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It was summer vacation, and my twin brother was coming down to spend
the summer with me and my Mom. We were 13, and our parents were
divorced. Finally, he arrived. My Mom was at work. When he came in,
I hugged him and told him how much I missed him. We hugged for a
while. It'd been 3years since we were together. We sat on the couch
talking and catching up. We'd talk about all the things we used to
do. Suddenly, he brought up the times we masterbated together. He
told me how he enjoyed it and stuff. I told him how I liked it, too.
After talking for a while, we went to our bedroom so he could
unpack. I helped him unpack. Then, I noticed fluffy gloves under his
underwear. I pulled it out and asked him what it was. He said it was
a glove for giving massages. He told me how he massaged a friend of
his, and how his friend massaged him. I asked him if he'd
demonstrate it on me. He said "Ok. Take off your clothes and lay on
your back." I did what he said. Then, he put the fluffy gloves and
started caressing my chest with'em. It felt so good. The fur on the
gloves made my nipples hard and felt really nice when he rubbed my
chest with it. Next, he started rubbing my belly with the gloves.
Every now and then he'd rub a little closer to my cock. Whenever he
passed the glove close enough, I felt a sensation in my balls and my
cock got harder. I felt the fur touch the tip of my cock head, and
my cock jumped. My brother asked me if I was enjoying it. I told him
not to stop. It felt wonderful. He nodded and started on my legs. He
rubbed the fluffy gloves over my shins, past my knees, and stopped
at my upper thighs…only half an inch from my balls. Then, he rubbed
back down to my feet. I just laid there with my eyes closed enjoying
the massage. Secretly hoping he'd touch my cock some more. Everytime
he reached my thighs, he'd get a little closer, but never touch my
cock. The teasing was just driving me crazy. I was horney as hell
from the belly massage. He saw how hard I was, and finally started
on my cock. He rubbed my cock up and down with the gloves. The fur
on my hard cock felt so good. I just laid there asking him not to
stop. I felt my orgasm building from the rubbing and caressing. He
rubbed my cock with one glove-covered hand and my balls with the
other. He felt I was getting ready to cum and took off the gloves.
He started stroking my cock faster and faster with his bare hand. I
exploded all over his hand. I came and came. When I finally stopped,
he asked me how it was. I told him, it was awesome. We must do that
again. And, we did. Everytime he came down, he gave me a massage. I
returned the favor, but that's another story.

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