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135.Old Hank gets Gobbled by a twink-turkey

I was about to figure I had it bad this one Thanksgiving. My wife
was going to her family for the holiday but the particular job I had
precluded me having the day off and joining her. The older kids were
all doing their thing while the younger ones were with their mother.
My oldest son was in college and was suoopsedly spending the day
with his girlfriend and her family. I would find out later that he
was actually fucking her brother who was his real "girlfriend".
Meanwhile I was horny. I got off work and heated up a nice turkey
dinner my wife had thoughtfully made up for me while I made part of
my next day's lunch to go with the part she'd made.
I ate while considering how thankful I was to have a decent job
that paid well even though I didnt have the day off that year, and
that my daughter was out of juvie for prostitution. I was also
thinking about getting my cock sucked by one of my
homosexual "friends" since I needed to relieve my sexual tensions.
I was going to call a few to see if any of them were available and
was glad that there were dudes who liked to suck my 45 year old
uncut cock while I was sweaty from work. I had the little black book
out and was pondering whether to call the old guy with full dentures
or chance one of the young suckers in their twenties being home.
I jumped when the phone rang, thinking it most likely was my wife
or one of the kids. It turned out to be Mikey the nineteen going on
twenty year old bleached blond fairy who liked us real men. We
talked a while and then he asked "My place or yours?"
I had no idea when my wife or kids would call or return and knew
they would be suspicious as hell if they called or came home and I
wasnt there. I had a plan since our room was at the rear of the
double-wide. I had had another guy sneak out the back window and
slink away and with it being dark it would be easy to 86 Mikey if
anyone came or even called.
"Come on over." I said.
I didnt bother taking any shower or anything and remained dressed,
since Mikey likes the smell and taste of us real men. I ate dinner
and drank a beer, rested on the couch, another beer on the coffee
table, and almost dozed off when I heard a motorcycle pull into the
drive. I looked out to see the golden bleached blond head of Mikey
as he hung his helmet on the handlebar and trotted up. I told him
where to stash his bike so he could make it in case anyone came home
and led him there. We went in the back door and I got my beer and
led him to our room. I watched him do a kind of strip-tease although
he wasnt much to look at, resembling a titless woman but with a
woman's figure made possible by his being about twenty pounds
underweight. He was an inch shy of 6' compared to my 5'6" and
weighed a hundred pounds less than my 260.
He did a bump-and-grind his ass number for me as well as knelt in a
seductive way to open his mouth and then kissed my crotch through my
dirty levis. He then stood up and helped me strip. I shucked my work
shirt with its sweat-stained armpits but left on my wife-beater,
then lay back while he unlaced and pulled off my work boots to
reveal my sweaty and tell-tale gray work socks that I'd worn since
Monday. He then pulled them off with his teeth with a little help
from his hands while more of the stench of my sweaty dogs filled the
room, then he licked and sucked them while my dick stirred in my
pants. He sucked my big toes then undid my pants, unbuttoning the
fly, pulling down my shorts and sucking my semi-erect cock into his
mouth, making it feel great as he licked under my foreskin and
deeply inhaled the nasty smelling bass fart I ripped. My dick felt
great as he licked my couple days of head-cheeze off it and from
under my foreskin and swallowed it with my hardening cock in his
mouth. He also hummed in delight although it must have been living
hell smelling my crotch odors and tasting my dick, not to mention
the fart I put to him. It all made me and my cock feel great, that I
was putting it to him and that he was showing me the like and
respect all us men are entitled to and that his kind owe us. He then
unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my top levi button to get his face
deeper into my crotch under my gut. His pussy-like lips were now
kissing my pubes as he took all five and a half inches of my dick
into his cock-loving mouth. I felt good in his throat as he fellated
me. I instinctively thrust in his mouth and we got our rythm as he
fulfilled his obligation to me. I was in seventh heaven looking at
his head from under the bottoms of my glasses as it dissappeared
beneath my gut with each stroke on my cock. I was in seventh heaven,
him being one of the best cocksuckers with teeth to please me and my
love muscle. My dick felt better and better as he fellated me, I
could feel it get even stiffer as he worked his magic gobbling it
with slowly increasing strokes and then I was getting my urges. This
time I just let the cocksucker fellate me to orgasm. I sometimes
grab a cocksucker's head and fuck it like we men fuck any other cunt
but this time around I was enjoying him doing the work of pleasing
me and my penis. I did thrust a bit more and then erupted in a
beautiful feeling orgasm that he sucked out of my cock, swallowing
as I shot, his throat contracting, making me feel even better as I
thrust my hips to shove it farther down his throat while he met my
thrusts with loving enthusiasm. I was in extacy as I enjoyed
ejaculating in his great cunt of a mouth. I was breathing a bit hard
but nowhere near as hard as when I fuck ass or cunt.
