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132.Our Littlest Angel

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any
resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is
purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually
explicit behavior between consenting boys. If it is illegal for you
to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read

The people in this story do not use protection because diseases
don't exist here. However, in our world they do so please use
caution and protection.

This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or
copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be changed
in any way without the expressed written consent of the author. This
story may not be put on any pay to view site.

I reply to all emails, except flames. You may write me at

I hope you enjoy this story.
Miguel Sanchez

Our Littlest Angel

Pieter Stoltz was a shy quiet boy and when his mother moved to
England from Germany, he became even more so. When he was ten, his
mother moved here after her bitter divorce became final. She
enrolled him in the local public school but shortly after that, he
would come home with cuts and bruises and his clothes would be dirty
and torn. This went on for several days when his mother finally
asked him, "Why are you always coming home like this?"

Pieter looked sadly at his mother and said, "The boys in school make
fun of me. They make fun of my accent and that I don't know English
very well."

She sat down and said, "Hergekommen mein Sohn."

Pieter slowly walked over to his mother. As she lifted him onto her
lap he started to cry saying, "Why don't they like me?"

"They don't know you like I do son," she started saying. "Kids can
be so cruel at times when they meet someone different than
themselves. It's not right and I will talk with the principle and
have him put a stop to this."

"I don't know if that will stop it or not," he said crying
harder. "I just wish I knew English better."

His mother understood that problem all too well. Her grasp of
English wasn't that strong and she knew Pieter's English would
improve in time but she didn't like having to see her only child
coming home every day battered and bruised.

She looked at him and said, "How about I get you a tutor to help you
with your English? This way you will learn the language faster and
the boys should stop bullying you. So you think that might help?"

Pieter looked at the floor and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't
know," he said softly.

She lifted his chin and said, "You need to stop being so shy too
son. Have you made any friends in your class?"

Pieter just shook his head no and hopped off her lap heading for his
room. He flopped down on his bed and looking at the ceiling
said, "Why don't people like me?"

The next day she went to his school and had a talk with his
principal and told him what was happening to Pieter. He too knew
that children can be cruel to those different than them but he
wouldn't stand for them acting like hooligans. "I'm terribly sorry
for the way your son is being treated here Ms. Stoltz. I will speak
with the children and inform them that this kind of behavior is
unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

"Thank you mien Herr," she said shaking his hand.

"You're very welcome," he said smiling.

That afternoon the principal held an assembly and told all the
students that bullying others would not be tolerated and any reports
would be thoroughly investigated. When they learned who the
offending person or persons were, they would be met with swift

The bullying stopped at school but Pieter was still very shy. Just
after his eleventh birthday she decided that she could no longer
stand to see him moping around the house without friends. One
afternoon when she was shopping, she was trying to tell the butcher
what it was she wanted but her accent was preventing the man from
understanding her. "The lady wants a kilo of German sausage," I said
to the butcher.

"Danke schön mein Herr," she said smiling.

"You're welcome Fräulein," I said.

The woman started to leave the counter then looked at me and
said, "Excuse me sir, but would you happen to teach English?"

I smiled and said, "I am a teacher, but not of English. I teach
music at St. Joseph's Boys School."

She nodded her head and said, "I noticed your faint German accent.
How did you lose it? My son is having problems speaking the language
here and I'm looking for a tutor to help him."

"Does he go to St. Joseph's?" I asked.

"Nein" she said. "He is in the public school."

"What time is he out?" I asked.

"Three," she said.

"Why don't you have him come by tomorrow afternoon," I said. "I'll
be in Room 15. If he gets lost, have him ask for Michael Joest. What
is your son's name?"

"Danke Herr Joest," she said smiling. "His name is Pieter Stoltz.
How did you lose your accent?"

"Singing and with time it lessened," I said. "And your name is

"Gertrude, Gertrude Stoltz," She said sighing. "He hasn't sung in
over 2 years. He had a beautiful voice and was always singing before
we moved here but suddenly he stopped."

"How old is he?" I inquired.

"He just turned eleven," she said.

I didn't think his voice was changing this soon. I needed to find
out what happened to cause him to stop singing. "I'll be glad to
work with him and see what I can do for him, I said smiling. "I have
choir rehearsal at four and I would like to have him stay for it if
that won't be a problem."

"Nein Herr Joest," she said. "Danke Herr Joest for trying to help

I left the market and went home still trying to figure out why a
child would suddenly stop singing. Usually when a child suddenly
stops doing something they enjoy it's because of some sort of
trauma. Now I just had to find out what."

Pieter's mother left the market and went home to find him sitting
there crying, scraped and bruised. "What happened?" She asked as she
started to clean her son up.

"Some boy started picking on me and I decided I wasn't going to take
it any more," he said. "So I called him a scheiße koph."

She looked up at him and said, "Pieter Stoltz, you know better than
to use words like that."

"I'm sorry mom," he said looking at the floor. "I guess I'm not the
only one around who knows German either because that really made him

"What am I going to do with you?" she said sounding frustrated.

"Sorry mom," he said.

Pieter went over to the table and sat down as his mother said, "Do
you remember when I said I was thinking about getting you a tutor
for your English?"

Pieter looked up and said, "Yes."

"Well I found you one," she said as Pieter looked totally
disinterested in what she was saying. "He is the music teacher over
at St. Joseph's Boys School."

"Do I have to?" Pieter asked staring at the table.

"Yes," his mother said strongly. "I want you to give him a chance
Pieter. His name is Herr Michael Joest. He said he will be in room
15. He'll be expecting you tomorrow afternoon so you're to go there
straight from school."

When his mother spoke in that tone he knew he had better listen to
her. He looked up at her and said, "Yes ma'am."

He got up and went into his room and lay on his bed until dinner.
His mind went back to what he heard his mother say the man did at
the school. Music was the one thing that Pieter used to live for.
More to the point Pieter used to love to sing. It was his life and
his very reason for getting up each day and going to school and

He had worked hard in the church choir to make first seat soprano.
He was a frequent soloist and a boy the choir master used to love to
work with. Pieter used to sing duets with his best friend Klaus
Shultz. Klaus was the perfect alto to his soprano and together, they
could harmonize like a pair of angels.

Pieter's day dream was interrupted by his mother
saying, "Hergekommen Pieter, schnell."

He washed his face and hands and sat down as his mother fixed his
plate. "Have you done your lessons?" She asked as she set his plate
in front of him.

"I will," he said putting a mouthful of sausage into his mouth.

"Don't forget you have to get a bath too young man," she said.

He sighed rolling his eyes and said, "I will mom. Don't I always get
my lessons done?"

"Yes you do son," she said looking at him. "But you usually start on
them before dinner."

"I know," he said sighing. "I just didn't plan on getting beat up

Mother and son finally finished their dinner then Pieter went back
to his room to do his lessons. Almost two hours later, Pieter
emerged with a pair of clean underwear heading for the bathroom. He
drew his bath then climbed in and stretched out to relax and soak.

He closed his eyes and drifted back to his time in Germany. Back
then he was a shy boy but he did have friends. Klaus was his best
friend ever since he was a small boy and the two of them were always
together playing happily as young boys do. When school wasn't in
session, they were sleeping at one another's house. Pieter loved
Klaus as if he was his brother and he didn't see anything wrong with
that. ...

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