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a c - Man Private Parts


I'm Mark...a 33 year old out english gay guy and I've been lucky enough to sleep and have sex with lots of gorgeous guys including some great
and very sexy arabic and turkish guys. I live in London, which is a
very cosmopolitan city, and have met some nice arabic and turkish
guys.I have also been to Turkey and Tunisia twice and I thought I
might recount a meeting I had when I went to Tunisia the first time.

I had been in Tunisia for about 4 days of a 7 day holiday when I
decided to take a stroll along a street which was only about 2-3
minutes from the hotel. The street was a mixture of tourist shops and
food shops and most of the stores stayed open until about 10pm. As is
my way when im looking around these shops I can't help noticing the
shop owners as well and there was one guy in a tourist shop who
particularly took my eye. He was about 6ft 2, dark hair,moustache and
a hairy chest,slim and in his early to mid 40's. Just my type.While I
was walking round his shop I couldn't help but make eye contact with
him and before I knew it he was suggesting I come back when the shop
closed although he didn't explain why. Well of course, I had already
decided what he was thinking of, even if he hadn't verbalised it. At
just after 10pm-when all the other shops were closed I went back to
the shop and found the door a jar.I can't say I wasn't nervous,
becauseI was, but it was an excited nervousness, fuelled by what I
thoughtwould happen.When I went through the door I found myself in the
darkened shop-the guy appeared out of the back of the shop and went
and closed the door-motioning me to go and sit down at a chair in the
back of the shop.
When he returned he did one of the most sexy things that has happened
to me. He just walked up to the chair and undid his belt and trousers
and whopped out this thick 6-7 inch cock, which was already semi-
erect and said "this is what you want?" Well I didn't even reply-i
just swallowed his dick with my lips and sucked his dick till it was
fully erect. After a few minutes he motioned me to get up and he led
me into the a backroom where he had a small single bed in the
corner.He then got me to strip off and he also removed his clothes.He
then told me to get on the bed and before I had a chance he was
trying to stick his throbbing thick cock up my arse with a bit of
saliva for lubrication. I turned round and offered him a condom and
lubricated my arse with some gel I had brought along. A few moments
later he was fucking my arse doggy style and within minutes he was
bucking wildly as he shot his load. It was all over within about 10-
15 minutes but it was so hot and sexy.I went back for the next 3
nights-and got more of the same every night.As is often the way I had
to give him a small financial reward-strange as in the west he would
be paying me-but hey I was happy to pay and it worked out at about
£5 or $7.5 dollars for each night of fun-well worth it I would say guys!

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