I let the cocksucker finish sucking it til I was spent and he
continued to suck just to enjoy the pleasure of pleasing me as well
as the great taste of a man's cock and cum. I got off another fart
which he inhaled and he kept sucking on me til most of the fart had
passed in and out of his lungs. I lit up a fag and smoked it while
he continued to suck, then held out the butt for him.
He sucked off of my cock, kissed it and my sweaty scrotum, then
nuzzled in my crotch beneath my balls, then took and finished the
cig. He put it out and asked me how I liked it. "Your mouth is a
great cunt." I told him. He thanked me for the complement as well as
for letting him suck me off. I wiggled my toes for him and he took
the hint and went to work licking and sucking my grungy feet. It
felt great, especially since he had a knack for making mens' feet
feel great without tickling them. My dick hardened as he sucked way
on my tired dogs and fellated my toes. I could also feel the good
tingle of him licking under my toenails as he tried to lick some of
the dirt from under them. The only thing missing at all was a nice
lady or a fellow man like myself to share this beautiful experience
with. I decided I'd call Ken in a week and make a date to share
Mikey or Pat, or preferably both perverts, with him.
Had Pat come over I might have also had pulled out my rim-chair
and sat on it so Pat could get under it for my anal pleasure and
maybe fucked his ass in return. I could have fucked Mikey's ass but
than I decided it was enough under these circumstance to get a good
blowjob and I didnt fancy having to take a shower that night just to
wash some asshole's shit off my dick. As it was it was better not to
have my rim chair in here that night since there's no decent place
to stash it in the room with the way my wife pokes around sometimes
or cleans when she feels like it.
She still doesnt know that I like to use males to satisfy my sexual
needs, nor did she know much at all of the bike activity I did back
then, since she went on only a couple of "special" runs where we
left mistresses and sissies behind to show our wives or "regular"
girlfriends that it was all innocent fun of puttin' and camping,
like a phoney G rated version of our enjoyable X rated activities.
After Mikey finished me feet I shucked my levis and shorts and led
him to the bathroom where he knelt before me in the tub and took my
cock in his mouth. I gave him a drink of warm beer on tap and was
pleased he didnt let any leak out to run down my legs like some of
the freaks did to us men.
I told him to get dressed. He did and then kissed my cock and left
out the back door. He kicked his bike over and took off out the side
drive and up the street. I put on my shorts and old striped night
shirt and went to bed for a great night's sleep til the wife and
daughter arrived home, none the wiser that Mikey had done what my
wife should have done.
I was lucky to have met and fucked quality lays like Mikey and
bisexual Patrick, especiallly as I got older and lost my chubby
handsomeness. My wife never did like giving head, the first time she
did she quit in the middle of it to make me take a shower, saying
she hated my crotch odor, then gave me a lousy blow and rudely spat
out what little of my cum actually entered her mouth before she
yanked her head back from me. The second time a year later she
pulled off before I was anywhere near cumming and went and puked,
and I had taken a shower just for the occasion. She liked getting
fucked in the missionary position til I got heavier but she had no
room to bitch since she ate like a sow and had gone from looking
like a pretty lady to a man with tits and long hair. As for her
giving up her ass, forget it. I had merely mentioned the subject
once and she went off the deep-end. As for my sex life, I'm thankful
for the homos and the low-class biker chicks who did fulfil their
sexual obligation to me.

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