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143.Never Before

"Don't tell me you've never been with a guy before," Phil said, trailing his fingers up the inside of Jack's hairy thigh. "Never even had one guy suck your cock?" Jack's cock was tenting his shorts, the pre-cum leaking through the thin cotton fabric, and Phil moved his fingers up, tweaking Jack's cockhead and then chuckling when Jack groaned, his hips bucking up.

"No," Jack breathed. His eyes were riveted on Phil's erection, which was pulsing under his pants. "But I want to."

"Ooh good," Phil said. He reached for Jack's waistband and pulled down his shorts, inhaling when Jack's hard prick sprang out. "You've got a beautiful cock. I've been dying to suck it all day." He wrapped his hand around the shaft and pumped it lightly, and Jack moaned, his eyes fluttering closed as his head dropped back. "Yeah, you like that?" he asked. "Feel good?"

"Shit yeah," Jack moaned. He reached out for Phil's cock, putting his hand on the bulge in Phil's shorts and squeezing, their cocks pulsing together.

"Then wait until you feel this," Phil said. He moved down, spreading Jack's legs wide and leaned over, sucking on the round eggs of Jack's balls, licking the skin as Jack shivered in delight. Then he pulled the skin tight around the base of Jack's dick and took it into his mouth.

Jack gasped, pushing his hips up, feeding the length of his rod into Phil's mouth. Phil began sucking him rhythmically, pumping up and down with his lips, running his tongue along the vein on the underside. Jack was trembling with pleasure, his heart racing as he moaned incoherently.

Phil's hand moved down onto Jack's shaft again, and he pumped it as he sucked the head. Jack groaned and then shouted, and his cock throbbed, ropes of cum spilling into Phil's waiting mouth. Phil sat back, swallowing and then licking his lips. "Your cum tastes so good," he said. "Want to taste mine?"

When Jack nodded, Phil stood up, letting his shorts drop around his ankles, his cock bouncing out and waving in front of Jack's face. He held it as Jack tentatively licked the head, tasting him, and then opened his mouth, wanting more. Slowly, Phil fed his prick into Jack's mouth, the smooth skin easing over Jack's tongue.

"Easy, cowboy," Phil chuckled as Jack tried to take him down to the base. "A little at a time." Jack closed his mouth, his lips tugging hard at Phil's cock, and began sucking him off. He copied the movements Phil had made, his tongue flicking at the pulsing head as his mouth made Phil wetter and wetter.

"Take it, take it," Phil groaned, and he pushed his hips forward until Jack had his entire prick in his mouth. He slid his hips back and forth, fucking Jack's mouth with his hard, wet prick. Jack's hands were cupping Phil's ass, pushing him in further and further, until his balls were flat against Jack's chin.

"Yes!" Phil shouted, and came in Jack's mouth. His prick pulsed quickly at first, letting out streams of salty jism. Jack swallowed rapidly, taking it all, and when Phil pulled his cock out, Jack caught it, licking it clean, savoring every last drop.

"Sure you've never done that before?" Phil asked, sighing in pleasure.

"Never before," Jack said. "But I'll sure be doing it again."

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