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tieddesat - Man

119.Room With a View

The heat woke Sam in the middle of the night. He walked to the window to adjust the air conditioner, but his eye was caught by movements in the apartment across from him. The curtains were open. Two men were on the bed, their mouths around each other's cocks. The lights were on, so Sam could see clearly into the room, watching as the men sucked each other off.

Sam watched in amazement. He had never even seen his neighbor for more than a few minutes, and now here he was with another man's dick in his mouth, his tight, hairy ass squeezing as he thrust his own prick into the other man's mouth.

Despite the cool air blowing from the air conditioner, Sam's prick grew instantly hard as he watched the men sucking each other's cocks. He slid his hand under his boxer shorts and rubbed his dick. The men were sucking faster. He could see his neighbor's balls tightening, getting ready to come. He sat back and Sam licked his lips, ogling his broad cock, which was tight and red.

His neighbor stroked his cock lightly a few times and then his cock throbbed, ropes of white semen jetting out and into his partner's waiting mouth. In a flash, the other man came too, his cum pouring out of his cock and landing on his stomach. Sam's knees grew weak and he held onto the windowsill as he pumped his dick furiously. The men were licking cum off each other, and Sam grunted, shooting his load into the whirring air conditioner.

The next morning, Sam ran to the window as soon as he woke up, but the curtains were closed. In the shower, he jerked himself off again, remembering the way the men's cocks had been shiny and throbbing red just before they had come. He waited all day for night to fall, and then positioned himself on his bed so he'd have a clear view if the men were back tonight.

And they were. Sam had a better chance to look at them. His neighbor was a slender black man with wide, bulging muscles. His partner, the same man as last night, Sam recognized his thick cock, was dark-skinned and so hairy Sam thought it might feel like fur to touch him.

His neighbor knelt and sucked the other man's straining dick into his mouth. Sam was amazed at the way he easily swallowed his partner's thick cock, pushing his mouth all the way down his shaft, pressing his chin into his balls. The man's ass cheeks flexed and tightened as he drove his shaft into Sam's neighbor's mouth, his balls bouncing lightly against the other man's chin. Sam watched as his neighbor widened his mouth and grasped the other man's ass tight, his broad hands spreading over his muscular buns.

Trying to match his strokes to the men's movements, Sam covered his cock with baby oil and rubbed it, slipping his fingers over the slick head. The men moved to the bed, pumping each other's cocks and licking wherever their tongues touched. The neighbor reached for a bottle of baby oil just like the one Sam had just used and greased up the other man's thick prick, making the head bulge as he squeezed the thick shaft.

Still pumping his cock, Sam's breath caught in his throat as he saw his neighbor bend over, exposing his lightly furred ass. His cock bobbed gently as his partner moved forward on the bed and placed his wide hands on his ass, spreading it wide and pressing his cockhead on the dark pucker of the other man's asshole.

Sam's hand slid down under his balls and he experimentally pressed a finger against his own asshole as he watched his neighbor's being spread wide by the bulging cock invading him. His eyes were closed and he stroked his dick as the other man slowly buried his cock in his anus.

The men fucked slowly, moving away from each other and then back together. The neighbor was biting his lip and fucking back lightly. The other man's cock seemed to spread his ass incredibly wide, the head nearly popping out as he moved back, and then pushing back in slowly.

Sam was shaking as he watched the erotic scene unfolding so close in front of him. He had wormed an oily finger into his ass and was pressing it in more firmly as his dick throbbed in his fist. He watched as his neighbor thrust his hips forward and spurted his cum over the wall beside the bed. The other man thrust deep into his ass a few more times and then yanked his cock free just in time for Sam to see it jerking like a fire hose, spunk spewing from the bulbous head and landing in streaks on his neighbor's ass.

Shoving his finger deep inside his own ass, Sam clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. Semen jetted from his throbbing dick, shooting all the way up to his chest and dripping down, spurt after spurt after spurt. When he finished, he opened his eyes weakly and looked at the men. His neighbor was already hard again, offering his dick to his partner.

Sam laughed. He'd never be able to keep up with them. But he hoped they'd be back tomorrow night, because he had a great view.

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