on
for a long time. Then he sat down on my chest with his leg apart and
pused his lund toward my mouth and asked me to suck it. It was first
time in my life that I sucked some'sone lund and having no experience my
teeths keept on hurting his lund and he told me to be gentle and said
that just imagine you are sucking a Kulfi with your tounge and avoid
your teeths touching it. I did it the way he wanted it and he throughly
enjoying it and started to make some sounds which made me scared but
then I began to realize that this sound was his excitment and he was
enjoying every moment of the suck.

Now came the hardest part Assad asked me to lay on my belly and that he
was to fuck me. I told his this was the first time and that I was a
virgin and that he should be gentle. He assured me that he will be
very gentle and will remove lund off the moment it started to hurt me.
He stepped out a while and came back on the bed with a bottle of
Coconut oil and greased his lund with the oil and poured some on my ass
hole. Then he stated to push his lund into my ass which was very very
tight and more because I was nervous as well. Gosh the first time his
knob pierced my ass - It was trrible, I literally saw Stars and tears
rolled out from my eyes and I started to screem AH AH. At this point
Assad removed his lund out soon and said once I was relaxed he can try
it again. After some time he stated to again try to fuck me and kept
telling me to open up my ass hole and only the knob will hurt me. I was
really ejoying it as well as the pain was tremendous but I bore it and
allowed Assad to fuck me hard. My ass was really hurting and I felt a
little rupture in the skin as well but the feeling of Assad just being
in me made me bear all that. Finally I could feel Assad ejaculting deep
in me and I could feel his cum rushing into me and I was gald it was
over as the pain was terrible and felt I never wanted to have sex any
more. The next day was ass hole was sowlen and sored for a couple of
day which was very dicomforting. But as time passed by and Assad and
my self had sex more regularly I learned to be relaxed and it not so
hurting as it was the first time.

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